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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 119: The Reception

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Chapter 119: The Reception

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Ye Qingrou, Du Huaijin, Ouyang Qing and Chen Luoyan, the entire party, were also in formal attire suitable for this type of event.

"Chief, you should thank sister Qingrou more. She put a lot of thought into picking out your clothes for you," teased Ouyang Qing.

Chu Feng nodded in agreement. Since they had come to attend the reception, they had to follow the dress code.


Walking out of the elevator, they were faced with a rather large security detail. Personal Identifications and invitations were thoroughly examined before they were allowed entry.

Due to the appearance of wild beasts from time to time, the open-air villas on the outskirts of the city were not suited to host such an occasion, and as such, venues like the current one became the next best choice.

The Qilin Tower, with its artistic decorations, was definitely a majestic place.

The reception area was fairly wide, and the well placed crystal chandeliers provided great lighting and contrast, producing a delightful atmosphere.

From within the brilliant splendor of the reception hall, faint laughter could be heard. Many guests had already arrived at the time, painting a lively scene like no other.

"Isn’t that the ‘third rate superstar’?" Du Huaijin’s sharp eyes pinpointed a certain lady, who had not long ago spoken ill about . In the end, she lost a great deal of face and was also given the title of third rate superstar by Chu Feng.

There was no shortage of familiar faces. Some were celebrities with whom they were not personally acquainted but knew from the silver screen.

"Quite a few VIPs have been invited it seems." Ye Qingrou was extremely familiar with these kinds of occasions. She was akin to a fish back in water as she mingled with the people and observed the participants.

"Look, Lin Yeyi has also come," she reminded Chu Feng.

Naturally, the upper echelon of Deity Biomedical had also been invited. As for Lin Yeyi, he was Lin Naoi’s uncle.

It was evident that Lin Yeyi was enjoying himself, chatting with a few people and laughing mildly every now and then.

Chu Feng did not pay the man as much attention as he did the lady beside him who wore a red evening gown which greatly accentuated her originally attractive figure, making her even more bewitching.

Naturally, Xu Wanyi was quite agitated. She had long since noticed Chu Feng. A light flashed past her eyes as she slowly turned away from his glance.

"Oh, are you not Chu Feng the Angel Ox? This is great, let’s take a photo together!" At that moment, two girls, who were about 19 years old, had rushed over, with excitement shining within their large eyes.

"Boss, we’ll leave you to find your own happiness, we’re off to chat up some beauties." Du Huaijin and Ouyang Qing abandoned him at that point and disappeared into the crowd.

Ye Qingrou had also left towards the crowd with a resplendent smile.

Chen Luoyan shrugged his shoulders to express his helplessness before also vanishing into the crowd.

Chu Feng was left with no choice but to accompany the ladies in taking photos, but before he could escape, more would arrive to chat with him.

"Brother Chu, what is the relationship between you and Jiang Luoshen?" A young man asked, discarding all pretense.

"I also saw Jiang Luoshen just nearby," one of the chatty girls who had requested to take a photo with Chu Feng pointed towards the distance.

Chu Feng felt a tinge of regret; he knew trouble was on its way.

"Chu Feng?" At this moment, an unfamiliar voice was heard, and a young man came walking over with a glass of wine in hand. He was a handsome youth of about 26 or 27 years old.

"You are?" Chu Feng was not familiar with this person.

This man walked over very calmly. He had the aura of a seasoned warrior within his handsomeness; evidently, he was not a simple person. Between his brows, an odd vertical mark could be seen.

This added a tinge of exotic charm to his demeanor.

"I am called Mu Tian, Mu’s elder brother," he directly introduced himself. It was not hard to see that he was an unhurried and levelheaded individual.

He announced his origins to Chu Feng without any pretense.

Chu Feng’s pupils constricted. This was Mu’s elder brother, the man who had achieved mutation 21 years ago? Rumor has it that this man’s strength was unfathomable. Who would’ve thought they would make their acquaintance under these circumstances?

He was truly an extraordinary person, with his calm and collected aura as well his handsome features, the mark between his eyebrows suffused with a peculiar power giving him an overall impression of mystery.

