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The Sun had set; it was night time.
Light red light was shining, brightening up this blooming forest.
At the entrance of the forest, stood a black tombstone where four giant red letters were carved, impossible to miss.
The Third Prohibited Area.
These four characters were bright red, as if written by blood, warning incomers to not step inside.
"The third prohibited area?"
Huang Jiu Ge raised an eyebrow, "Master, does this mean nobody is allowed to enter?"
"Before entering the Palace of Heaven's Favorites, that elder warned me to not step into any prohibited area. This place is probably one of them."
Ling Xian frowned, "The third… could it be, there is also a first, and a second?"
Then, he shook his head. Even if there were, he shouldn't be paying attention to that. He should be focused on the forest.
"This is troublesome. I am certain that this is the place of the real phoenix's blood. But this is the third prohibited area. Its name alone tells me it's an unbelievable place."
Huang Jiu Ge frowned, looking worried.
"Since you are so certain, then no matter what, we will need to get in."
Ling Xian smiled. He didn't have a great feeling about this place, but the Nirvana Fountain was far too important. He had to go in and find out for himself.
Even if the elder had warned him about this place's danger, he had to pay it a visit.
"But, would we be risking our lives?"
Huang Jiu Ge looked confused, "How about this. Master, you wait for me here. I will go investigate a little."
Hearing this, Ling Xian's heart warmed. He knew that Huang Jiu Ge was thinking for him. However, how can he just sit and wait for Huang Jiu Ge to take such a risk?
"You… even if we enter, I should be the one to enter."
Ling Xian smiled. "Let's go together. You have your sense for it, it will be more convenient."
Huang Jiu Ge wanted to say more, but Ling Xian interrupted, "Don't you trust my capability? Even if this place is dangerous, I have the ability to protect myself. Don't worry."
"That's true. You are very strong."
Huang Jiu Ge grinned, picturing the way Ling Xian fought against the other three Heaven's Favorites and was no longer worried.
"Let's go. I sure want to see what kind of things are hidden in this prohibited area."
The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up, "Perhaps the one who stole the Nirvana Fountain doesn't want the incomers to enjoy it and therefore set it up as a prohibited area to scare the incomers. "
Hearing this, Huang Jiu Ge giggled.
Who would be so bored? Even if one doesn't want others to find the Nirvana Fountain, they would simply take it into one's storage pouch instead of leaving it here.
So that possibility was next to impossible.
Ling Xian thought it was funny as well and erased his smile. He knew very well that if this place was labeled as prohibited, this place must be dangerous.
However, the Nirvana Fountain was an important place for him to visit during this trip. There was no way he was going to give it up.

Therefore, Ling Xian marched forward in giant steps and held his head up high. Then, after he entered the forest, he sensed an array.
A very strange and ancient one.
It can't be considered strong because any array master can lift it. But it wasn't exactly weak.
Ling Xian's soul sensed that this array had a special ability, as if it was made to resist something.
"Resist something…"
Ling Xian frowned, knowing that it won't be difficult for him to break this array. What was difficult was what kind of danger he will encounter after breaking it.
However, he had no choice.
Therefore, Ling Xian rolled up his sleeve and lifted the array. Then he moved on.
The moment he stepped into the forest, all the trees around him turned into something different. They all transformed into wooden giants that inched towards Huang Jiu Ge, ready to kill her.
Ling Xian wasn't surprised nor was he flustered.
He stood firmly where he was and used his energy to fend off the giants. However, there were far too many trees here and the giants came endlessly.
All the trees were now giants and naturally there were numerous of them. These giants also had no consciousness and therefore, felt no fear.
Ling Xian felt helpless.
Luckily, these giants weren't that high in cultivation level, all around the completion level. To him, this made them no different than ants. He could kill however many that came his way.
Therefore, Ling Xian used his energy to stop the giants and traveled on with Huang Jiu Ge.
Slowly, the opponents he was up against were no longer giants, but were fairies formed from flowers. Their capability leveled up to the completion level.
The only similarity was that they also had no consciousness. They were turned into fairies by some strange technique.
"Interesting. I wonder what kind of strange technique could transform little things into an army."
As Ling Xian fought off the fairies, he headed towards the center of the forest.
What could they do? While these fairies posed no threats to him, they won in numbers. They were coming in endlessly, extremely troublesome.
If Huang Jiu Ge didn't confirm that they were getting closer to the real phoenix's blood now, Ling Xian wouldn't even want to go any further. But thinking about the Nirvana Fountain gave him strength.
Just like that, Ling Xian was responsible for paving a path while Huang Jiu Ge was responsible for sensing where the blood was. The two of them headed on and were getting closer to their destination.
The enemies they were up against were getting stronger and stronger.
In the end, the enemies had upgraded to the peak of the original level. Even Ling Xian had to treat them cautiously.
He now finally realized why this place was prohibited.
There were far too many enemies who were far too strong. Every flower, every plant, every leaf, and every rock here may turn into an enemy at any given second, delivering a critical attack to any invader.
Luckily, Ling Xian wasn't that weak.
Even though by the end of it, he was fully injured, he remained standing and killed one enemy after another.
This surprised Huang Jiu Ge. Or in other words, the surprised look never left her face.
What could she do? Ling Xian was far too aggressive and far too powerful. If this was anyone else, even another top-notch Heaven's Favorite, would collapse due to a lack of strength.
But he remained standing. As if he had an unlimited source of energy, he was extremely aggressive and brave.
Anyone would be astonished by this.
What could they do? His physique overpowered any other normal person.
"Phew… just when will this end."
A giant that weighed a hundred ton finally collapsed, allowing Ling Xian to breathe. He was starting to look worried.
He questioned that if he continues, he might collapse first and not even see the Nirvana Fountain in person.
"Master, please endure a little longer. I can sense that the fountain is very close!"
Huang Jiu Ge's eyes were heated and very firm.
Hearing this, Ling Xian regained his energy and all his fatigue disappeared.
This made Huang Jiu Ge speechless and she sighed over this. To know that they had encountered countless enemies on the journey here. Anyone else would be exhausted by now.
But what about Ling Xian?
He was as energetic as a tiger. Why wouldn't Huang Jiu Ge be shocked by this?
"The Nirvana Fountain of Real Phoenixes, here I come."
Ling Xian looked forward with much passion.
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