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"And I, am a powerhouse."
Those words were softly spoken and were out of the world arrogant. However, nobody could deny the truth in it.
More than hundreds of Heaven's Favorites were here yet they could not stop Ling Xian's prowess and were killed by him in such a short period of time. What did this mean?
The undefeatable original who was killing Heaven's Favorites like they were dogs and pigs!
Therefore, everyone there was staring wide-eyed. Other than astonishment, there was shock on their faces.
There were hundreds of Heaven's Favorites!
How could they, in such a short period of time, all be killed by Ling Xian himself? Just how powerful is this?
It was like a Buddha in the world of the mortal, insanely strong!
Now, everyone was certain that Ling Xian had reached the extreme of the original level and was now a powerhouse like Le Wu Xia.
Everyone was now even more surprised.
Especially the young man in silver, he was at a point of no retreat with how surprised he was.
He originally thought that he could borrow the power of his inhibition treasure and hundreds of Heaven's Favorites to kill everyone here. He did not expect Ling Xian would break his inhibition spell and kill hundreds of Heaven's Favorites!
Without a doubt, this impacted him greatly and it instantly smashed his confidence.
"I told you. Numbers mean nothing to me. But you chose not to believe me."
Ling Xian glared at him. "Now you believe me?"
Hearing this, the man in silver bitterly smiled. He was speechless.
By now, he had finally realized how stupid he had been. He was basically a joke. Ling Xian himself had smashed his army of Heaven's Favorites. What will happen if Ling Xian fights alongside Le Wu Xia and them?
Why wouldn't this person be feeling bitter?
However, after thinking about his current capability, he felt a boost of confidence. He smiled, "I admit that I have underestimated you. But I have one more trick up my sleeve."
"You mean your unworthy capability?"
Ling Xian spoke softly, "You are using a spell to temporarily strengthening your capability. It will not allow you to escape this place."
"Hmmph, I had no intention of escaping."
The young man hissed and then continued, "I want all of you to pay for what you did."
Then, he attacked. His silver robe fluttered in the wind and Qi howled out.
The power of it was at the undefeatable realm of the original level!
Once again the crowd had a change of expression and howled.
Ling Xian remained as calm as usual. He wasn't at all startled.
Though the young man was strong, they were of the same realm. The young man was at this level due to a spell. He had no foundation nor battling abilities when compared to Ling Xian himself.
Therefore, Ling Xian was acting at ease. Between the movements of his arm, the ground cracked and the sky crumbled. He instantly smashed the young man away.
It was like swatting a fly.

This made the young man's face blow up. He formed a hand seal and spat out hundreds of thousands of light rays, all of which were incomparably sharp!
"Not a bad move. However, your capability is lacking."
Ling Xian spoke softly. His hands glided around rhythmically. It was like the entire world was in his hands as he diminished all the light rays at once.
Then, he formed his Disorder Conquering Fists and smashed outwards with the prowess to split open the sky!
His energy shot through the cloud, as powerful as ever. The power in his fist was undefeatable as he flunked the young man hundreds of meters out.
After a mouthful of blood, the young man had a look of awe. He didn't think Ling Xian would be this terrifying.
"Too weak. You cannot even defend against one attack."
Ling Xian spoke softly and arrived before the young man. His foot acted like a heavy mountain and lunged down!
The space broke as the young man was stepped into the ground. Half of the bones in his body cracked.
He was now fully hopeless. Other than fear on his face, there was regret.
"You can use spells to temporarily raise your capability level, but Qi cannot be transformed using a spell."
Ling Xian glared at him. "You think you are now undefeatable at the original level, but the reality is that you are merely a clown."
Hearing this, the young man bitterly smiled. He now realized why he had been so badly defeated and couldn't even handle one attack.
"Go on your way. Remember not to be so stupid in your next life."
Ling Xian's eyes were emotionless as he extended his index finger. Instantly, a bloody hole appeared between the young man's brows and his soul diminished.
His eyes were full of unwillingness and regret.
Sadly, it was too late for regrets.
"You killed hundreds of Heaven's Favorites alone. Your capability is great."
Le Wu Xia complimented him from the bottom of his heart and his eyes revealed his respect.
Zhan Cang Sheng and Leng Bie Qing didn't speak. But they all looked a little surprised. Obviously, they didn't' expect Ling Xian to be so violently powerful.
Ling Xian didn't speak. Instead, his wings fluttered as he headed for the tri-colored flower.
The interlude was over. It was time to get back on topic. This move of his set the stage for the continuation of the great battle.
Zhan Cang Sheng attacked. He used his Dragons' Opposition Fists right away. His Qi boiled and his aggression was endless, everything was extremely terrifying!
At the same time, Leng Bie Qing snapped out his sword. The mountains and rivers lost their color as he revealed his swords' sharpness!
"Get out!"
Ling Xian shouted. He used the Disorder Conquering Fists to stop the attacks from behind. However, these were two powerhouses' attacks. Even for someone as powerful as him, he felt a little flustered.
"Fella, that cosmic technique is mine. If you don't want to die, you better get the f!ck away!"
Zhan Cang Sheng was as dominating as ever. His hands formed a hand seal and he exploded with an incomparable amount of energy that washed over the entire place!
Next, a real gold dragon appeared, carrying with it the determination to crack open the sky and the earth!
This made Ling Xian frown. But he wasn't scared. He pointed out his index finger and the Cauldron of Mountain and River dropped down, shaking the world with its power to suppress all beings!
The dragon, as it peeked out its head, was smashed by the cauldron. The two powerful moves struggled against each other in the air and then both disappeared.
Zhan Cang Sheng hissed. He didn't think he still cannot win against Ling Xian using this move.
This angered him. Like a shooting star, he pounced forward.
Ling Xian remained fearless and patient!
His fists opened and his arms swung forward. Every move of his represented the strength of a powerhouse!
However, he knew very well that he cannot win against Zhan Cang Sheng in a short period of time. His priority was to take the cosmic technique. If Leng Bie Qing or Le Wu Xia takes it, then everything would be futile.
"The Goddess of Battles, if you don't move now, then when?"
Ling Xian shouted. He forced Zhan Cang Qing to retreat with one punch, then stopped Leng Bie Qing from taking the flower with his sword.
Hearing this, The Goddess of Battles no longer hesitated. Her long spear swept out and she entered the battleground. Her choice of an opponent was Le Wu Xia.
Le Wu Xia laughed at this and he entered the fight against the Goddess of Battles. The explosive waves from the battle crushed everything around them.
Then, Huang Jiu Ge entered the fight as well. The moment she made her move, everyone was stunned!
An earth splitting rumble pierced through the air as Huang Jiu Ge transformed back to her original form. Her undefeatable energy swept around and engulfed the entire battleground!
"Leng Bie Qing, your opponent is me."
Huang Jiu Ge's wings fluttered and immediately appeared before Leng Bie Qing. At once, flames filled the air and the place turned into a sea of flames that circled Leng Bie Qing.
The powerfulness of it all petrified everyone!
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