"Your performance at the Taihang Mountains was nothing short of impressive, and personally, I admire you a great deal. However, you have killed my younger brother ‘Mu’, and that is a debt I have no choice but to collect from you. This greatly conflicts me so," Mu Tian said, shaking his head.

"I hope we can find a way to resolve this," he said with a laugh and then left after patting Chu Feng on the shoulder.

Chu Feng was astonished; this Mu Tian was truly not simple.

This man wields weight as if it were light [1]; he only spoke a few simple words with no intention of causing trouble for the moment.

"Who is that, Mu Tian? Could it be the mysterious young expert from Deity Biomedical group? It’s been said that he had killed a rabid elephant with his bare hands when he was still a teenager."

"It’s him no doubt, there is no way to ascertain how strong he is at this moment. It can only be said that he is unfathomable."

Nearby, two people were discussing Mu Tian in whispers.

Chu Feng found that there were a few outstanding youths encircled by quite a few people as if they were celebrities.

He reckoned those would be the beast king heirs in their human form. This sight moved him. The rise of the beast race was too quick!

He didn’t join the crowd but instead left for a remote corner after picking out some food and drinks. He wasn’t a big fan of crowds.

Another person also appeared to have the same idea as he walked over and joined Chu Feng with a smile, asking, "You’re Chu Feng right?"

"Yes, and you are?" Chu Feng was slightly alarmed.

"You can call me Bai Chuang," the silver haired youth smiled as he introduced himself. Although he seemed to have a radiant personality, there was a suppressive aura about him that spoke volumes about his power.

However, he was greatly skilled in containing that power within his body.

"I hail from the Mongolian Steppes," he said.

Chu Feng’s mind was shaken as he suddenly thought of a certain beast king—the Silvermoon Wolf!

This beast king was known as the number one expert of the northern plains—a peerless existence who had fought and killed everyone into submission.

"The Silvermoon wolf is my grandfather," Bai Chuang said with a smile. He had no intention of hiding the fact.

"It’s an honor to meet at last!" Chu Feng exclaimed in due politeness as he wondered about the intentions of this expert.

Especially since he was the one who had killed the Ash Wolf—if the other party knew of this, they might view him with hostility, being similarly of the wolf race.

Bai Chuang’s eyes shone brightly as he said, "Don’t be so tense, I don’t have any bad intentions. I truly liked your movie, , I watched it no less than three times, I might even watch it another time when I return today!"

This gave Chu Feng quite the start; it was far too different from what he had imagined.

When he arrived, he noticed that the beast king heirs were all extremely proud and aloof, so he concluded that it would be quite troublesome to get along with them. Yet, the first of the beast race youths he had become acquainted with was a great admirer of his movie.

"I’m serious, this is not a joke. If we get a chance in the future, let’s cooperate and produce a film together—a majestic production at the epic level. It goes without saying that the story should not be too malevolent towards the different races, but the combat scenes should be as realistic as possible, only that will bring one’s blood to a boil!"

Bai Chuang was totally engrossed in his future plans as his eyes sparkled just as brightly as the silver hair that draped over his shoulders. He was truly masculine with an aura of power about him. He kept on talking non-stop telling Chu Feng about his views.

Chu Feng felt rather odd. A great beast king heir wanted to produce a movie with him?

However, he did not refuse the youth’s goodwill as he presented his own opinion with due seriousness.

"Ha ha, Brother Chu is really the type of person I like. I greatly admire your ideas. It seems we can truly establish a successful cooperation in the future!"

Chu Feng asked him what he wanted to produce a big movie.

"It could be counted as a form of cultivation," Bai Chuang notified him. His aim in coming into the human society was to experience and adapt to the human ways.

"You humans have a great many interesting activities as well as knowledge in a vast number of different fields. Fully integrating ourselves into the human society is an advanced form of mental cultivation for us," Bai Chuang told him in all honesty.

Many people turned towards them as they chatted, simply because Bai Chuang was too extraordinary. His long silver hair reflected the lighting, and his body was akin to a hidden stove of terrifying energy.

Bai Chuang got up, saying, "Okay then, I’m going to leave for now. Let’s keep in touch. To be honest, I don’t enjoy such occasions. We wolves are wild, fierce and unrestrained, so it is difficult for me to adapt to an event with so many rules and customs.

