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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 129: Broadcast by a Mutated Beast

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Chapter 129: Broadcast by a Mutated Beast

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"Regretfully, I couldn’t find the five-colored soil, but god knows when Mount Tai could resuscitate with all the ancient trees full of blooming flowers."

Chu Feng was sitting in the cabin of his jumbo jet, and he could see the sceneries of the night sky through the glass window. From here, he was even closer to the stars which shone like diamonds.

It was indeed regretful for him. In the ancient books that were written during the post-civilization era, Mount Tai was called the origin of life. The soil and the vital substances that flowed beneath the soil were perfect nourishment for the cultivation of seeds, but Chu Feng had only had the chance to have his seed taken roots and sprouted once.

Chu Feng searched on the internet specially for the information regarding Mount Tai. It was said that the five-colored soil was used to build sacrificial altar on which the three domestic animals [1] would be offered as sacrificial offerings during pilgrimage events. This was a convention that had lasted for thousands of years.

Chu Feng thought that the so-called "five-colored soil" should be none other than chunks of strange soil. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the chance to find it.

"Whatever. The pilgrimage grounds hadn’t quite resuscitated yet. When everything comes back to life, I will come back again!" Chu Feng was certain that there must have been something unusual about this place.

Mount Tai was still growing taller day by day. At this stage, it was already towering into the sky.

Plus, he did have smelt a faint yet delicate smell of fragrance. This peculiar smell must have been coming from a flowering ancient tree, but as to where this tree was, Chu Feng was clueless.

There might even be a vast Multi-verse hidden on the peak of the mountain. Inside the Multi-verse, sacred trees and other strange vegetation must have been growing luxuriantly.

There could also be other things hidden in there. For example, the blood golden egg and the valuable heritage that had been passed on by the peacock saint ever since the ancient times.

"I’m competent enough to fight a beast king, so one day, when Mount Tai is inundated in a sea of delicate fragrance of the flowers that the trees bear, I will make sure that I will be strolling in that sea, drinking in all the sweet and lovely smell while I can. I’ll kill whoever dares to stand in my way!"

Chu Feng smiled. The sheer thought of that scene could make Chu Feng happy.

Then, he began resting. He needed to conserve strength and build up his energy for the battle that he would be fighting tomorrow!

He had never been careless, because it had been proven for many times before that one could not afford to be careless, or he would have to pay at a hefty price. Although his unparalleled power and might granted him to capital to be arrogant and proud, he still stayed level-headed and humble, treating everything with indifference.

Chu Feng woke up at dawn. The plane was descending, then it landed at the airport in Jing Men.

Chu Feng was always reluctant to travel by plane. Being stranded in a plane threw him into an unfavorable position against his enemies.

Shuntian had been entrenched in a circle of mutated beasts. Travelling there via jumbo jet would be a suicide, and that’s why he landed in Jing Men.

Later, he hopped on a military helicopter. The chopper flew near the ground, heading due north.

"We can leak some secrets now, old man. I’ve departed from Jing Men. We’re flying along the mountains of Chilu, heading due north. The pilot estimated that we can reach Shuntian in the afternoon."

Lu Tong made proper arrangement for Chu Feng to be picked up as soon as he received the message; Zhao Yu was sent as the man to pick him up.

In the morning, Huang Xiaoxian received a text message. "Ha! Ha! Chu Feng, you always act with caution, but do you really think that you can run from us? We’ve tracked every movement you’ve made, every route you’ve chosen to take. You will never be able to run from us!" Huang Xiaoxian said and laughed smugly.

However, he laughed so hard that the wound that had only just closed up was torn apart again. "F*ck me!" he cursed. Right now, he was having plaster casts all over his body. Chu Feng had really given him a beating-up during that fight.

"This is all your fault, Chu Feng! But soon you’ll pay for this. I swear that today, I will skin you alive!" Huang Xiaoxian cursed while groaning with pain.

"Brother Kong, we’ve confirmed that Chu Feng’s chopper will fly along the mountains of Chilu. Their military helicopter has been deliberately flying at low altitude."

