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The black water boiled, the giant waves shocked the heavens.
At the deep end of the sea, a wrecked and ancient ship was suspended there. Its materials have already been eaten up by the sea water and was emitting an ageless amount of vicissitudes.
On top of the ship were various silhouettes that walked by, as if searching for something valuable.
"This ship… appears to be the military Ship of Breakage."
Looking at the wrecked ship, Ling Xian sighed. "It looks like the war back then was a painful one. Or else this Ship of Breakage wouldn't be so wrecked."
"That's true." Huang Jiu Ge chimed in.
"Let's go and check out whether or not there are treasures left behind." Ling Xian smiled and walked over.
As he marched on, the sea water eroded stronger and stronger, as if hidden with terrifying power. However, he used his own Qi to split it in half and not a single drop landed on him.
This attracted everyone's attention. Everyone's eyes carried awe.
"It's you?"
A soft chuckle appeared before it turned into a guffaw.
"Haha, Heaven's built you a path but you refuse to walk it. There isn't a door to hell yet you chose to come. I have been searching for you for a long time."
Nan Gong Huai Yu's silhouette appeared before Ling Xian. There was mockery and coldness on his handsome face.
The battle that occurred previously lost him much face. Though he didn't lose to Ling Xian, he had much hatred.
"It's you…"
Ling Xian was a little startled as he shook his head and smiled, "What a coincidence it is to run into you."
"I like this coincidence."
Nan Gong Huai Yu coldly snickered, "Now, I can kill you."
"You couldn't kill me last time, this time, you still cannot kill me." Ling Xian smiled. He was all sorts of calm and collected.
Before his spiritual energy awakened, he was already unafraid of Nan Gong Huai Yu. Today, his Qi has awakened and his battling abilities increased significantly, naturally he is now even less afraid.
"You were lucky to get away last time. Today, I am going to make your blood splatter."
Nan Gong Huai Yu smiled proudly. His disdain stance made it seem to everyone like he didn't thinking anything of Ling Xian.
He was a top Heaven's Favorite from Huang Zhou and he's never lost a battle and was named undefeatable amongst his own generation. Therefore, he had the undefeatable mentality and was certain that he can defeat Ling Xian.
"You sure are confident."
Ling Xian's expression turned cold, "I wonder how you will feel the moment you lose to me."
"Haha, you are overthinking it."
Nan Gong Huai Yu laughed out loud. His long sword was then unleashed and pointed directly at Ling Xian.
"There is no way that I will lose. The only possibility here is my opponent getting defeated."
After those words, many people from Huang Zhou chimed in. They all thought highly of Nan Gong Huai Yu and all talked down on Ling Xian.
"Haha, exactly. Why doesn't he take a look at himself? How does he provoke Nan Gong Huai Yu?"

"He truly is overestimating himself. Nan Gong Huai Yu is one of the top Heaven's Favorites. Though he isn't the strongest, he is close to it."
"Exactly, he has never lost. That man is seeking death."
Listening to the discussions around him made Nan Gong Huai Yu laughed, "If you admit defeat and ka'tow to me three times, I will consider sparing your life."
"That is a statement I will make to you after I defeat you."
Ling Xian's expression was cold. "I want to see how you choose when the time comes."
"You [email protected]! Qinghong Sword, kill him!"
Nan Gong Huai Yu smirked. His long sword began to spit light the colors of the rainbow. At once, sword rays rushed over. Killer's intent filled the air and revealed their deadliness!
He used all his strength for this strike. It forced the crowd to exclaim in shock and the color on their faces changed!
Ling Xian remained calm without movement.
Normally, he would have to treat this seriously. But today, he didn't think too much of it.
His Qi swirled throughout the air, causing the sea to toss and turn. Ling Xian's eyes sparkled. After such a long time, the Eyes of Execution once again greeted the world!
After a loud rumble, the Sword of Execution revealed itself and immediately broke Nan Gong Huai Yu's attack!
"Spiritual energy?"
Nan Gong Huai Yu's face changed color. He remembered clearly that Ling Xian had no Qi. But right now, spiritual energy was swirling all around him at the peak of the original level. What did this indicate?
Could it be…
Nan Gong Huai Yu had a speculation. But he quickly denied it. It wasn't that it's not possible, it's that he didn't want to believe.
Because that kind of turn of event is something not even a genius like him has seen!
"Are you surprised? I never claimed I have no spiritual energy. It was merely dormant."
Ling Xian smiled, but soon it disappeared into coldness.
Simultaneously, he swung his sword and red sword rays splattered around alongside Qi from the peak of the original level!
This once again changed Nan Gong Huai Yu's expression. His sword swirled, sharp as ever!
Dong, dong, dong!
After a series of sounds of metals meeting each other, all the sword rays disappeared. However, everyone could see that the sword rays from Ling Xian's sword was far more powerful than Nan Gong Huai Yu's.
"Nan Gong Huai Yu, today is the day you die!"
Ling Xian attacked aggressively as the Sword of Extinction's energy broke the sky. Every attack of his resulted in Nan Gong Huai Yu retreating.
Everyone who was watching was stunned. Nan Gong Huai Yu was full of shock. He could not believe that his offensive abilities lacked next to Ling Xian's.
Ling Xian screamed. The Halberd of the Divine Warrior appeared in his right hand. He used it with the intention to sweep away a thousand men army!
The black sea boiled, generating angry waves that were as high as the sky!
At once, Nan Gong Huai Yu's pupils restricted. No longer as calm as before, the emotion that replaced it was disbelief. At this moment, he was finally certain that Ling Xian was stronger than him.
It was obvious what this indicated.
Nan Gong Huai Yu's expression was dim and he didn't dare to be reckless. His heavenly sword swung across, tore open the sky and headed towards Ling Xian.
"Heaven Breaking Slice!"
"It's a dominating name. Sadly, you cannot break the sky."
Ling Xian spoke coldly and both of his weapons began to quake with an unimaginable amount of power. They diminished the sword rays. At the same time, the Burnished Mirror of Spirituality suspended above his head and shot out heavenly light that knocked out Nan Gong Huai Yu.
After puking out a mouthful of fresh blood, Nan Gong Huai Yu screamed angrily into the wind. Sword rays left from all around him with every single strike strong enough to hurt the sky!
He was definitely powerful, but the metamorphosed Ling Xian was even more capable!
His spiritual energy was already stronger than Nan Gong Huai Yu's. That plus the three weapons he had made him impossible to defeat!
Ling Xian's eyes shot out cold electricity and his black hair danced in the wind. The Winged Blitz, the Armor of Royal Spirits, and the Zither of the Crouching Dragon all appeared. These transformative qualities combined with the three heavenly weapons quickly destroyed Nan Gong Huai Yu's attack.
At the same time, it knocked out Nan Gong Huai Yu.
This infuriated Nan Gong Huai Yu. He exploded with an even more powerful burst of Qi in an attempt to compete against Ling Xian.
However, every single one of his attempts resulted in him bleeding in the mouth and retreating.
Everyone who was watching the battle widened their eyes in pure astonishment!
Not even in their dreams did they think that the top notch Heaven's Favorite of Huang Zhou would be at a disadvantage. He was being suppressed down without any hope of turning this around!

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