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In midair, Ling Xian acted like a giant roc and was fighting against three powerhouses by himself!
He used his Flame of Purity to fend against the Flame of Nan Ming Li; called out to his Heaven Shadowing Palm to fight against the Stormy and Snowy World; finally, he summoned his Eyes of Execution to defend against the Disorder of Yin and Yang.
This scene shocked everyone.
They couldn't believe Ling Xian had a Godly Flame, a guiding law and the Inner Eyes. They also didn't expect his capability to be so insane. To be fighting solo against three top-notch Heaven's Favorites and he wasn't even losing!
"What a powerful person. What a heaven-defying cultivator."
"The Flame of Purity, the Heaven Shadowing Palm, as well as the Eyes of Execution… to possess any one of them would be a great blessing. Yet this person has all three."
"Demonic. This is unbelievable."
Everyone chimed in. Their tones were of shock and of admiration.
These three things were extraordinary. To possess just one of them was already a great fortune. Yet Ling Xian had three. Why wouldn't everyone be stunned? Why wouldn't everyone be envious?
Han Jiang Xue and Song Li did not expect Ling Xian to have something similar to what they had and they couldn't believe he was using them against them.
From a certain degree, this was a form of taunting. Under this circumstance, if they lose, then it would be greatly humiliating.
Therefore, both of them made their moves crazily and their every movement shocked everything around them!
The Demonic Fairy did the same. Yin and Yang were rising around her body, forming into the legendary Indestructible Physique of Yin and Yang. It had enough power to make the world quake!
"After so many years, your Indestructible Physique of Yin and Yang has turned even more powerful. However, it's not like I have been staying put in one place."
Ling Xian spoke slowly and summoned his own indestructible physique to fight against the Demonic Fairy. The clash exploded with terrifying waves that crushed through space.
Then, he pointed out with his index finger. The giant palm behind him pulsed rhythmically and slammed into Han Jiang Xue.
At the same time, the Flame of Purity burned out furiously. Now, things have turned into a stalemate against the Flame of Nan Ming Li. Ling Xian wasn't winning.
After all, the Flame of Purity isn't known for its high temperature and thus couldn't compete against the Flame of Nan Ming Li.
But overall, Ling Xian wasn't losing. He was fighting against three top talents by himself. Defying both heaven and hell!
After rounds of loud rumbling, the three all made their moves aggressively. All of them were almighty and had seemingly limitless amount of tricks up their sleeves.
They were all top notch Heaven's Favorites with terrifying capabilities. All of them were terrifying figures who make their opponents hopeless!

How few people would be able to stop them given their alliance?
Yet, Ling Xian had stopped them.
He was acting like the God of Battles had descended and was making moves that were undefeatable.
He was fighting against three powerful cultivators by himself. Everything he did displayed his demeanor!
"The Chains of Dao, suppress!"
Han Jiang Xue was now furious. Her hands formed into a seal and the God gifted light sprayed around. Two black chains lashed out in lightning speed, exuding with fury that tumbled in the sky!
This was her Heaven gifted technique, the Chains of Dao. It had the power to seal everything.
Currently, she was doing everything she could. Her stance made it seem like she could lock down all nine levels of Heaven and all 10 levels of Hell and stunt all living beings!
This froze Ling Xian's expression. He used his Disorder Conquering Fists, which clashed against the Chains of Dao!
The wind blew and the clouds emerged, the entire world shook, exploding with extremely terrorizing pulses that toiled everything.
While the Chains of Dao were dominating, they couldn't stop the Disorder Conquering Fists. They were smashed into pieces at once.
The next second, Han Jiang Xue's lips began to show signs of bleeding. Her face turned darker and darker.
"The Yin Yang Seal!"
The Demonic Fairy shouted. Qi in the color of black and white roared out of her and transformed into the Sun and the Moon. Then, they formed into a Tai Chi board with the prowess to destruct everything.
"I have defeated that attack many years ago."
Ling Xian said emotionlessly. He flew towards her, his hands carrying the Disorder Conquering Fists and they stopped the Tai Chi Board.
"The Burning of Wasteland!"
Song Li's hair was now in a disarray as his two hands formed into a seal. He had displayed the most powerful technique he knew using the Flame of Nan Ming Li. At once, fire fueled the sky, forming into a giant stove that was trying to melt Ling Xian.
However, Ling Xian had nothing to fear.
His eyes flickered. The Armor of Royal Spirits and the Winged Blitz began to form a layer of light that stopped the flames from getting closer to him.
"I sure want to see how long you can endure this!"
Song Li was unwelcoming as he continued to manipulate the Flame of Nan Ming Li. The insane temperature changed the color on everyone's face.
However, Ling Xian remained calm. The gold light around him continued to shin like a Buddha, impossible to be destroyed, impossible to diminish.
Song Li made yet another move. This time, he flew over like a fairy and seven silhouettes appeared behind his back. Every single one of the silhouettes had formed a hand seal that was emitting extremely terrifying vibrations.
In the next second, all seven techniques were being unleashed. This was truly a powerful technique!
This was the power of the Demonic Fairy. One attack from her equaled seven different techniques. Who in the world can compare?
However, Ling Xian defended against them.
He stood unmoving like a mountain. His two hands moved around and his peaking spiritual energy howled out of him and blocked the Demonic Fairy's seven techniques.
This stunned the crowd. They felt powerless. He used his spiritual alone to stop seven powerful techniques. Just how strong is he?
In the entire world, how many people of his own generation can do that?
"Spear of Guilt, kill him!"
Han Jiang Xue used her all. Another gifted technique was born. A long gold spear slashed across the sky carrying enough energy to destroy all enemies.
However, Ling Xian stopped it again.
His right hand was the Disorder Conquering Fist and it was shining brightly with heavenly light. It was simple but undefeatable!
The heavenly light was pouring. Everyone could hazily see a fist stopping the aggressive spear!
At this moment, everyone had become truly stunned!
They stared at the shadow in the sky, who was standing proudly, with overwhelm in their eyes.
These were three top Heaven's Favorites. An alliance? Even if they attacked alone, very few can fight against them. Yet now, the three people's alliance was being stopped by Ling Xian himself. This was unbelievable!
Though the battle time is short and the result is hard to predict. At the very least, he wasn't lose nor was he hiding.
He fought head on aggressively to fight against three top Heaven's Favorites alone!
This fight alone is enough to stun everyone and startle the world!
Therefore, the crowd was in astonishment. They looked at Ling Xian with shock in their face and felt like an undefeatable star was rising higher and higher and will soon shine upon the world with extremely bright light!
An infinite amount of heavenly light shot through the cloud. Terrifying Qi swirled, drowning out the battleground and emitting an unimaginable amount of vibrations.
The three top-notch Heaven's Favorites all made their moves. Ling Xian stood unmoving in the sky and allowed the three Heaven's Favorites attack him.
All six transformative qualities danced around him as he struck against them. The sky crumbled and the earth split, proving his weapons' sharpness.
The Disorder Conquering Fists exploded with light in his hand and undefeatable energy poured out with the intention to rule the world.
A legend that belonged to Ling Xian was happening right now!

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