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A taunting voice arose and a young man wearing a silver robe walked over from afar. He was considerably handsome with long eyes that blinked with eeriness and cunningness.
Behind him, hundreds of silhouettes followed. Without exception, they were all powerhouse Heaven's Favorites.
However, these powerful ones were acting like subordinates as they looked at him with respect.
Without a doubt, this was something unbelievable.
Remember that every single Heaven's Favorite is somewhat arrogant and don't normally just follow others around. One or two may be possible, but to be followed by hundreds of Heaven's Favorites – that was a little hard to believe.
This also proved that this young man in silver is extraordinary. Or else there was no way he could've tamed so many Heaven's Favorites.
"What a strange person."
Looking over to the young man who was walking over, Ling Xian frowned slightly. His soul had sensed that this person was extremely strange and was swinging between being at the peak of the original level and being at the beginning stage of the original level.
It looks like he had a strange spell cast on him.
"Sealing down this place means you want to kill us all?" Zhan Cang Sheng's expression was cold. He dispersed the unparalleled technique he was planning on using against Ling Xian.
Le Wu Xia and Leng Bie Qing stopped their battle as well.
This entire place has been sealed. The man in silver was also acting strange with a crowd of soldiers behind him. It was obvious he didn't have any kind intentions.
To fight now was not a smart choice.
Therefore, they all stopped fighting.
The man in silver chuckled and looked over to Ling Xian and them, "you four powerhouses converged here today. How can waste such a good opportunity? If I kill you all, then the number one spot in the world would be mine. Plus, there's a cosmic technique here."
"How are you so confident that you can end us all?"
Ling Xian's expression went cold, uncertain just why he is so arrogant. If he thinks sealing down this place and bringing a couple hundred Heaven's Favorites can kill them all, then that would be a hilarious joke.
"Of course."
The man in silver proudly smiled. "I know you are all powerful. Insanely powerful. But this place has been locked down by my treasure. Your capabilities have decreased by at least 30%. Behind me, there are also hundreds of Heaven's Favorites. This is what people mean two fists cannot defend against four hands. I am going to beat you all purely with numbers."
After those words, the Heaven's Favorites who were inside the locked down space all had a change of expression. Terror was displayed in their eyes.
They knew very well that the man in silver was right. Under such circumstances, there was no way they could resist.
However, Le Wu Xia and the other three all laughed.
Ling Xian laughed as well, speechless at this.
He was just thinking about how the man in silver was rather confident but was not stupid enough to think he could kill everyone just because he had more people.

But he didn't expect this person to be so moronic.
What a joke. He merely sealed down this place. It may trap normal Heaven's Favorites, but how can it stop him?
As for the hundreds of Heaven's Favorites behind him… true, their power cannot be ignored. But to Ling Xian, what were they?
Remember that he was undefeatable at the original level!
The word undefeatable cannot be overtaken just by more number.
Therefore, Ling Xian couldn't help but laugh and shake his head.
This made the man in silver's eyes turn cold, "What are you smiling at? You are a fish in a net, killing you is easy to me."
"I should be the one saying that." Ling Xian glared at the young man. He didn't think this person was this stupid.
"You ant, you have been sealed by me and you dare to talk to me like this?" The man in silver coldly laughed and glanced over at Le Wu Xia and the other three. "So what you are powerhouses? Today, you are all going to be rocks I step on!"
Then, he suddenly discovered that Le Wu Xia and the other three were staring at him like he was a moron.
Ling Xian did so himself. He was now too lazy to talk to this guy. He flapped his sleeve and got rid of the seal that inhibited him. Then, he casually walked to the side and made a cold statement.
"Don't provoke me. Or else, I will kill without exception."
After those words, the temperature dropped down to below zero.
Everyone felt the breeze of the cold wind that shot up to their brain from their feet. They felt like they were in hell.
However, the man in silver was furious. From Ling Xian's casual attitude, he felt true carelessness. This feeling infuriated him!
"You ant who overestimate yourself! Just because you can break my seal doesn't mean you can think nothing of me. I am going to kill you. It will be as easy as stomping on an ant."
The young man snickered. Other than killer's intent on his face, there was also confidence.
This confidence, in Ling Xian's eyes, was laughable.
Therefore, he said, "You can go ahead and try. But I suggest you don't bother me."
"You ant, I am going to send you on your way now!"
The young man was unwelcoming as he waved around his hand, "Kill him first!"
At those words, the hundreds of Heaven's Favorites all moved in unison. Shots of spiritual energy lifted and shocked everything in all four directions!
This made the normal Heaven's Favorites look worried.
After all, there were far too many of them – at least hundreds. Who could stop all of them solo?
The Goddess of Battles and Huang Jiu Ge were not worried. Because they knew just how capable Ling Xian was.
As for Le Wu Xia and the others, they all had a look like they were going to enjoy the show. They had no intention of joining.
"Haha, enjoy death!"
The young man laughed out loud. Other than pride on his face, there was disdain.
The other Heaven's Favorites all did the same thing. They had a look like they were playing cat and mouse as they walked over to Ling Xian.
"You are extremely stupid."
Ling Xian's expression dropped. "I am going to say it one more time. Get the f!ck out of my way. Or else be responsible for what happens to you."
"You enduring up till now means I have to admit that you are calm. But it is useless. Before true capability, you can only get squashed!"
The young man confidently smiled, his eyes were teasing.
"You are completely right."
Ling Xian glared at him. "Before true capabilities, numbers mean nothing. I represent capability."
"Haha, that is the funniest joke I've never heard. You may be strong, but I do not believe you can defeat hundreds of Heavens Favorites!"
The young man laughed out loud with disdain and mockery.
"Then come at me."
Ling Xian said calmly. His hands were behind his back. His collected manner was truly attention snatching.
However, the young man was burning in anger as he shouted, "Kill him!"
At those words, hundreds of Heaven's Favorites made their moves. Gushes of Qi shot through the sky and dispersed the clouds.
All of them were Heaven's Favorites and even though they were not top of the pack, when attacking together, they remained extremely powerful. It was almost enough to kill an original!
However, Ling Xian remained calm. As he stared at the army of Heaven's Favorites who were coming at him with fury, he uttered out one cold statement.
"Whoever gets in my way dies."
The next second, his foot stomped down and at once, the ground cracked, rocks came flying, and the clouds crumbled!
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