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A month later, Ling Xian, who had studied the Primitive Text, opened his eyes slowly. Two beams of light shot out, instantly smashing whatever was before him.
The tri-colored flower above his head was now even brighter and it emitted much profoundness.
"My capability has increased by another percent. I am now getting closer to the designation level." The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up as he displayed much happiness.
A month of training has without a doubt, strengthened him. While it is only a teeny bit, to him today, even one percent is a great achievement.
"The Primitive Text truly is unparalleled."
Ling Xian's fists tightened. He could feel the power inside him and he was happy about it.
Today, he could be described as even more approved, even stronger. This has made him acquire the right to suppress everyone and fight for the title of number one in the world!
Remember that the Competition of Heaven's Favorites is against the entire world. Nobody knows just how many powerhouses will show up. Even Ling Xian may not make it till the end.
But he believed that he had the right to fight for the number one position now!
"Come on, powerhouses and talents of the world, I look forward to fighting against you all head on."
Ling Xian's eyes shone and the tri-colored flower spun around more, showing off its divinity and mysteriousness.
Then, he straightened his body. The Flower of Dao slowly disappeared, leaving behind only its profoundness.
"Jiu Ge, the competition is nearly here. It's time for us to leave." Ling Xian smiled and marched onward into the cave.
Huang Jiu Ge did the same.
Ling Xian flapped around his sleeve to get rid of the array he set himself and walked out of the cave.
The reason he was able to stay put for a whole six months without disturbance was due to this hallucination array. Or else someone would've found him a long time ago.
Don't forget, he was now in possession of a cosmic technique. So many people watched him take it. News has definitely traveled.
Ling Xian had reasons to believe that every cultivator who is inside the Heaven's Favorites Palace already knows about it.
"I bet the moment I show my face later, someone will cause trouble." Ling Xian smiled but not at all afraid.
If someone stands in his way, he will kill him. If two people stand in his way, he will kill both of them!
Even if a dominating powerhouse comes, he will kill without miss!
"Jiu Ge, let us go." Ling Xian grinned and marched forward with his head held high.
Then, the two left the forest and began to stroll around aimlessly.
It was very close to when the competition will begin. The exact time, however, will have to be told by the Heaven's Favorites' Palace. During these last few days, cultivating behind a closed door is meaningless. Looking for fortune is also useless.
Therefore, Ling Xian decided to take this time to relax and enjoy a few days of ease.

Sadly, nothing happens as he wishes.
As he traveled, he heard a news.
Someone was hosting an auction at the Mountain of Dragon's Head. The goal of it was to exchange for a few powerful weapons during these last few days.
The announcement of this auction garnered much response from people.
The temptation of the Heaven's Favorite Competition was far too high. Even if one does not have the power to become number one, if one can fight their way into top four, eight, or even top 100, it would bring great glory.
After all, this is the largest stage in the world. The honor and glory of it all is endless!
Plus, to be able to acquire a rank here will result in the Heaven's Favorites Palace gifting them with much reward. Why wouldn't everyone want this?
Therefore, many people headed towards the Mountain of Dragon's Head in hope of finding some useful treasures.
Ling Xian wasn't wavered by this, but he was intrigued at the news.
So he came to the Mountain of Dragon's Head with Huang Jiu Ge.
Once he entered, he began to hear all kinds of shouting and bargaining.
"Everyone come here to take a look! I have the legendary Seal of the Tumbling Sky! One attack can turn the sky upside down. This treasure allows one to fight for the number one title and makes it less of a dream!"
"What the hell is that seal! I have The Immortal Dan of Six Transformation. One pill and your capability will increase by 10 folds!"
"I am selling an unparalleled technique. This is a technique left behind by an omnipotent. One attack ensures the defeat of many powerhouses!"
All the shouting was endless. Each shout was stranger than the previous and more exaggerated than the former.
Ling Xian shook his head at this, speechless.
The Seal of Tumbling Sky was truly a powerful one and was once famous during the Primitive Times. But this here is a replica. Not even a good one.
The Immortal Dan of Six Transformations was even more exaggerated. While that Dan exists, even the legendary Dan of Nine Transformations cannot increase one's capability by 10 times.
As for the unparalleled technique…
What a joke.
All of them were insane treasures immeasurable in value. Why would anyone sell them here? It was so obvious that these were fake.
"Master, these people are so funny." Huang Jiu Ge snuck a giggle.
"Yes, they are all probably trying to con those who are naïve." Ling Xian shook his head and ignored these vendors.
Because this auction attracted so many people, the mountain range formed into various and interchanging streets. All the vendors were stuffed with treasures that were emitting much light. It didn't look ordinary.
This was normal. People who get into the Heaven's Favorites Palace are all original leveled. Why wouldn't they have some wealth?
It was because of this Ling Xian was intrigued in the beginning. However, after walking around, he felt bored.
While those treasures were good, he had no use for them. Naturally he became uninterested.
"Sadly, there isn't anything useful to me." Ling Xian smiled helplessly.
"Master, your taste is too high."
Huang Jiu Ge beamed and thought about it, "Also because you are too beast. You have your physique, so you can ignore most of the treasures. You know arrays, crafts, and alchemy. So you don't need to buy arrays or Dans."
Hearing this, Ling Xian had a realization.
It was true. He was skilled in alchemy, arrays, and crafts so he didn't need to purchase a lot of these. His physique was powerful and he had the Eyes of Execution, he didn't need the weapons.
Therefore, what intrigues him were rare treasures.
Sadly, because they are so rare, they can never be found.
"Whatever, since nothing interests me, let's just go." Ling Xian shook his head and planned on leaving.
Just then, an astonished and greedy scream attracted everyone's attention.
"It's him! The man who acquired the cosmic technique!"
A young man pointed at Ling Xian. Other than heat in his eyes, only heat remained.
After those words, everyone's eyes turned heated. All gazes landed on Ling Xian with much disdain.
During these last six months, the news about the cosmic technique has passed around the entire Heaven's Favorites Palace, which drove everyone insane. Everyone was searching for it.
Sadly, all searches were fruitless.
Now that someone has identified Ling Xian, why wouldn't everyone feel heated?
It was a comic technique!
Even an omnipotent would go insane over it!
"Trouble has come."
Ling Xian shook his head helplessly. It wasn't that he was afraid. It was that he didn't want to kill the innocent.
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