Huang Xiaoxian immediately informed Kong Sheng about the updates on Chu Feng’s whereabouts. He also said that had he not been so incapacitated right now, he would have loved to volunteer himself for the "hunting". "This is going to be fun!" he said.

"Alright, thanks for your information. We’ll use his head as sacrificial offering to Uncle Lin," Kong Sheng quietly whispered. His shirt was perfectly ironed out; his face was still handsome and pretty; and his hair was long and shiny like a stretch of silk. Everything about this man was strange yet alluring.

"I think we need to put up some news about our little ‘hunting’ too, Brother Kong. Once we put it on the internet, the world is going to go wild." Confined in a wheelchair, Huang Xiaoxian spoke in a quite eccentric tone.

There was a skinny old man in the room. "What are you planning to do?" he asked. This old man had a head of yellow hair, and his hair was a chaotic mess. It was unruly and untidy, like a patch of overgrown weed.

This old man’s name was Huang Xian. He was a quasi-king in the family of yellow weasel. Last time, after Huang Yun came back with a broken leg and a chopped-off tail, the elder of the family of yellow weasel was enraged.

Huang Xian was sent by the elder of the family. His purpose here was to kill Chu Feng. He had sworn that he would not go back until the man who had humiliated the family was tortured and killed.

"Grandpa Huang Xian, could you please send some me some photos after Chu Feng is beaten into a dead dog?" Huang Xiaoxian said with a few chuckles.

The mutated beasts were keeping pace with the times. After they had mastered human knowledge and culture, not only did they then learn how to post pictures in the internet, each of them also had a social media platform of their own.

Huang Xiaoxian’s intention was clear as day. He wanted to mimic what Chu Feng had done to them. He was planning to post pictures on his social media platform along with a few lines of cheeky words.

Last time, what Chu Feng did had brought down massive destruction on the family of Kong. The high-ranking officials of the peacock family were enraged, and the elders of the weasel family went all ballistic.

"Interesting." Huang Xian nodded. What Huang Xiaoxian suggested sounded like a reasonable idea to him. It was about time to give Chu Feng a taste of his own medicine.

Kong Sheng nodded and smiled. He didn’t oppose the idea either.

There were two elders sitting on the couch to the right of him. One of them was called Kong Feng; the other was named Kong Chen. Both were masters from the family of peacock. They came here specially for Chu Feng. They had sworn that they would not go back until their blades were stained with the blood of their sworn enemy.

This time, it was a team of three quasi-kings being sent out to ask Chu Feng to answer for his wrongdoing. Everyone was certain that this time, there would be no escape for Chu Feng.

"Rest for now. We’ll set out later!" Kong Sheng said. This time, he would come with the team as well. He would like to see Chu Feng get killed on the spot with his own eyes.

"Alright. Let me warm it up for you. Let’s draw some attentions to us," Huang Xiaoxian laughed and said.

Soon, he uploaded some pictures on his own social media platform. The pictures were the photos of some of the young and most powerful fighters amongst the mutated beasts. These fighters had morphed into human; they lived and worked in a human society. Many of them had something of a reputation.

For example, there was a photo of the son of the Silver Moon Wolf King. The Silver Moon Wolf came from the northern savannah, and his son’s name was Sun Baichuan. Sun Baichuan’s silver hair glistened under the shine of the sun, and his face looked manly and handsome. Amongst all the beast-turned humans, he was perhaps the most popular one.

There was also a photo of the son of the Elder Ape. His name was Yuan Feng. Yuan Feng had a dark complexion. His hair was buzzed short. With only a single hand, he could lift a giant boulder that weighed tens of thousands of kilograms. It was a shocking sight to behold.

"Who is this man? Why is he posting so many photos of the beasts? His name is… Huang Xiaoxian. Isn’t he that… yellow weasel guy we saw earlier?"

This was the first comment, and Huang Xiaoxian was already feeling offended.

"Oh, it is that yellow weasel guy alright! Wow, he’s even got a certified account for himself. His profile says that he is ‘Huang Xiaoxian from Mount Zipan’. I heard that Mount Zipan had been illegally occupied by the family of yellow weasel recently. Sigh… Mount Zipan is such a lovely place, but now we’ll have to see it being wasted in the hands of a horde of weasels."

