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Ling Xian was wearing a robe as white as snow and his black hair danced in the wind. He stood with his hands behind his back on top of the Cauldron of Mountain and River, looking undefeatable.
Especially under the accent of the Sun, he looked even more out of the world. His gaze glanced over the world and suppressed all nine levels of Heaven and all 10 levels of Hell.
Below the Cauldron of Mountain and River, the Demonic Fairy, Song Li, and Han Jian Xue were looking pale and were puking fresh blood. Even their foreheads were sweating.
They gritted their teeth and used all their strength to emit a thin layer of Qi to try and struggle out of the suppression.
Ling Xian responded by merely using the strength in his feet. First of all, his spiritual energy was superior compared to the others. Second of all, the Cauldron of Mountain and River was far too dominating.
It was known to be able to quake the world and crush the moon. It has an extremely strong sealing ability that can lock down anything in the world.
Therefore, no matter how hard the three resisted, it was all useless as they were slammed and locked down by the Cauldron of Mountain and River.
In other words, the three of them were being suppressed by Ling Xian!
This scene shocked everyone!
All eyes were fixated on the proud looking silhouette with shock on their faces. In the next second, everyone gasped a cold breath of air.
"Defeated. Three Heaven's Favorites have fought together but lost to this person!"
"He is far too powerful. Just who is he? Is he one of the legendary sage bodies? How can he be this overpowering?"
"This is insane. To suppress three Heaven's Favorites by himself makes him undefeatable in his own generation!
"In this entire world, so few people can even win against one of them, yet he defeated all three? That person has defied the heavens!"
Everyone chimed in. There was only shock in their voices.
Remember that the Demonic Fairy and the others were all top-notch Heaven's Favorites with extremely insane capabilities. Yet their alliance resulted in being suppressed by Ling Xian alone. This was unbelievable thus nobody believed this!
But reality was so.
Therefore, why wouldn't everyone be astonished?
To defeat three powerful beings alone sounds like such a dream and so unreal. But reality was right before their faces. Even if they didn't want to accept it, they have to!
"What a great heaven-defying monster. This makes him undefeatable."
Someone said something that triggered a reaction from the crowd.
They all felt like an undefeatable star was rising and was rising in a dominating and insane way. He was emitting a blinding amount of light.
Even the Goddess of Battles was now bright-eyed and a turmoil was forming in her heart.
At this moment, she was finally certain that Ling Xian's Qi had successfully transformed. Plus, even his soul had reached the peak of the original level!
Only so was he able to be so aggressively defeat everyone!

"Ehem, ehem, I have lost. How can I lose…"
Song Li was puking out much blood. He was acting as if he had lost his soul.
Han Jiang Xue reacted the same.
They were both top Heaven's Favorites from their respective continent. They grew up with attention and have never had obstacles while cultivating. They had formed the undefeatable mentality a long time ago and truly believed that they were the strongest and could win against all enemies!
Yet at this moment, they have been defeated by Ling Xian. And also under the circumstance that they were fighting together. This made them feel humiliated and also was a strike to their ego. Their belief system has been crushed.
Therefore, the two of them were acting as if they had lost their soul and were now a walking corpse.
Only the Demonic Fairy was okay.
Numerous years ago, she was defeated by Ling Xian once and thus was mentally prepared. To lose again didn't impact her much.
All she felt was how shocking Ling Xian was. Of course, and the determination to get up to his level!
"I cannot believe that after these years, I have lost to you again." Qin Yan Ge's face was white and blood was forming by her lips.
The Cauldron of Mountain and River's pressure was not something one can easily defy. Even as a top-notch Heaven's Favorite, her blood boiled and she looked like a mess.
"Last time you lost because you asked for it. Today it is the same."
Ling Xian shook his head. "I look forward to defeating you again next time."
Hearing this, the Demonic Fairy glared at him, "You are letting me go? Were you planning on killing us here?"
"You dared to attack me. You should've thought of the consequences," Ling Xian teased.
"Hmph, I never planned on killing you. I simply wanted to battle." Qin Yan Ge hissed.
"We can battle but there was no need to join someone else's ship."
Ling Xian continued to tease but his smile was disappearing. He looked over to Song Li and Han Jiang Xue and said, "Stand up. We don't have much hatred between us and I am too lazy to kill you. I just hope you behave well later."
Then, he landed softly on the ground, the Cauldron of Mountain and River disappeared alongside him.
At once, the pressure everyone felt lifted. All three exhaled deeply.
Then, Song Li and Han Jiang Xue looked at Ling Xian with a complexed stare. There was shock, terror, also fury. But more than all those, bitterness.
They finally recognize that Ling Xian's capability was not something they could compare to!
As much as they felt like they were a joke, they were full of bitterness.
Therefore, both of them all gave up the little things that had caused friction between them. First of all, it was all so unnecessary. Second of all, they didn't dare to hold grudges anymore.
They know very well that they are no opponents of Ling Xian's. If they are too stubborn and hold onto this, then they will definitely get killed!
"Don't you worry. I, Song Li, will not cause you anymore trouble."
Sighing, Song Li seemed to have aged a few decades. His originally bright eyes dimmed.
Han Jiang Xue did the same.
Her face was bitter and was not glowing like before – no longer confident and beautiful.
Then, the two very harmoniously turned around. Their footsteps were slow, making everyone feel bad.
Without a doubt, these two have been horribly struck by Ling Xian. At the very least, their undefeatable mentality was barely holding on.
To anyone, having a belief system was important. If someone lose themselves due to something, then that person basically becomes a handicap.
"I hope you two can get out of the shadow of failure."
Staring at the two's fatigued silhouettes, Ling Xian shook his head but he didn't stop them.
He merely had some issues with them but were not mortal enemies. These two have been defeated by him and basically were better dead than alive.
Therefore, he had no reason to kill just to kill.
Of course, if those two still dare to offend him later, he will not act kindly. Honestly speaking, after his transformed Qi, he truly didn't give a cr*p about those two!
"I cannot believe that after all these years, I still cannot win against you," Qin Yan Ge said dimly.
"Then you will have to continue working hard. I will give you the chance to surpass me. It's up to you whether or not you have the ability to."
Ling Xian smiled. Too lazy to pay any more attention to the Demonic Fairy. He looked over to the few treasures.
The battle that happened just now was far too attention snatching, which is why the crowd didn't try to take the treasures. However, when Ling Xian's gaze went towards the treasures, the crowd had their realization and all headed towards the treasure!
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