Finally, recognizing who he was, several corporate dignitaries began to approach him. They were all wreathed in smiles, hoping to form friendly relations with him.

Bai Chuang dealt with them tactfully but left swiftly as soon as he got the chance.

Quite a lot of people also recognized Chu Feng, but not everyone ran up to him for photos like the young girls. The elderly dignitaries had no interest in such things.

Thus, Chu Feng was able to enjoy some peace and quiet.

"Boss, who was that man just now, was it the grandson of the Silvermoon Wolf?" Ouyang Qing ran over excitedly.

Ye Qingrou and the others had also returned to his side, expressing their surprise that Chu Feng was able to hold a lengthy conversation with him since even those corporate VIPs were unable to grab his attention.

"Just a coincidental meeting," said Chu Feng.

"Huh?" He raised his head to glance at a certain direction. With his keen divine instinct, he had felt a malicious intent.

In that direction stood Xu Wanyi, Mu Tian and several other prominent youths of the beast race.

In truth, that group was the true center of the whole reception, consisting of people with most extraordinary of backgrounds.

So much so that Chu Feng could see Jiang Luoshen in their midst, talking to another beautiful lady.

"The beast king heirs have also come!" Du Huaijin whispered.

Chu Feng’s thoughts sunk. Xu Wanyi and Mu Tian were within that group. He had no idea about Mu Tian, but Xu Wanyi definitely would have nothing good to say about him.

The apparent leader of that group was extremely handsome, with long purple hair reaching down to his waist and clad in formal attire.

He was even more beautiful than the average lady, truly a rare degree of handsomeness.

"He’s called Kong Sheng, he should be the heir of the Peacock King!" Ye Qingrou softly spoke in Chu Feng’s ears.

Chu Feng’s thoughts were shaken. The Peacock king was one of the most terrifying existences—even the Eder Ape had to admit his inferiority.

The Pilgrimage Grounds, for the human race, was a heritage passed down from dynasty to dynasty. It was a sacred place that had to be taken at all costs. Knowing this, the Peacock King had the courage and the power to join the war for the grounds, hoping to conquer it for himself.

It could be said that among the beast kings the Peacock King was unrivalled.

Kong Sheng was simply too handsome. With his long purple hair and charming temperament, he was naturally quite popular.

Beside him was a man and a lady, both emitting an aura of valiance and strength.

"He is the grandson of the Cloud Panther, Yun Fei!" Ye Qingrou notified. Apparently, she had done her rounds through the reception and had learned about everyone.

"The lady beside him is called Miao Fei. Her origins are unknown, but she is probably also a beast king’s heir," she explained.

That lady was extremely beautiful; she had large sparkling eyes akin to gems, and long hair with a shade of emerald, she was truly a bewitching beauty.

She was chatting happily with Jiang Luoshen even as they walked around.

"The one slightly at the back is a man called Huang Xiaoxian [2], a loathsome person to the core!" Ye Qingrou complained.

Huang Xiaoxian was probably the only one among the beast race youths who did not have particularly good looks. He did not have that stately aura nor was he handsome. He was of average height and was extremely skinny with a head of completely yellow hair. His eyes would occasional glow with an odd light.

He looked rather sinister as a whole, so it was quite difficult for one to be fond of him at first glance.

"And you must be the Angel Ox Chu Feng?" Huang Xiaoxian was the first to approach with a derisive smile hung on his face. Although he did not have good looks, he was definitely not lacking in confidence.

"Indeed," Chu Feng calmly replied.

Naturally, quite a few people were present, and among them were those surrounding the beast race youths. Kong Sheng in particular received great attention, with many dignitaries choosing to linger around his vicinity.

Xu Wanyi was also present. She was all smiles as she chatted with the people around her.

"It’s a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance, let’s chat for a while," said Huang Xiaoxian. Although he had not joined the human society for long, his manners and language abilities were completely up to standards.

A strange glow could be seen within his eyes as he walked toward Chu Feng, saying, "I heard that in , you killed quite a few experts from several races?"

Chu Feng only looked at him in silence—this man was blatantly provoking him.

"I find you rather interesting, why don’t we step outside and chat in private?" Huang Xiaoxian said with a derisive smile.

