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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 120: A Miserable Beating

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Chapter 120: A Miserable Beating

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Huang Xiaoxian’s smile was frozen as his pupils slightly constricted. Receiving such a warning, his expression became rather unsightly.

"What if this is a human city? We are guests of honor here!" He spoke with anger while a derisive smile appeared on his face.

"Now that all races are in agreement to coexist in peace, we shouldn’t be concerned with areas and cities. That will only be an obstruction to the greater cause," Xu Wanyi stated at the opportune moment; a smile could be seen on her face. Wearing a red evening gown that accentuated all her curves, she was as beautiful as she was alluring.

Unsurprisingly, this woman had appeared to mess up things. Chu Feng shot a contemptuous glance at her, saying, "Miss Xu is indeed graceful and magnanimous, then I shall trouble you to accompany this Mr. Huang for a dance. This could also be considered an apology to him."

Xu Wanyi’s expression was momentarily frozen as her smile vanished. How could she allow herself to dance with this beast race Huang Xiaoxian? She knew that he was probably a weasel.

Even if his grandfather was a beast king with terrifying powers, she couldn’t do it.

If she accompanied Huang Xiaoxian for a dance and this news was propagated, how would she show her face in the future? After all, she was the daughter in law of Deity Biomedical’s Lin household.

Huang Xiaoxian laughed but did not express his opinion, indicating that he didn’t mind who it was that would accompany him.

Xu Wanyi tactfully refused, saying, "I’m feeling rather unwell today, not to mention that it was this beautiful lady here that offended Mr. Huang. I think the one to do the honors should be her," she pointed at Ye Qingrou hoping to divert the disaster.

Chu Feng sneered, saying, "Ha! I just saw you finish quite a few dances just now, you’re rather fine I would say. Are you looking down on Mr. Huang?"

Many people turned towards them, looking on with odd expressions.

Xu Wanyi’s face became rigid, words could not express her hate for him. She had not expected him to react so quickly and turn everything around on her.

Chu Feng continued, "What does this ‘so-called’ peaceful coexistence mean to you? Suggesting that one accompanies him with laughter even after being humiliated? Could this be considered your inherent character or perhaps you simply believe it should be so."

This was a slap to Xu Wanyi’s face, in front of the crowd no less. She nearly burst out with anger.

"You…" Xu Wanyi was greatly infuriated. She had never received such an insult before.

Chu Feng had long since viewed her unfavorably; after all, she had attempted to kill him several times, even going so far as to involve his parents. That was touching his reverse scale! Today, since she dared to jump out in front of him, naturally he had nothing pleasant to say about her. If they had met at any other place, he would've killed her directly.

Lin Yeyi also approached them from afar, looking at Xu Wanyi with cold eyes. He felt that this woman had truly crossed the line today, looking for trouble of her own volition.

"Brother Chu shouldn’t put it that way, the harmony of the races is the direction we should strive towards. We shouldn’t let prejudices get in the way," said the host of this reception.

Chu Feng said with a laugh, "You’re right, harmony among the races is, undoubtedly, a good thing, but it is truly not as convenient as you claim. A period of ‘wearing in’ is probably required. Just as I have recently talked with the heir to the Silvermoon Wolf and found him to be a truly delightful friend, it is also a natural course that I find Mr. Huang’s temperament rather… undesirable."

He was restrained and peaceful as he tactfully refuted the man’s statement with carefully selected words so as not to involve other people. He deliberately drew in the heir of the Silvermoon Wolf to that end.

Naturally, this man was left in an awkward position. His expression sunk as he kept his silence.

At this moment, no small amount of people had come over to mediate this incident, hoping to contain the aggressive atmosphere. After all, this would not result in anything good for both parties.

There were also some who approached Chu Feng with whispers asking him to stop the provocations.

Huang Xiaoxian said with a laugh, "It’s not difficult to let this matter rest as long as he comes before me to apologize!"

He pointed towards Chu Feng with a laughter that could not hide his arrogant stance.

That was because he did not fear the so called "Angel Ox". After carefully watching the movie, he had roughly gauged Chu Feng’s strength and decided that he was not a match for Vajra or Silver Wings, his only advantage being the longbow.

Chu Feng was too lazy to pay him any more attention and turned to leave.

"You…" Huang Xiaoxian’s expression sunk as he took large strides forwards.

Beside him, there were people trying to persuade Chu Feng, saying, "Brother Chu, why the need for all this, just lower your head in apology and let this end."

"I refuse." Chu Feng turned to look at the person who tried to persuade him and then glanced towards Huang Xiaoxian, as disdainful as ever. He should be considered being restrained if he didn’t attack right now.

