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The Sacred Ruins Chapter 118: Golden Chakram

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Chapter 118: Golden Chakram

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News of the Elder Ape, the Golden Roc and the Divine Crane entering Shuntian caused a huge sensation!

The masses were shocked.

Many people were in a daze, uncertain if the arrival of a coalition of beast kings was a good omen or a bad one.

On this day, many people felt a sense of suppression and anxiety — if such a group of top tier beast kings were to turn violent, a huge calamity would befall the city.

The people were all nervously wondering about the purpose of beast kings’ visit.

Would it be too late to dispatch experts to Shuntian?

"We can only hope that the experts from the Eight Visions Temple, the Hollow Jade Temple and the Roaming Jade Temple can rush over in time. Otherwise the consequences would be unthinkable!" Some people discussed in whispers.

This sudden development was too critical — one mishap could prove to be a colossal disaster, especially since this was a densely populated human city.

There was a solemn atmosphere, both on the net and in reality.

The masses were unusually quiet, the usual clamor did not take place today — everyone was waiting silently for further development.

"I think you’re all being overly anxious. Even if the defensive capabilities of Shuntian can’t be said to be top in the country, it is not too far from it. Additionally, the beast kings are enormous, we can surely track them from quite far away. There is no way they would be allowed to enter the city without reaching an agreement."

Some analyzed the situation and believed that things were not that serious.

However, the following news caused a new wave of restlessness.

"Oh god, what shocking news! The beast kings have taken human form and are walking into the city!"

This caused a huge sensation and frightened everyone.

If this was true, then it was extremely disadvantageous to the human race. The beast kings gaining the ability to take human form meant that they would be able to freely enter and leave the human establishments.

If they decided to make their move in such a manner, who would be able to stop them immediately?

"I don’t think it’s that terrible. After all, the immortal crane of Mount Shu is quite friendly towards the human race and the Elder Ape isn’t savage either."

Some people thus expressed their opinion, but they were not too confident about their claim.

After two days, the supreme experts all left Shuntian.

Only after this, were the masses able to let out a long sigh of relief.

The Elder Ape, the Golden roc and the Immortal Crane spoke not only for themselves but also for the beast kings in their camp. They engaged in lengthy discussions with the human race and were finally able to come to a consensus.

"Reportedly, from now on the human race and the beast race can coexist peacefully, there will be no more stampedes!"

The leaked news caused quite a stir as this was the outcome everyone was hoping for.

Naturally, this so called peaceful coexistence was limited only to the famous mountains ruled by these supreme experts. As for those other war ravaged areas, their compliance could not be guaranteed.

Nonetheless, this was an immensely joyous news and people were celebrating everywhere.

These days, Chu Feng had hidden himself within the Hollow Jade Temple to avoid the aftermath of .

He did not want to be surrounded by people, he was also afraid of giving those journalists more writing material. So he could only hide within the temple and practice his fist techniques.

After killing the Ash Wolf, he had made a huge contribution and gained much merit. Lu Tong had thus helped him obtain another tome on the Xingyi Fist technique — an ancient manual lightly painted in the yellow colors of vicissitude.

Described within this tome, were the forms which particularly interested Chu Feng: the tiger, the dragon and the ape forms!

He decided that he would first practice the dragon and tiger forms to proficiency. Back when he was on the run from Dong Hai, the man had used the ultimate move of the dragon and tiger forms to attack him — it was an extremely powerful move.

The 12 true forms of the Xinyi Fists were worthy of being called the essence of ancient martial arts — causing even the elders who spend their life in pursuit of martial arts to sigh in admiration. Even learning one of the 12 forms was sufficient to use for life.


When Chu Feng produced a tiger’s roar it caused Lu Tong’s eyes to go wide — inwardly cursing his perverse aptitude. He had grasped the technique within only a few days.

Three days later, in the training grounds of the Hollow Jade Temple — Chu Feng let out a low cry while his left hand formed the image of a dragon and his right hand formed that of a tiger. He struck out simultaneously with an attack that broke the sound barrier, producing an thunderous explosion.


Momentarily, vague images of a dragon and tiger materialized in the air — although they disappeared after only a few seconds, it was incomparably shocking.


A steel wall in front of him was cleanly penetrated by this blow.