"Oh my goodness! What is this black magic? Since when could yellow weasels have their own social media platforms? The world had really changed, ain’t it? If I remember it right, isn’t this bastard the same guy that had almost been beaten to death by Chu Feng last time? I heard that not a single bone in his body was intact after that fight, so how dare he come out to the public still? What drug is he on?"

Reading the comments, Huang Xiaoxian was taken over by rage. His original idea was that by posting the photos of these young and powerful fighters, he might draw some attention on him; but never had he expected to see that things would turn into a chaotic fest where he became the target of people’s biting sarcasm. People on the internet were at their best when it came to mocking someone with their scathing proses.

He did have drawn quite a bit of attention on himself, but that didn’t necessarily mean good news for him. Every single comment was either a witty sarcasm or a straight-out abuse.

Huang Xiaoxian grew hateful. He realized that what he did was a very unwise move. He really shouldn’t have come out to the public this early this soon. Having received so much hate on something that seemed so innocent really made him full of grievances.

Huang Xiaoxian was very resentful. He then posted a picture of Kong Sheng that was taken during the peace talks with Bodhi Genetics. Jiang Luoshen was in the frame as well. She looked eagerly attentive at the side of Kong Sheng. As the daughter of this national tycoon, she looked rather like a maid in this photo, obediently serving Kong Sheng.

A slight sneer crept over Huang Xiaoxian’s face. "This tycoon is whom you humans look up to and respect, but so what? They still have to bow and scrape for the peacock family," Huang Xiaoxian thought to himself.

Sure enough, this photo stirred up quite a sensation on the internet.

This was not something new. The news had already been reported a few days ago. Since both Bodhi and the peacocks had had their eyes on Mount Bodhi, so perhaps, the two opposing parties might finally agree to come together to work out some sort of solutions to help them govern the mountain cooperatively.

"He’s deliberately doing this to provoke Chu Feng because Chu Feng had kicked his a*s!" someone analyzed.

There had been a number of rumors that were focusing on the shady relations between Chu Feng and Jiang Luoshen. The only explanation for posting a photo like this was that Huang Xiaoxian was intentionally trying to instigate and humiliate Chu Feng and his supposed lover. All in all, this yellow weasel was harboring no good intent.

Huang Xiaoxian sneered. He didn’t seem to mind all the hate and abuses anymore. Later, he posted another photo. It was a photo of Lin Naoi.

Besides, he also wrote something for the post as well. It said: Brother Kong really enjoys Ms. Lin’s entertainment!

Things couldn’t be any uglier. This was plain provocation. The past between Chu Feng and Lin Naoi was a story that was so frequently heard that anyone could repeat it in detail. Even now, the two were still good friends.

"What a bloody wicked weasel!"

"He deserved to be beaten up to a pulp by Chu Feng last time!"

There was not a single good word for Huang Xiaoxian.

Someone sent the photos to Jiang Luoshen and Lin Naoi, asking them to comment on their own social media platforms.

Jiang Luoshen immediately responded: Attending to a visiting guest is a common courtesy. I’m not sure what kind of f*ckery that little weasel wants.

Many people then reposted this to Huang Xiaoxian as a biting ridicule.

"Hey, little weasel! Do you hear that? What’s your f*ckery, huh?"

"Ha! Ha! What a sick burn!"

Huang Xiaoxian was infuriated.

Then, people found that Lin Naoi’s response was even simpler. It said: Huang Xiaoxian? What on earth is it?

This time, Huang Xiaoxian was even angrier. This was nothing that could read more scornful and contemptuous than this. He had mastered the arts of human language. He knew the difference between what and who, and he and it.

"Ha! Ha! Ha!..."

People were laughing at him.

"Let’s wait and see. Soon, I’ll break to you a sensational news. I’m sure that this news will make you lot laugh even harder!" Huang Xiaoxian was annoyed.

He contacted Huang Xian and Kong Sheng, asking if they could set up a live broadcast of the battle. "If you reckon it’s a bit too ‘high-key’, then I suppose we start broadcasting after we’ve beaten him into a dead dog. Let’s make sure that people will see him suffer!"