"Then let me teach you how to apologize!" Huang Xioaxian shouted, closing in.

The surrounding people were stunned. This person was resorting to violence when his demands were not met. Everyone felt that a big incident was imminent.

Up till this moment, all the beast race youths kept silent, watching from the sidelines.

Huang Xiaoxian’s pupils lit up with golden radiance and directly punched out towards Chu Feng. He carried a great deal of arrogance and disdain towards this Angel Ox, planning to smash him to a pulp.


A man with a crewcut came forward. His skin was bronze colored, and his aura was unyielding and valiant. He caught Huang Xiaoxian’s fist.

"Brother Yuan?" Huang Xiaoxian wanted to complain at first, but when he saw who it was, his face blossomed into smiles.

The bronze-skinned youth looked at him calmly, saying, "What place do you think this is? Do you really want to raise a ruckus here?"

"Yuan Feng of Mount Song!" Some people whispered.

In but a moment, everyone had guessed his origins. This Yuan Feng was no doubt the heir of the Elder Ape. When people considered how he handled Huang Xiaoxian the moment he appeared, it was natural to assume he was no simple person.

The silent Kong Sheng walked out of the crowd at this moment and spoke out, "Yuan Feng you have also arrived." Since he was the heir of the Peacock King, his identity was extraordinary. He was akin to a celebrity with a crowd around him.

"Yes, I just arrived." Yuan Feng nodded, releasing Huang Xiaoxian and walking over.

"It so happens that I have something to discuss with you," said Kong Sheng. His appearance was extremely handsome—tall and slender with long purple hair draping over his shoulders—he was exceedingly popular.

"What would that be?" asked Yuan Feng. While glancing at Huang Xiaoxian, he said, "Don’t allow him to do as he pleases at this reception."

Huang Xiaoxian felt rather awkward as he stayed his hand.

Kong Sheng laughed resplendently like the violet mist of dawn.

He said, "These are truly small matters. I agree with that man, we all need to ‘wear in’ during the process of harmonization. Let them deal with this on their own, you can intervene once, but can you do it twice or even thrice?"

"This…" Yuan Feng wanted to refute him but he was quickly pulled to the side by Kong Sheng.

Huang Xiaoxian laughed, knowing the meaning behind Kong Sheng’s words. This meant that he did not need to hold back and had no need to fear causing a ruckus.

Chu Feng felt a jolt in his mind. Could it be that the Peacock King was the true mastermind behind the Ash Wolf and the Falcon? Could Kong Sheng have known that it was him who had killed the Ash Wolf?

Obviously, Kong Sheng bore no goodwill towards him and wanted Huang Xiaoxian to take the vanguard.

"Brother Yuan Feng!" A mutant lady called out alluringly. She wore her hair short in a delightful manner. Her eyes were like jewels and shone with a misty green glint which accentuated her alluring beauty.

The heir of the Cloud Leopard also went to greet Yuan Feng.

"Yuan Feng, I want to trade some items in exchange for the pollen and fruits of the Vajrapani Bodhi Tree," said Kong Sheng.

"You were looking for me for this trade?" asked Yuan Feng with a serious expression, "what are you offering?"

The Vajrapani Bodhi Tree is a thousand year old ancient tree which grows on Mount Song, it can be said to be the most valuable mutant tree to date. The fruits of this tree have the ability to increase the rate of mutant evolution!

Kong Sheng said, "The Vajrapani Bodhi Tree of Mount Song is claimed to be a sacred tree, but in truth, it is not yet at that stage. It will require a long period of time to gradually achieve anabiosis. Don’t worry, the things I offer will not lose out to the value of its pollen and fruits at this stage."

"You want to break through to become a king level member?" Yuan Feng asked.

Kong Sheng laughed heartily; his abstruse purple pupils accentuating his charm. He said, "We are no different. I believe the Elder Ape has already prepared the necessary pollen and fruits for your evolution. Soon, Mount Song will have another beast king level entity."

The two further discussed the details of the trade with no attempt to conceal the contents. Naturally, many overheard their conversation to no small amount of shock.

Mutant fruits were rare beyond doubt, and other people were struggling just to become mutants while these two were being picky about becoming beast kings.

Could this be the advantage of being the master of a famous mountain? This could easily drive one crazy!

"The ancient Bodhi tree bears too few fruits, so it may not be my turn to partake." Yuan Feng shook his head.

The rest of the people were astonished, but they were able to gradually come to realization.

The beast king heirs entering the human societies was to allow them to gain experience and broaden their horizons. For them, the human race has many areas from which they could learn.

So much so that the human world was like a treasure trove to them. If they could master the sophistications of human emotions and relationships, their mental realm would reach a whole new level.

