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In midair, Ling Xian landed holding onto the Cauldron. The Cauldron of Mountains and Rivers completely suppressed all life and ended Xue Wu Nie's last ray of hope.
This had suffocated him mentally. So he had lost. He couldn't believe he didn't even have the strength to take Ling Xian with him.
Xue Wu Nie shouted continuously as powerful energy roared out of him in an attempt to break the seal of the Cauldron of Rivers and Mountains.
If this was before, with his capability, he should be able to get rid of the Cauldron. But right now, he has weakened greatly and Ling Xian was stronger than before. Naturally, he couldn't break the seal.
"Stop struggling. I have been watching for your demonic immortal bone."
Ling Xian glared at Xue Wu Nie and sighed in relief silently.
While the demonic sage body is ranked last out of the nine sage bodies, its demonic immortal bone is the strongest out of them all. Though it is a move that ends up killing everyone, once used, Xue Wu Nie's capability would shoot straight through to the designation level!
When that happens, even if all the powerhouses inside the Heaven's Favorites Palace worked together, they would find it hard to defend.
Now that he has inhibited Xue Wu Nie and took away the opportunity for him to use the demonic immortal bone, naturally, he would sigh in relief.
"Dammit, if you have the guts, then let me go!" Xue Wu Nie struggled intensely and his demonic energy twirled around, startling rivers and mountains, shocking everything within miles!
Even the steady Cauldron of Rivers and Mountains was shaking violently.
This made Ling Xian exclaim just how powerful the demonic sage body is.
Though Xue Wu Nie is powerful, he is stronger!
If this was before he had learned the cosmic technique, then there would be some suspense regarding who would end up victorious. But after cultivating the cosmic technique, he had strengthened. Plus the tri-colored flower had insane defensive abilities, naturally, he can defeat everyone.
"I am not stupid. I am not going to give you the opportunity to use the demonic immortal bone."
Ling Xian spoke softly. He knew how insane the demonic immortal bone is. If he lets Xue Wu Nie use it, then nobody can stop him in the entire Heaven's Favorites Palace.
Therefore, he used all his power to push the Cauldron of Rivers and Mountains, forcing Xue Wu Nie to whiten even more in the face and puke out even more blood.
This person was now furious and also felt more suffocated than ever. But in the end, all that turned into a long exhale.
He knew that the moment he chose to use the demonic immortal bone, he had lost. Lost completely!
Therefore, why wouldn't he feel bitter?
"I'm too lazy to waste time with you. Let me get you on your way."
Ling Xian's eyes were of calmness, but deep within it was signs of heat.
Whether it's the human sage bodies or other foreign kinds' mysterious bodies, all of their blood is known to be treasures. They can be used to brew Dans and result in extraordinary effects.

Xue Wu Nie's blood, to Ling Xian, had special meaning.
He wanted to try whether or not he can make the demonic immortal bone reappear after absorbing this person's blood.
Therefore, Ling Xian called out to the tri-colored flower above his head, which resulted in the flower exploding in power and landing on Xue Wu Nie!
After a loud HOMM and Xue Wu Nie's desperate struggles, he could not defend against the tri-colored flower and was smashed into a fog of blood.
This scene shocked everyone!
All eyes landed on Ling Xian full of awe. At once, cold gasps resonated throughout the crowd.
"Dead, the demonic sage body has died!"
"Unbelievable! Xue Wu Nie couldn't win against this man? He had the legendary demonic sage body!"
"My god, this is crazy. In the entire history of Taoism, so little sage bodies die in the middle of their cultivation journey. Most of them go on to achieve greatness. Yet the demonic sage body has just died before my eyes!"
"Unbelievable. If the demonic sage body cannot win against that man, then just how strong is he? Is he also one of the sage bodies?"
Everyone howled in shock.
That was the demonic sage body!
In the entire world, since the history of time, the majority of the sage bodies have turned out to be powerhouses and defeated countless enemies in the world!
But now, Xue Wu Nie had been slain by Ling Xian. What this represented was far too important and the impact it had was far too powerful.
The demonic sage body that is undefeatable in its own generation… the pure natural talent that promised an undefeatable powerhouse that would bring glory in the future!
Yet Ling Xian had killed him. From a certain point of view, he had ended the legend of the demonic sage body's abilities!
Therefore, why wouldn't everyone be shocked?
Everyone was looking over at Ling Xian with much respect in their gazes. They wondered what kind of quality he had and wondered if he was one of the nine sage bodies.
Because normally, only those who are sage bodies have the ability to defeat another sage body!
Pity though, Ling Xian never walks the normal path. Ever since the first time he started cultivating, he has been breaking rules and logic!
He was no sage body, but his soul, Qi, and physique, have reached their extreme and he was just as capable as any other sage body!
This is why he was able to kill Xue Wu Nie and end the legend related to the demonic sage bodies!
"Blood from the source, dissolve!"
Staring at the blood that was in midair, Ling Xian displayed a demonic technique, the Blood Dissolving Technique. This technique can turn blood into pure energy. It was a pretty good technique.
After he used this technique, the blood in the air emitted gentle light and one black colored blood drop emerged.
At once, demonic energy swept outwards and rolled around!
All the blood was absorbed by this black droplet of blood, making its demeanor stronger and stronger. The light around it was also getting brighter and brighter.
Without a doubt, this was the blood source to the demonic sage body. It was the core of Xue Wu Nie's demonic sage body.
After the technique was used against this drop, this blood drop was no longer blood but was pure energy.
If Ling Xian absorbs a drop of blood, then his body would reject it. But there aren't many side effects with a contacting pure energy form. He could swallow it without worries.
"So this is the source of the demonic sage body?"
Staring at the black droplet that was emitting much demonic energy, shock flashed across Ling Xian's eyes. He exclaimed over the demonic sage body and how even after death, it still contains so much energy.
But to him, this was nothing. He had killed Xue Wu Nie, why would he be afraid of a drop of blood?
Ling Xian's eyes were cold. The tri-colored flower slammed down like a mountain and trapped the black droplet of blood and all of its demonic energy. Then, he swept around his sleeve and injected this energy form into himself.
"Jiu Ge, set a protective array for me."
Ling Xian ordered then sat in a lotus position. The tri-colored flower was right above his head as he formed a hand seal to absorb all the key ingredients inside this drop of blood.
At this, everyone had a look of greed. The greed stemmed from the cosmic technique once again taking over them.
However, after seeing Huang Jiu Ge's original form and how Ling Xian was a powerhouse, they no longer had any bad thoughts.
After all, even without Huang Jiu Ge there, they would only dare to imagine, but wouldn't dare to take any action!
What a joke!
That man killed even the demonic sage body. They were nobodies here!
When they remember Ling Xian's demeanor and dominating powers, they wouldn't dare to attack even if they were given another 100 guts.
Therefore, this mountain range silenced.
Everyone there didn't even dare to breathe, let alone attack Ling Xian. They were terrified of disturbing this unparalleled powerhouse.
Just like that, Ling Xian closed his eyes tightly as he sat in the void in a lotus position. The tri-colored flower shed down three different colors of heavenly light that made him look like an immortal who was out of the world.
He was absorbing and digesting the blood source that belonged to the demonic sage body and wanted to see if he could borrow its power to restore his demonic immortal bone.

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