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At the mouth of the volcano, the lady in green had a look of awe. She didn't expect Ling Xian to be able to chase away the real phoenix's fire without getting wounded.
She originally thought that with Ling Xian's capability, the moment he got close to the volcano, he would be burned to ashes without any chance of survival.
However, not only did he not die, he had safely entered the volcano. Why wouldn't she be astounded?
It could be said that this defeated her negativity and her belief!
The impact from this was extreme. The woman felt waves of emotions and shock in her heart. At the same time, she felt like she had been slapped in the face and her cheek was burning.
Yet she couldn't resist.
This feeling was complex and absolutely sh!tty.
"The Fire Taming Pearl and the Frozen Lotus… no wonder he could enter peacefully. Why didn't I look carefully? If I had taken away those treasures, there would've been no way for him to get to the Nirvana Fountain."
The woman in green sighed, finding it hard to conceal her shock.
The Fire Taming Pearl and the Frozen Lotus were both treasures that could defend against fire. To put it simply, they cannot resist the invasion of the real phoenix's fire alone. But when the two support each other, their abilities don't just add up like 1 plus 1.
Their abilities multiple!
Therefore, the woman understood how Ling Xian was able to enter the bottom of the volcano with these two treasures.
"You are lucky to have two treasures that fend off fire."
The woman played with her bangs, "Oh well, since you entered, then it's God's will. I will not stop you."
Then, she also hopped into the volcano to go after Ling Xian.
As she entered the burning volcano, an unbelievable scene happened. Heavenly light swirled around her body, forcing the terrifying flames to retreat as she moved around unharmed.
Anyone who sees this would be wide-eyed and choke with shock!
Remember that this is the fire from a real phoenix. Even for someone as strong as Ling Xian, supporting treasures were needed. Yet the woman was able to use her own Qi.
Just how terrifying was her capability?
Just as the woman entered the volcano, Ling Xian and Huang Jiu Ge had already arrived at the bottom of it. Under the protection of the two treasures, they remained unharmed.
However, the Fire Taming Pearl was full of cracks now. He also only had one Frozen Lotus left.
Ling Xian didn't feel any heart ache over this. Because he was finally seeing the Nirvana Fountain of Real Phoenixes.
At a spot not far from him was a two by two fountain. Inside flowed fresh red blood that was fueled with liveliness. Above the fountain was a miniature silhouette of a phoenix. It was swimming in the air, acting strange and heavenly.
It was the legendary Nirvana Fountain of Real Phoenixes!
It was one of the heavenly places. As seen, it was also a treasure that all living beings lusted after!
Especially to Ling Xian, this was his only hope. It could transform his Qi and increase his capabilities greatly!

Therefore, the moment he saw the burning red fountain, his eyes flooded with excitement!
He had found it!
The hope he had longed for for so long finally appeared before him!
"Haha, great! The Nirvana Fountain, I am finally seeing you!"
Ling Xian laughed out loud, his voice echoed throughout with joy and exhilaration.
He had searched for years for this. Though he cannot describe his journey as treacherous, it was not without difficulty. Now that he has finally found it, of course he was excited.
Huang Jiu Ge felt the same way.
Only after some time was Ling Xian able to repress all the emotions he was feeling. He smiled, "Jiu Ge, we finally found it."
"Yes, I can feel it. This is the real Nirvana Fountain. The blood inside is very pure. It can metamorphose me into a pure-blooded phoenix."
Huang Jiu Ge appeared extremely happy. She couldn't wait to jump into it and begin her metamorphosis.
"I am also certain it can transform my Qi."
The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up, "Let's go together."
Then, he marched forward in giant steps with excitement.
The moment he entered the fountain, he immediately felt life returning to him. The long-dormant spiritual energy was showing signs of awakening!
This made him extremely happy. Even if these were merely signs of his awakening, it was enough to prove how this Nirvana Fountain can truly transform his spiritual energy.
But soon, he felt troubled.
If he continues using the Pearl of Avoidance and the Frozen Lotus, then he cannot absorb the essence of the real phoenix's blood. But if he stops the use of the two objects, then the terrifying flames will attack again.
"This truly is troublesome."
Ling Xian softly sighed. He cannot believe that he was in trouble even after he entered the fountain.
However, this was a great deal so he cannot give up no matter what. Therefore, he gritted his teeth and put the Pearl and Lotus back into his storage pouch.
At once, the real phoenix's flames attacked again like giant endless waves. The flames could evaporate an ocean and burn all to ashes.
Ling Xian's body was also now bright red. The excruciating burning pain twisted his facial expression and sweat dripped down.
However, he continued to clench his teeth and he refused to give up!
The cultivation journey is treacherous and difficult. If he cannot endure this pain, what right did he have to seek immortality?
"Ah, endure!"
Screaming, Ling Xian gritted his teeth and allowed the flames to engulf him. But at the same time, the blood of the phoenix also entered his body.
Just then, an unspeakable gush of liveliness washed over his organs and meridians. He expressed signs of enjoyment and the pain seemed to be lessening.
"The Nirvana Fountain sure is full of vitality!"
Ling Xian was shocked. Especially after sensing the restoration of his spiritual energy, his belief in the Nirvana Fountain was confirmed yet again.
Therefore, he calmed himself down and sat down in a lotus position. As he defended against the phoenix's fire, he absorbed the phoenix's liveliness.
Huang Jiu Ge did the same.
Because she was already a halfblooded phoenix, the pain she felt was much less and she could endure it.
Ling Xian, however, was suffering.
All the water in his body had evaporated and his muscles were showing signs of cracking. If his physique wasn't so strong and if the phoenix's blood wasn't nourishing him, he would be in ashes right now.
"Endure, you have to endure!"
Under the excruciating pain, Ling Xian's face was now twisted and sweat rolled down his face. However, to awaken his Qi, to compete with other Heaven's Favorites, he clenched his teeth and he looked determined.
If he can endure this, he will metamorphose and get stronger!
Then, he will be at the peak of the original level and defeat everyone in his own generation!
Therefore, Ling Xian clenched his teeth and allowed the flames to attack him and tear him into pieces. He stood unmoving like a mountain.
There was only one thought in his mind, to endure!
No matter what, he had to push through this. Only so, will he be on his way to the top!
Just like that, Ling Xian believed in his resolve and allowed the fire to burn his body. He was inching closer and closer to the peak of the original level.

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