If not for this, those terrifying existences such as the Peacock King and the Elder Ape could easily find mutant fruits for them and let them break through immediately.

The beast kings had taken all of this into consideration. They knew that, unlike them, their heirs had not gone through the baptism of hundreds of years of struggle and tribulation. Their accumulated depth of experience was far from sufficient.

Many people were astonished, these heirs were truly blessed by the heavens. They were destined to breakthrough to a higher level and the road had already been paved for them.

In truth, Huang Xiaoxian was also feeling quite depressed in his heart. Being a beast king heir all the same, his fate wasn’t like theirs. His ancestor had just broken through to the beast king level recently, so how could he have the ability to plan ahead for his descendents?

At the same time, their race had no chance at conquering a famous mountain. They could only occupy a secondary peak far to the north which did not have abundant mutant flora; as such, it could be considered impossible to raise a second beast king.

Huang Xiaoxian had always felt that this was unfair, causing a fire of discontent to burn in his heart. He was hostile towards Chu Feng since the start, and now, along with the worsening of his mood, his desire to kill rose to new heights.

"The both of you should sit down to discuss things," said a bystander, noticing the dangerous change in mood.

Huang Xiaoxian was tall and thin with a sharp chin and a head of yellow hair. His eyes possessed a sinister shine to them, invoking displeasure in the hearts of onlookers.

He hung an insincere smile on his face and claimed, "I’m a very reasonable person, just let this lady accompany me for a dance and all hostilities will be forgotten." He pointed at Ye Qingrou.

Ye Qingrou’s expression suddenly changed. After discovering his origins, she was also unwilling to become the laughingstock after dancing with him.

After that, he calmly turned towards Du Huajin and Ouyang Qing, saying, "At the same time, I feel these two are displeasing to my eyes. Tell them to scram!"

"You!" The two were greatly incensed, being targeted over and over again.

Chu Feng naturally realized that he was doing all of this on purpose. Pretending to target his companions, Huang Xiaoxian was actually trying to humiliate him. Bullying his friends and forcing his woman, this was excessive arrogance.

"Come over!" Huang Xiaoxian stared towards Ye Qingrou with a golden gleam in his eyes. He utilized his psychic powers to bring her under his control.

His psychic powers were truly terrifying, effectively sending the surrounding people into a daze to speak nothing of Ye Qingrou who was at the center of this attack.

Her face turned pale while her body swayed.

"Scram!" Chu Feng loudly shouted, infusing his ox roar within, countering with a similar psychic attack. This forcefully severed Huang Xiaoxian’s psychic control.


Huang Xiaoxian’s expression turned cold as he immediately launched a fist attack towards Chu Feng, producing a thunderous bang.


Chu Feng raised his hand and directly blocked the attack, looking back at him with cold eyes.

"Can the both of you not take a step back?" The host was incredibly nervous at this point. He tried desperately to disperse the people that had crowded around the commotion.

"To the balcony, do not disturb the others," said Chu Feng. He had held back enough for today, so there was no other choice than to take action.

"Life and death will be decided by fate," laughed Huang Xiaoxian. He was greatly relaxed and didn’t put Chu Feng in his eyes at all.

The reception turned deathly quiet at this time. All the people followed them towards the balcony to watch the exciting scene playing out before them. The place was very spacious, sufficient for two people to cross fists.

The gentle night sky was dotted with stars.

The balcony of the tower was all silent at this moment. Even though a large number of spectators were present, no clamor could be heard.

Huang Xiaoxian stood in the middle of the balcony. He was full of conceit, but he was not careless. With a flash of golden light, he shouted towards Chu Feng, "Kneel before me!"

His psychic powers were incredible. In merely the first exchange, he had fully activated his remarkable abilities, attempting to control Chu Feng’s mind. He commanded Chu Feng to kneel in front of him, so as to further humiliate him.

Chu Feng felt a stabbing pain in his head as he came under relentless psychic attacks.

He took a slow step forward as he made a slightly bent posture.

Huang Xiaoxian’s unbridled laughter rang out; he was delighted beyond words. He felt truly satisfied, holding another’s will and fate in his hands.

"Boss!" Du Huaijin and Ouyang Qing screamed.

Ye Qingrou felt greatly distressed. She felt that being humiliated in such an occasion was worse than dying.

"Chu Feng!" Chen Luoyan shouted, hoping to awaken him.

At this moment, even Jiang Luoshen looked as if she wanted to call out to him. Even if she wanted to beat him up herself, she wasn’t willing to see him humiliated in such a way.

Kong Sheng was fairly collected, looking on from the sidelines without any words. His waist-length hair swayed in the wind as his handsome face showed not the slightest wave of emotions.