"That’s definitely an option!" Kong Sheng nodded. He had always been a steady and sensible person, but this time, he made a choice that went against his nature.

Because last time, after Chu Feng had killed Kong Lin in cold blood, he chopped off his head and took a selfie with the deceased man’s head. Such heinous act had really sent Kong Lin into a fit of fury. He felt provoked and humiliated.

Kong Sheng found it necessary to clear themselves of all the humiliations that they had been bestowed upon by Chu Feng this time around, therefore, without much further deliberation, he agreed on Huang Xiaoxian’s suggestion.

Huang Xiaoxian was overjoyed. He posted on his platform and said, "I’ve just been told that one of my friends will go hunting very soon. You guys are lucky, because we are going to set up a live broadcast to show you the wonder of our hunt. Yes, and we’ll post photos of our game later on as well."

What was this yellow weasel trying to imply? Many people were taken aback because they believed that this yellow weasel must have been onto something sinister.

Were they going to direct against Chu Feng? Many people’s heart sank when they thought about the possibility. This was the first thing that came in mind because people had known the nature of these mutated beasts too well. How could they not seek revenge on Chu Feng?

"What are you going to do, yellow weasel?" some people said in the comments.

Huang Xiaoxian was all smiles. He quickly typed on the keyboard and said, "Nothing. Just a hunting game set up as a family tradition. The prey could be Tom, Dick or Harry, or it could also be something huge. Just wait and see. You’ll find out the answers soon! I’m very expectant!"

People on the internet started a riot. Many people had realized that sh*t was about to hit the fan.

It was even more nerve-wrecking for Ouyang Qing, Du Huaijin and Ye Qingrou. The first thing that came to their mind was that they must have sniffed out Chu Feng’s trail. Mutated beasts were on their way to kill him.

Soon, this became everyone’s guess.

"Oh crap! Someone needs to go save his life. If a mutated beast could post something so certain and so sure, it means that they must have been sure of winning. Chu Feng’s life is in jeopardy!"

However, people’s anxiety was spent to no avail because no-one knew where Chu Feng was anyway. No-one could contact him either.

"Oh, it’s already started. Please enjoy, everyone!" Huang Xiaoxian was laughing behind the glass screen. He looked puffed up with pride and confidence. Soon, he posted a link to a live broadcast platform on the internet.

As soon as the link became public, people arrived in swarms. People were curious, but they were nervous too.

The video has started. People could see that in the distance, a chopper was flying towards the camera while keeping very close to the ground!

In the meantime, Chu Feng was still sitting in the helicopter, but soon he realized that there were mutated birds who were blocking their ways ahead of them.

He had shaved off the long hair because he was afraid that the hair might scare off the offenders. He needed the peacock family to stay arrogant and self-conceited so that it would be easier for him to wipe out every single one of them down!

"Land!’ Chu Feng said. In doing so, Chu Feng could avoid being targeted in the air while feeling completely powerless.

The military helicopter landed on a relatively flat and open area. Chu Feng hopped off the chopper.

"Oh my goodness! It is Chu Feng indeed! Those birds had blocked his way. He is in big trouble!"

People were terror-stricken when they saw this scene on their communicators. They gasped in terror. The mutated beasts seemed to have been poised for the fight. Their audacity to broadcast the battle live on the internet was a perfect indication of their confidence and readiness.

It was a sign that they were sure of killing Chu Feng today!

"The prey is in sight. Please enjoy the hunting!" Huang Xiaoxian wrote on his platform. Suddenly, the internet became boiling over with rage.

Many people furiously urged others to find out where he lived so that he could be immediately captured then killed. This yellow weasel was way too obnoxious.

Huang Xiaoxian left another message on the platform. He said, "It’s none of my business. I’m just a messenger who relays the latest updates that I hear from my friends. What are you guys nervous about? Just enjoy the fight while you can. Let’s see who will become the hunter and who will become the prey. Who knows? The table might be turned."

He laughed smugly at people’s rage and fury. He tried to provoke and humiliate everyone.

[1] (ie cattle, sheep and pigs, formerly used as sacrificial offerings)
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