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"Ling Xian, come here and accept your death!"
Zhan Cang Sheng walked over arrogantly like a hungry beast out for a walk. The ground cracked under the pressure and space vibrated!
His eyes were contemptuous as per usual. It was obvious that he thought nothing good of Ling Xian.
Ling Xian slightly frowned and his expression turned cold. He originally didn't want to cause any more trouble with Zhan Cang Sheng, but this person was sending out challenges. He was also doing so in such an arrogant manner, why wouldn't Ling Xian be angry?
He squinted his eyes and said coldly, "You want to challenge me?"
"No sh!t! The Leader of the Palace has spoken. Two winners from the last round can challenge each other. The one I challenge is you."
Zhan Cang Sheng was dominating and also overbearing. He walked on like a dragon as his Qi poured all over the sky, as terrifying as ever!
He stared at Ling Xian, who was on top of the stage and snickered coldly, "To put it more accurately, I am going to stomp on an eyesore of an ant."
"Last time you called me an ant as well and what was the result? I don't think I even need to elaborate." Ling Xian was not kind in his response.
Hearing this, Zhan Cang Sheng was not mad. Instead, he wore a sarcastic smile.
"You were lucky to escape last time. This time, even if you enter into the ground or fly into the heavens, you cannot escape from my palm."
"I never planned on running away."
Ling Xian's expression was cold, "There can only be one battle immortal bone. There has to be a winner between you and me, life or death."
"You are right. The battle immortal bone isn't something you trash deserves."
Zhan Cang Sheng was presumptuous and his eyes were full of killer's intent as he acted like he wanted to kill Ling Xian.
The battle immortal bone was an immortal bone uniquely his, yet it has appeared on someone else. To him, this was a huge humiliation and naturally, he was full of killer's intent.
Ling Xian's eyes turned cold but the anger in his heart was burning. His killer's intent boiled.
This person was far too presumptuous. He had cursed at Ling Xian endlessly and still doesn't think anything of Ling Xian. Why wouldn't Ling Xian be furious?
"Trash is what you are."
Zhan Cang Sheng remained as arrogant as ever and he said, "Just because you were lucky and your Qi transformed doesn't make you a true powerhouse. Compared to the battle sage body, you are nothing."
"You are merely one of the nine sage bodies, you think that makes you better than others?" Ling Xian's expression was dark and he was full killer's intent.
"That's right. The nine sage bodies are better than others!"
Zhan Cang Sheng was cocky as his Qi expanded all around, changing the color on everyone's faces.
His words also made the crowd frown. They didn't exactly enjoy this, however, they could only remain silent with no strength to say otherwise.
The nine sage bodies were commonly known by the humankind to be strong and naturally talented. Even at birth, these bodies were automatically better than others. While most people didn't think this was fair, this was the undeniable truth.

"Better than others…"
Ling Xian's anger had risen to his head, "I sure want to see how you are better than others."
Just then, he attacked offensively. Using the Disorder Conquering Fists, he attempted to kill this arrogant man!
"You ant who overestimates yourself. Today, I will make you understand the strength of the battle sage body!"
Zhan Cang Sheng was fearless as his fists danced. The Dragon's Opposition Fists dashed over as if it could smash down the constellation and end all living beings!
A great war started. Ling Xian was furious and hated this man to the extreme. Therefore, he dialed up his physical condition to the peak and crazily attacked!
His Disorder Conquering Fists landed, again and again, smashing through the sky and making the world explode!
"You ant, your struggles are futile!"
Zhan Cang Sheng was cocky and violent as his fists howled. Like a God was attacking, he had vowed to demolish everything around him!
"Accept your death!"
Ling Xian's eyes were cold and electric as he called out his indestructible physique. It was like a Buddha had reincarnated, he was undead, unharmed, unwounded, and untouchable.
He pounced forward, emitting hundreds and thousands of light rays. Every single light ray was like the heavenly light that smashed the void that surrounded them.
"You can't do this. Die!"
Zhan Cang Sheng laughed in disdain. His Dragon's Opposition Fists caused destructions in all four directions!
Just then, the silhouette of a real dragon howled out. It slithered through space and changed the color on the crowd's faces!
However, Ling Xian was fearless. He held onto his Disorder Conquering Fists like an immortal God and he smashed mountains, rivers, and destructed Heaven and Earth!
His two hands were boiling and physical energy poured out. The entire area was shaking uncontrollably as it found it difficult to endure Ling Xian's prowess!
If it weren't for the indestructible nature of the battle rings or the protective heavenly array, this place would've exploded a long time ago.
It wasn't hard to imagine how terrifying this punch was. It was like someone heavenly had attacked with the destructive power to end the world!
Everyone was stunned at this. Such a terrifying punch, out of everything this generation, how many people could stop this?
After Ling Xian swung his fists, the dragon's silhouette instantly disappeared!
"The Seven Heaven Overturning Dragons, suppress!"
Zhan Cang Sheng screamed out coldly. Like an undefeatable God who had awakened, he used a powerful technique.
At once, the silhouette of seven dragons appeared. All of whom had their talons up in the sky and baring their teeth. Like real dragons in the world, they vowed to kill the people before them.
Ling Xian was fearless against this. His eyes flickered and all seven transformative qualities appeared. They enhanced each other's abilities and swirled in the sky!
Seven dragons against seven weapons. The moment they clashed, space crumbled, heavens cried and at once, both sides dissipated.
"Zhan Cang Sheng, hand over your life!"
Ling Xian shouted. His energy exploded like endless waves in the ocean. His hands formed into powerful fists as he struck forward with everything he had!
At the same time, Zhan Cang Sheng swung around his fists, presenting the pure and raw power of this technique. Everything was terrifying!
At once, the sky darkened, the sun lost its color and the light rays destructed everything in space!
These two were both original leveled powerhouses with insane physical capabilities. The explosion between the two in this fight was stunning for everyone!
What kind of fight was this?
The sky quaked and the heavens quivered. The exchange of hands between these two dimmed the sky and made it appear as if the world was ending.
Without a doubt, this was a shocking fight. The great battle between the two powerhouses!
Zhan Cang Sheng attacked aggressively. Every movement of his hand crushed through the sky and the ground, startling the world!
He was like the rebirth of the God of Battle or an awakened dragon. Every punch of his was insanely powerful and was like a shooting star falling down!
Even one strike of it could smash through real space. The power of it all was hard to imagine.
Everyone was white in the face and they asked themselves if they were the ones up there, would they be able to handle a strike? Even if they attacked all together, they would be killed in an instant, no questions asked.
Zhan Cang Sheng was far too powerful. He deserved the battle sage body name!
Only Ling Xian had the ability to fight against him and not lose!
He was like a real dragon, with his blood boiling and unstoppable. He had revealed how he was unstoppable!
"Too strong. This is hard to imagine!"
Everyone's face was white as their hearts shook. Those who were weaker had collapsed onto the ground. They could not handle the suppression.
They all felt bitter and realized that compared to these two beasts, they were like cloud and mud, they could not even be talked about in the same sentence.
"Zhan Cang Sheng, accept your death!"
Ling Xian's eyes were like cold electricity as his black hair danced in the wind crazily. He was now truly furious as he formed a hand seal that stunned the entire world!
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