"Is this proper?" Yuang Feng softly said.

"Some conflicts can’t be avoided during the adaptation period, we should let them handle it on their own," said Kong Sheng with a sideways glance.

Many people were sighing at the uncomfortable situation that had developed; after all, the one being humiliated was also a human.

"Well done, good boy," laughed Huang Xiaoxian. His twin pupils were shining even more resplendently. Being able to control any person’s fate, he felt a sense of superiority.

He discovered that Chu Feng had bowed even lower, so he was savoring the flavor of domination.


However, the next moment, Chu Feng had moved, and with a thunderous flash, his fist had smashed towards the enemy.

Initially, he had shifted forward just so that he could move towards the target. Initially, he had slightly bowed down to prepare for this strike!

"You…" Huang Xiaoxian cried out.

Facing Chu Feng’s explosive subsonic speed, he had no way to dodge.

He could only extend his arms in an attempt to parry the blow and then later find a chance to retaliate.

But that chance did not come. After the strike connected, his facial expression rapidly changed as he realized that he had greatly underestimated Chu Feng.

"Ka Cha!"

After the first fist landed, his right arm was directly fractured by Chu Feng.

"Ka Cha!"

When the second strike landed, his left arm had also been broken—bent into an unnatural posture, emitting painful sounds of cracked bones.


This third strike landed squarely on his chest.

Ka Cha!

Huang Xiaoxian’s thorax caved in as four ribs were broken. He coughed up blood as he flew back in a miserable state.


Chu Feng followed closely with a frightening speed, emitting explosive sounds as he ran. After catching up to to Huang Xiaoxian in mid-air, he kicked downwards. The blow landed on his left ribcage, breaking all the bones on that side.

Only after all that did he stop, standing there without movement.


Only then was Huang Xiaoxian able to let out a painful groan. His whole body was covered in fractures, and the pain was unbearable. He dropped onto the floor with a plop and was left there rolling in pain, frothing at the mouth.

All those present were shaken, nobody spoke. They only stared at the scene before them, unable to believe what had just transpired.

"Too violent and ferocious, but I like it!"

After quite a while Ouyang Qing cried out.

All those present had an involuntary urge to nod in agreement with those words. They all felt a sense of pride and satisfaction. This brutal beating was truly a befitting ending for this Huang Xiaoxian.

Mostly being of the human race, many people had viewed this Huang Xiaoxian quite unfavorably, but none of them wanted to speak against him. They were all holding back their dissatisfaction.

Now that someone had taken the charge and given him a harsh beating, everyone felt a sense of delight.

All the others of the beast race had no special expression on their faces.

"Dammit! You…" Huang Xiaoxian screamed. He was indeed a weasel with strong innate mental prowess.

This kind of beast was called the great immortal Huang in many areas because there were many legends regarding them. The most famous of them was the ability of control the mind, quite the mysterious power.

After Huang Xiaoxian evolved, this inherent power grew even stronger, yet he was beaten into such a miserable state.

Actually, Chu Feng had to admit that Huang Xiaoxian’s power was truly very strong. At least, at the eighth level of the awakened realm, if he was up against any other person, there was no doubt he would've won.

Even such a powerful person like Ye Qingrou fell fully under his control.

Had Chu Feng not fully grasped the Demon Ox Roar which contained psychic powers, it would’ve taken him much more effort to take care of Huang Xiaoxian.

"Kill!" Huang Xiaoxian screamed.


A bright lightning-like flash shot out from Huang Xiaoxian and rushed towards Chu Feng.

"Oh god, it’s a throwing knife," someone screamed.

It was a indeed a throwing knife, only about as long as a palm. It was dazzling as it shot towards Chu Feng’s neck.

"Mount Shu isn’t the only faction adept at the sword arts, our race is also proficient," Huang Xiaoxian laughed inwardly. This was his greatest trump card, which was used together with his powerful psychic prowess to control control and kill.


Unexpectedly, Chu Feng’s performance was terrifying. His left hand formed the image of a dragon, and his right hand formed the image of a tiger as the ultimate move of the Xingyi Fists was executed in an instant.


His hands shot out at this critical moment and directly caught the flying knife.

Ka Cha!

His hands ground together, displaying the "dragon and tiger contend for hegemony". The whole balcony shook as the helical power burst forth and tore the flying knife to shreds.

"How is this possible?" Huang Xiaoxian was so astonished that his face lost all color. His flying knife, refined from extremely rare materials, was torn to shreds just like that.

The next moment, Chu Feng once again moved forwards and stomped onto him!

"Ka Cha!" The painful sounds of broken bones echoed through the air.

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