One had to know that the wall was 2 feet thick and cast from hundred-refined essence steel, yet it was broken through like paper by the combined strike of the dragon and tiger forms.

"You brat! You’re quite the troublemaker, are you trying to destroy the training room?"Lu Tong was inwardly shocked, even his eyes were twitching. The brat was already at this level only after training for a few days!

He walked closer and examined the fissured steel wall thoroughly, saying: "You’ve comprehended the secrets of the Xingyi Fists?"

"Correct!" nodded Chu Feng. After mastering the demon ox fists as a foundation, he was able to learn other fist techniques with half the work for twice the effect—he was able to exert a helical force while using the Dragon and Tiger forms.

This type of force was extremely peculiar, even solid steel would be easily penetrated, incomparably formidable.

"Many old martial artists find it difficult to grasp these secrets in a lifetime while you have comprehended them within a few days," Lu Tong sighed.

Helical Force was an uninheritable secret of the Xingyi fists—it can be said to be the hidden essence of the technique, which one had to comprehend on his own.

Chu Feng was delighted, he felt that the rewards reaped from studying the ancient martial arts were exceedingly bountiful.

"This is for you!" Lu Tong handed over circular shaped object, white like jade with a translucent shine to it.

Chu Feng didn’t understand, what was he to do with this bracelet?

Lu Tong explained: "This was made from the piece of rare metal you brought back last time. It appears like silver but it possesses several times the density of a diamond and the melting point is also extremely high!"

Naturally, this was only a small piece of the whole, a mere token of acknowledgement for Chu Feng’s contribution—the larger sections were left to the research lab.

"I requested the craftsmen from the Eight Visions Temple to refine it into a Diamond Chakram[1]," said Lu Tong.

"What?!" Chu Feng was shocked—according to legends only the master of the Eight Visions Temple, Taishang Laojun[2] possessed such a divine weapon.

Could it be that, the government-established mutant association—the Eight Visions Temple actually had some "relevant knowledge"?

Lu Tong laughed heartily, saying: "You’re overthinking it— this was only to help you refine a defensive bracelet, it can help you block sharp weapons at a critical moment."

Chu Feng stared at him, but accepted the item with a pleased expression, wearing it on his wrist immediately.

Lu Tong said with a serious tone: "No need to test it—the item is unreasonably sturdy, there’s probably nothing with more density than this metal. We also used the most high tech forging techniques, refining it over a thousand times before it was cast into this finalized form. It can be said to be a gem amongst cold weapons."

Chu Feng laughed appreciatively.

The following days, apart from returning to his home a few times, Chu Feng practiced martial arts at the Hollow Jade Temple almost full time. He studied the Xingyi Fist Techniques meticulously, especially the dragon and tiger forms — he already had a deep understanding of them.

Within this time, Ye Qinrou, Chen Luoyan as well as the clairvoyant and clairaudient duo had all come to practice intermittently. When they saw him puncturing several meters of steel with the helical force, they were astonished beyond words.

"Boss, are you even human? This kind of power is just too perverse! I feel that, at this rate, you’ll be able to go against an actual beast king in battle!" Ouyang Qing exclaimed.

They had also been climbing the ranks diligently all this time and the Hollow Jade Temple delivered on their promise—giving them a type of ancient technique within which was hidden a partial breathing technique. This allowed them to increase their strength by a significant margin.

They were mutants and as such learning these ancient techniques could stimulate their potential for evolution, an incomparable advantage.

That day, the old man had come again to meet Chu Feng, shouting: "Stop practising, you’re turning into a martial nut!"

"Well, I’m trying to hide from public sight," Chu Feng mumbled, he didn’t want to conceal himself like this either.

"Well then there’s good news for you, you don’t need to hide anymore—recently, there are people out there who are attracting more publicity than you are,"explained Lu Tong.

"What are the circumstances?" Chu Feng was intrigued.

At this time, the other members of their party had also come over.

The clairvoyant Du Huaijin spoke first, "Boss, your ears truly don’t listen beyond your windows, only concentrating on your martial arts practice. The sky has almost flipped over outside, it’s been quite clamorous."

"Some members of the beast race entered Shuntian!" Ouyang Qing explained.

Chu Feng appeared doubtful—not to mention the recent influx of beast race members, apparently, even the great beast kings had visited Shuntian a few days ago.

