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On the empty field, the elder's expression was serious and his words were powerful.
"The rules are simple. There are 10 battle rings here. Whoever thinks they are capable can go try and guard their own ring and accept anyone and everyone's challenge. The last person standing wins."
"For the second round, we will pick two out of the 10 battle ring holders and allow them to fight however they want. The winner stays, the loser leaves."
"The third round is for the remaining 8 to fight in pairs until the winner is established."
The elder's expression remained serious, "The rules are simple. Do you all understand?"
Hearing this, everyone nodded, indicating that they understood.
"Very well."
The elder smiled happily, "Now let's talk about rewards. All 10 battle ring holders will each get a chance to bathe in the Fountain of Designation. The higher up you rank, the longer you can bathe in it."
"The Fountain of Designation is a heavenly place granted to the Palace. Just like its name suggests, it contains the power to allow one to break through to the fifth level. Of course, there is no certainty. It is based on different qualities of the living being and the length of time bathing."
"To sum it up, the longer you get to bathe in it, the higher the chances one can enter the fifth realm. Of course, if you haven't decided on what path you want to take in the future, then even a real immortal cannot help you breakthrough."
"So if you want to break through, you must first pick your path. Then, work towards the number one position."
The elder smiled faintly. Everything he was saying was turning everyone heated.
The Designation Level!
In today's Taoism community, this is basically the highest one can go! One would be able to peer down onto all others and rule the world!
In other words, that is the ultimate goal for most people.
Now that the elder said you merely have to be one of the 10 battle ring holders to get a chance to bathe in the Fountain, why wouldn't everyone feel heated?
Ling Xian's eyes were shining bright and his heart was pounding.
After gaining the Primitive Text, he was only one step away from the designation level. He had chosen his path a long time ago. In other words, if he gets to bathe in the fountain, then he may breakthrough!
"This reward alone is enough for me to give it my all." Ling Xian's eyes looked determined. His desire to win turned more and more intense.
"Other than the Fountain of Designation, I am also going to give the battle ring bearer a great fortune."
The elder chuckled, "but as for what it is, allow me to leave it as a surprise."
Everyone's eyes were now heated. They all silently vowed to do everything they can to hold down a battle ring!
Ling Xian was no exception.
"Great fortune.."
Ling Xian's lips curled up, "It looks like I have to win this one."
"Alright, I won't waste any more time. Those who believe they have the capability, please step up."

The elder rolled up his sleeves. The 10 battle rings uprooted from the ground and like heavenly swords, they pierced through the clouds, looking grand.
Everyone's eyes began to emit light.
Because they represented glory, represented honor, represented capability!
If they can hold down a battle ring until the end, they would get a chance to break through to the designation level. Who could resist this temptation? Plus, there was a mysterious fortune at the end.
After the elder said those things, a man hurriedly went up the stage and looked like he was welcoming fights.
Ling Xin chuckled and shook his head at this. He felt like this person was unclear in the head due to the reward.
The elder had said that the last person standing wins. In other words, the one holding down the fort now will have to face countless Heaven's Favorites. Basically, he needs to exhaust a lot of battles.
No matter how strong the first one to go up there is, after so many Heaven's Favorites, they would get tired. How would they last till the end?
Therefore, other than showing one's face for a bit, there is no benefit to going up there first.
"Unwise choice."
Ling Xian chuckled and looked over to the stage. He saw that all the battle rings now had people standing in them.
All the powerhouses remained unmoving. Even the most presumptuous one, Zhan Cang Sheng, was waiting quietly on the ground.
They were powerhouses and could easily suppress normal Heaven's Favorites and had enough energy to exhaust. But the problem is, after the first round, they would have to go up against other battle ring winners. If they do not reserve their energy, how will they win the next round?
Therefore, no powerhouses moved.
"If the powerhouses don't fight, then these battles aren't worth watching."
At this, the leader of the Palace grinned, "I forgot to tell you guys one rule – if the battle ring winner does not win 900 battles, even if they last till the end, they cannot be announced as the winner."
Hearing this, Ling Xian didn't know whether to laugh or cry.
This rule was obviously made up on the spot. It was also targeted towards the powerhouses. With this rule in place, if they want to win, they cannot just watch from afar, they must step on stage.
Don't forget, there are over hundreds and thousands of Heaven's Favorites here. If you divide that by 10, that's 1,000. If one waits, then it is very possible that there'll end up being less than 900 fights.
The powerhouses all understood this. As they cursed the elder, they all made their moves and instantly struck the Heaven's Favorites who were already in the battle rings.
Ling Xian was no stranger to the person in the first battle ring, it was Su Li Yu. Perhaps he got some kind of luck, but he was now a powerhouse of the original level.
He knew the second and third battle ring challengers as well, they were the Goddess of Battles and Le Wu Xia.
The former had successfully transformed her Qi and was now at the undefeatable realm of the original level.
The remaining were held down by Zhan Cang Cheng and Leng Bie Qing. The remaining were unknown to Ling Xian. Without exceptions, however, they were all at the undefeatable realm.
As these powerhouses stepped into the battle ring, everyone was a little astonished and they revealed looks of bitterness.
Everyone knows about the existence of original leveled powerhouses. Other than those at their own level, nobody can fight against them. Though none of them were weak or ordinary, compared to powerhouses, they truly were nothing.
Therefore, everyone felt a little bitter. They all felt like their hope was slim and the road ahead was dark.
"Everyone has gone up. I cannot fall behind."
Staring at the proud silhouettes, Ling Xian grinned and made his move. Like an immortal had descended, he landed on the last battle ring.
"Come at me, let me fight against everyone else and defeat all Heaven's Favorites!"
The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up. He stood with his hands behind his back like an undefeatable God. He looked down onto everything and suppressed all levels of Heaven and Hell.
At once, all gazes fixated onto him, all of which had vile intentions.
All because compared to the others, Ling Xian's name wasn't that well-known and even strange. Therefore, they all thought they could take advantage.
At least to these people, he was the easier target.
Ling Xian was speechless at those gazes. He wondered if he looked that weak?
"If you treat me like you can take advantage then you cannot be more wrong."
The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up as he looked below. He then made a highly arrogant statement.
"All those who do not believe me, come at me."

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