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Before the volcano, the lady in green had a cold look on her face. Killer's intent dissipated throughout the place.
Ling Xian softly sighed at this and explained, "I hope you can forgive me. I really need the Nirvana Fountain."
"I know you here for the Nirvana Fountain. However, why would I grant you what you want?"
The lady in green raised an eyebrow, "To not subject you to punishment for disturbing me is a favor to Sister Yu. Don't take it too far."
Ling Xian bitterly chuckled. He now knows why the Place of Heaven's Favorites would make this place the Third Prohibited Area. With such a goddess here, it deserved this name.
"You know what… my mood is good right now. Take the chance to disappear before my eyes. Or else I will make you leave this place."
The woman in green had a cold expression on her face. The way she breathed was even more cold and terrifying.
However, Ling Xian's gaze was determined and he never showed fear.
The Nirvana Fountain was his only hope and it was hard for him to find it. How can he just give it up now? If he misses it, he may never restore his spiritual energy.
He rather put up a fight now.
Therefore, Ling Xian's expression was steady and he said in a low voice, "I am sorry. Forgive me for not complying."
Then, he flapped his sleeve, displaying every single notable treasure he had in his storage pouch. Even the pages from the Divine Book of Genesis was taken out by him.
At once, the sky was dyed into different colors. These treasures called out and resonated with each other. It was dreamlike.
All of these were fortunes he collected over the years. Without exception, they were valuable treasures!
Amongst them were immeasurable treasures!
Anyone who sees this would go crazy. Even those from the fifth level would want to steal them!
What could they do? These treasures were far too valuable.
Ignoring the Divine Book of Genesis – the other treasures were enough to waver the heart of any spiritual being!
"Interesting. You sure are rich."
The woman in green looked at Ling Xian in shock, "I don't think even those from the fifth level have as many treasures as you."
"If you allow me to go into the Nirvana Fountain, I will let you pick whatever you want from this pile. Even if you want to take them all, I will not say no."
Ling Xian offered, his expression stern.
The Nirvana Fountain was far too important. Even if he gives up all he has, he has to get in!
"You sure are gutsy. Taking out so many treasures… aren't you afraid I would attack and steal?"
The woman in green played with her bangs and teased, "If I decide to attack, you cannot defend against a single move of mine."
"Like you said, I cannot defend against a single move. Therefore, how can I say no if you have those thoughts?"
Ling Xian smiled. He knew very well that if this woman had the intention to hurt him, she would've done it a long time ago. She wouldn't have waited until now.

Therefore, he wasn't afraid of the woman being greedy.
"You sure are interesting." The woman in green laughed.
"I truly need the Nirvana Fountain. So I am very serious about making a deal with you. I want to trade these treasures for the chance to enter the Nirvana Fountain." Ling Xian full-heartedly explained.
"Your treasures are great. Sadly, they are useless to me."
The woman appeared teasing, "However, since you've met Sister Yu, and since you are so determined and brave, I can let you enter."
"You mean that?" Ling Xian's eyes exploded with color and heat.
"I never lie."
The woman continued to tease, "However, whether or not you can enter, whether or not you can come out alive, is up to you."
"What do you mean by this?" Ling Xian frowned, noticing the meaningfulness from her words.
"You'll find out once you go in."
The corner of the woman's lips curled up, "Don't blame me for not warning you. It's better for you to give up now. Or else your life will be in danger."
"No matter what, I want to try."
Ling Xian's expression was determined. Perhaps the Nirvana Fountain exists much risks and danger, but it remains his only source of hope and he wanted to take it till the end.
Now that he was merely a step away from it, how can he give up? Even if it is full of danger, he had to go and risk it!
"You sure are brave. Sadly, you don't have the capability."
The woman snickered. There was no taunt in her tone, but she was confident.
Ling Xian smiled and didn't say anymore.
Seeing this, the woman smirked again, "At the bottom of the volcano is the Nirvana Fountain you are looking for. If you have the guts, then go."
"Thank you."
Ling Xian paid his respect and rolled up his sleeves. He placed the treasures into his storage pouch and headed to the opening of the volcano.
He knows that there exists the Nirvana Fountain he has been dreaming about!
Therefore, every step he took, his excitement intensified.
Huang Jiu Ge followed behind him excitedly.
After some time, Ling Xian finally arrived at the mouth of the volcano. Now that he was there, he realized why the woman was so certain.
All because the temperature there was far too terrifying. Even Ling Xian found it hard to endure.
This was merely at the mouth of it. Once he enters, just how horrifying will it get!
"No wonder she said I have no capability. I truly have overlooked the flame of a real phoenix."
Ling Xian softly sighed, understanding why this flame would be burning with such terrifying temperature. This is all because there is a Nirvana Fountain inside.
To know that a real phoenix's flame is named one of the most terrifying flames in the world. It is more terrifying than most Godly Fires. This fire is generated from blood after all.
In other words, the Nirvana Fountain is full of this type of flame. Normal people would be charred to pieces while still a long distance away.
"Luckily I have the Fire Taming Pearl. Or else I would've embarrassed myself."
Ling Xian smiled, counting himself lucky. Then, he took out his Fire Taming Pearl and hopped in with Huang Jiu Ge.
Instantly, the terrifying temperature attacked him. If he had no protection from this Pearl, he would've been burned to ash already.
What shocked him was that even under the Pearl's protection, he could still feel the astonishing heat. Even his skin was showing signs of redness.
"Such terrifying flame!"
Ling Xian exclaimed. He didn't think even the Fire Taming Pearl cannot fully chase away the flame. But after thinking about it for a while, he thought it made sense.
The Fire Taming Pearl can defend against all fires, but only under the circumstance that the pearl is perfect. The one he has is incomplete and it only had half the power a perfect one has. To not be able to stop all fires was reasonable.
After dropping 50 meters, the Fire Taming Pearl could no longer defend for him. Its surface even began to show cracks. This meant, this imperfect pearl wasn't going to make it.
"Luckily I had encountered three Frozen Lotuses, or else I would be returning disappointed."
Remembering the Frozen Lotuses in his pouch, Ling Xian sighed in relief and he took them out.
At once, the three icy blue Lotuses emitted much coldness. As they chased away the extreme heat, they also took away some of the stress for the Fire Taming Pearl.
The two items supported each other and his overall fire resistant ability exploded!
At once, a clear path appeared before Ling Xian, where not a single flame existed.
This exhilarated him and shocked the woman in green!
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