Ye Qingrou added: "The heirs of the beast kings, they've all taken human form and are now able to walk amongst the humans. This has a huge impact on several fronts."

Chu Feng was stunned, the beast race had transformed? And it wasn’t even limited to the beast kings, even their heirs have been granted this ability.

"I’m guessing their origins are not small?" Chu Feng asked.

"It’s far more than just being ‘not small’, let me name a few for instance," clairaudient Ouyang Qing sighed, "The heir of the Silvermoon Wolf, the champion of the Mongolian steppes has arrived in the form of a silver haired youth and seems to be quite popular."

He continued: "The heir of the peerless beast king, the Elder Ape has also made his appearance in Shuntian."

Even Chen Luoyan couldn’t stay silent, saying: "There are more powerful characters that even the Elder Ape confessed he couldn’t compare to—one of them being the Peacock King. Rumor has it that he once wanted to conquer the pilgrimage grounds belonging to successive human dynasties. His successor has also arrived!"

Chu Feng couldn’t help but gasp, this was the first time he had heard of a beast king that had designs on the pilgrimage grounds— unexpectedly, there was a Peacock King who did. Could it be that he was the one pulling the strings behind the Ash Wolf and the Falcon?

He had some suspicions, but wanting to conquer the pilgrimage grounds was far from sufficient proof.

Chu Feng asked: "Did they cause a lot of commotion? According to what you say, these beasts seem to be quite popular after transforming into human forms?"

"Unfortunately yes, after transforming the males were handsome and dignified and the females were as beautiful as they were charming, becoming the envy of many!" The clairvoyant said jealously: "Being the descendents of such famous beast kings, it would be hard for them not to garner attention after entering the human society. Many officials, nobles and celebrities are more than willing to form friendly ties with them."

"It’s that astounding?" Chu Feng exclaimed.

Clairaudient Ouyang Qing said with a sigh: "These youths themselves are no weaklings, not to mention the colossal existences behind them— which ambitious person wouldn’t be willing to become acquaintances with them?"

After living in isolation for quite a few days, the news they brought surprised Chu Feng quite a bit. It appears the outside world is now boiling over.

The descendents of the beast kings entering the human society naturally attracted the attention of several parties.

"Tonight there will be a reception to welcome the beast king descendents— many important people will make an appearance. Will you attend, boss? Asked Ouyang Qing.

"I don’t want to," Chu Feng shook his head, unwilling to move.

Lu Tong interjected, saying: "I suggest you go nonetheless and familiarize yourself with the current generation of beast king descendants. It might be of some benefit for you as, perhaps in the future, you might have dealings with them."

"Who else is going?" asked Chu Feng.

"No small amount of important figures: celebrities, young mistresses, and agents of major powers will surely attend."

Among them, the Pre-Qin Research Institute, Bodhi Biogenetics, Tonggu Alliance, Overseas Culture Institute will have agents present.

Chu Feng was stunned, all these major powers will attend?

Ye Qingrou sighed: "There’s no choice, these beast race members have too important an origin. With a beast king behind each of them, many people will want to curry favor and perhaps have a chance to ‘borrow’ some power in the future."

Lu Tong reminded: "Remember, return early if you don’t enjoy the party and stay around if you like it— try not to cause an incident."

He wished for Chu Feng and the others to make some acquaintances among the beast king descendents, it may prove to be an advantage in the future.

"Okay," nodded Chu Feng.

That evening, in front of the Qilin[3] Tower, all types of famous automobiles came rolling in. Those walking out of them were of great origins and fame, including celebrities and corporate dignitaries.

Chu Feng and the others had also arrived. For the occasion, he was wearing formal attire chosen for him by Ye Qingrou and the others on the way.

[1] The weapon is actually not a chakram, but it was translated as such so as to be easier described and remembered as well as to match approximate appearance. 金刚琢 was actually a circular shaped divine weapon belonging to Daode Tianzun from the novel Journey to the West. It is said to be the second most powerful weapon ranked after Sun Wukong’s "Ruyi Jingu Bang". The weapon was once used to defeat Wu Kong and capture him.

[2] Taishang Laojun 太上老君 is another name for the 道德天尊, one of the three supreme purities.





[3] 麒麟, Qilin or kirin— is a Chinese mythical animal. Wikipedia link below.


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