He had also seen the movie, but he was not too impressed with the battle prowess of this so called Angel Ox.

The clairaudient Ouyang Qing stepped in and said, "Let’s just discuss things here, after all, the aim of this reception is to make new friends and as such there is no need to change places."

He was afraid that the beast king descendant would try something funny once they were out of sight.

"Who are you? I’m talking to Angel Ox here, what gives you the right to interrupt our speech?" Huang Xiaoxian roared without a hint of respect.

Suddenly, the whole atmosphere turned cold. No one had expected him to be so domineering.

"You’ve overstepped your bounds!" Chu Feng stepped forward, covering for Ouyang Qing.

The clairvoyant Du Huaijin said furiously, "Look friend, this is a reception, it is best we all maintain peace and harmony."

"Ha, what a joke. I’m talking to Chu Feng, when was it your turn to speak?" Huang Xiaoxian then turned to the other guests and said, "I want to know who those two are, why were they even invited?"

It was obvious that he was stirring up trouble.

Naturally, most beast king descendants were not noble souls, but none of them were as blatantly domineering as Huang Xiaoxian.

The event organizer broke out in cold sweat; he had never thought something like this would happen. He did not want to put the two of them in a difficult position, but he also didn’t want to offend a host of beast king descendants.

"What a dull reception, even random dogs and cats can make their way into this crowd!" said Huang Xiaoxian with a cold laugh. Although he was insulting Ouyang Qing and Du Huaijin, his line of sight was clearly aimed at Chu Feng.

Everyone was clear as to what was happening.

At this moment, Ouyang Qing and Du Huaijin’s faces were ashen. They had been openly insulted in front of the crowd and were full of indignation.

Chu Feng coldly said, "If you say they are dogs and cats, then what are you? What are your origins?"

Clearly, Huang Xiaoxian was of the beast race, and it stands to reason that he was either a wild beast or bird in his true form. It was quite insulting for him to be asked to state his origins.

"You…" Huang Xiaoxian’s eyes shot out a strand of light, focusing on Chu Feng.

Ye Qingrou stepped forward and grabbed onto one of Chu Feng’s arms, afraid that he would lose his calm and start a fight with a beast king heir. She softly said, "Let it be!"

Huang Xiaoxian sinisterly laughed. His eyes glowed much brighter with a yellowish glow as he said, "Come, it so happens that I’m lacking a dance partner. Would you allow me the honor?"

He smiled at Ye Qingrou and reached out a hand.

At this moment, Ye Qingrou suddenly let go of Chu Feng’s arm and walked over.

Many people were surprised. This Huang Xiaoxian had gone a little too far, snatching Chu Feng’s dance partner in front of the crowd.

"You… you’re deliberately trying to humiliate us, Qingrou come back!" Chen Luoyan shouted. He could stand silent no longer.

Chu Feng was initially surprised, but his expression soon changed. He softly called out, "Wake up!"

At that moment, Ye Qingrou stopped in her tracks, her expression slightly puzzled. Afterwards, she gasped in shock before returning to Chu Feng’s side, staring at Huang Xiaoxian as if he was a demon.

"Why not just come over to me!" Huang Xiaoxian laughed as the yellowish glow in his eyes increased.

Chu Feng realized that this man possessed great psychic prowess and was able to influence other people’s actions.

His killing intent diffused into the air as he moved Ye Qingrou behind him and walked forward in large strides. This man came determined to cause trouble, so how could Chu Feng shy away.

"Even if you are a beast king’s heir, you have to know that this is still a human city!" Chu Feng coldly warned, his murderous intent no longer concealed.


[1] 舉重若輕 — literally means lifting something heavy as if it were light. Meaning he is strong enough to give such an impression. Gives other people the impression that everything was easily done.

[2] Huang Xiaoxian— literal meaning is "Little Immortal Huang" and his original form was a weasel. Weasels, in some parts of China, are called "Huang Daxian", literally meaning "Great Immortal Huang", due to the common belief that weasels were spiritual and possessed powers of the mind, causing "Hysteria" when cursed by them.

The actual Great Immortal Huang, was a separate Taoist deity that specialized in healing, who was also quite famous in certain areas of China.



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