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In the sky, three men and one woman stood tall and heavy like they were mountains.
The man was handsome and the woman was beautiful like a flower. Without exceptions, they were emitting powerful Qi.
At the same time, they were all gawking at Ling Xian, who appeared suddenly.
"You dare to try and steal the Frozen Lotus before me, Bai Yuan. You have some guts," a man with white brows said. His voice was cold enough to freeze all nine levels of Heaven and all 10 levels of Hell.
Everyone else's expression was cold. The way they were looking at Ling Xian was like they were looking at a dead man, "Bai Yuan? Never heard of that name."
Ling Xian shook his head. He tiptoed by the frozen lake in his white gown, looking extraordinary.
He was looking down from above as he faced the four powerhouses' suppressing energy. Despite this, his expression was calm without any sign of stress.
His graceful ways were truly heart-snatching.
"Never hearing about it means you are lonely and out of the loop. Don't worry, as long as you understand my capability."
Ai Yuan said calmly. Like a fighter sitting above all nine levels of sky, he looked down onto the world.
If people from Qing Zhou were here, they would be flustered due to fear. All because Bai Yuan was a top tier Heaven's Favorite from Qing Zhou. Though he wasn't the strongest, he was one of them.
He hasn't lost ever since he began his cultivation journey and he has an honorable reputation!
"I can sense that you are strong. However, you cannot scare me."
Ling Xian said softly. He could feel the powerfulness of everyone else. Or in other words, everyone else here was very strong.
"I never planned to scare you. I plan on killing you."
Bai Yuan flashed another cold snicker. Without another word, he dashed across like lightning. His prowess crushed the space.
"You don't have the ability to."
Ling Xian remained fearless. Gold light was all around him. He raised his hand and threw a punch that crushed against Bai Yuan's!
An infinite amount of heavenly light shot through the sky, terrifying everyone around. Cracks appeared beneath Ling Xian's feet. The space around Bai Yuan also showed inches of cracks!
This strike ended in stalemate!
At once, Bai Yuan retreated three meters away.
Ling Xian took back his fist and his gaze was heavy. He could feel the pulsing strength in Bai Yuan. It was similar to an ancient beast and was on par with the Goddess of Battle's.
In other words, this is a Heaven's Favorite who is at the same level as the Goddess of Battles!
"No wonder you dare to try and take the Frozen Lotus, you have some abilities."
Bai Yuan laughed coldly, "Sadly, you are no opponent of mine."
"You are far too confident." Ling Xian shook his head softly. He admits that Bai Yuan was strong. But he wasn't too weak himself.
"I am confidence because I have the right to be."
Bai Yuan's expression was a proud one. His hands spun in the air and at once, a blood red spear appeared, emitting energy.

The energy that it emitted surrounded not only Ling Xian, but everyone else as well.
Everyone frowned, knowing that Bai Yuan was getting serious.
"A bloody battle caused by the Frozen Lotus. But these three heavenly medicine are worth it for us to attack."
A man in a black robe smiled softly. Two black flames flared from his hands. At once, high temperature filled the air, twisting the image of the space.
Flame of Nan Ming Li!
A type of the Godly Fire, it has the specialty of burning spiritual energy. It is extremely dominating.
Ling Xian frowned slightly, "Can't believe I encountered a Godly Fire… it is also the extremely dominating Flame of Nan Ming Li."
"You have a Godly Fire as well. If I am not wrong, it should be the Flame of Purity that fends off all poison." Song Li chuckled. A desire to battle burned in his eyes.
"Great eye sight."
Ling Xian's expression froze and he looked over to the other two. "It seems like we will engage in a muddy fight today. Since that's the case, then there's no need for you two to hide."
"To try and get the fish in muddy water is unrealistic when it's a fight between Heaven's Favorites."
A man in purple said emotionlessly. "I, Nan Gong Huai Yu, might as well play with you guys."
Then, light began to shine in his right hand. A long black spear appeared. Instantly, killer's intent filled the air and shot through the sky!
"Since we have all decided to be serious, then I, Han Jiang Xue, will accompany you."
The pretty lady's expression was cold. The moment those words dropped, a million snowflakes descended from the sky with the force to seal the world.
A Stormy and Snowy World!
One of the six strongest techniques!
"Han Jiang Xue?"
Ling Xian frowned and remembered Han Qing Xue, the person who tried to kill him but ended up getting killed. The two people shared similar names and even looked similar.
Remembering now what Han Qing Xue said before death about how her sister will be here for the competition, he immediately realized who this girl is.
Without a doubt, she is the sister Han Qing Xue had mentioned.
Ling Xian silently sighed. The world is full of coincidences.
He obviously wasn't dumb enough to tell the woman about killing Han Qing Xue. That would be finding himself trouble and establishing an enemy.
"Haha, I haven't heard of your names. But I know we are all Heaven's Favorites."
Bai Yuan laughed out loud and his long spear pointed at Ling Xian, "However, this person isn't one of us. How about we kill him first before fighting each other?"
Hearing this, Ling Xian's expression darkened. What does he mean he isn't one of us?
He obvious was thinking lowly of Ling Xian!
"I have no objection. You can kill him if you want but I want his Flame of Purity."
Song Li said arrogantly. Black flame flared up and the terrifying temperature twisted the world and the flame was burning through everything.
"Haha, then let's kill this person!"
Bai Yuan laughed out loud and his long spear pointed directly at Ling Xian. There was a careless smile on his lips. There was disdain and a truly lack of concern.
"Very well. Bai Yuan is it? I sure want to see what group you belong to."
Ling Xian's expression was cold and he began to explode with gold light. Like a Buddha in the mortal world, he was impossible to invade.
He stepped out one step and the frozen lake cracked instantly.
"Your physique is truly powerful. Sadly, you, without Qi, cannot be compared to me."
Bai Yuan's expression was arrogant. His long spear pointed right at Ling Xian. His killer's intent seeped and shocked the world!
Terrifying energy roared out. Ling Xian walked forward in giant steps like a beast. The mountains shook and the space cracked.
He didn't want to talk anymore. With one fist, he created giant waves that angered the heavens!
Bai Yuan's spear was startled by this. Instantly, spiritual energy shot across and pierced through space!
After a loud rumble, Ling Xian walked out from the foggy smoke. The hand of breakage howled over, exploding with extreme power.
"Watch me chop off your talon!"
Bai Yuan was arrogant. His long spear, weighing thousands of pounds, slammed out. It was terrifying and unstoppable.
However, Ling Xian stopped it.
Using his bare hands, he stopped it. At the same time, his hands began to clench into fists and they exploded with all their energy to fight off the spear!
Bang, bang, bang!
The spear challenged the moon and the fists struck in all directions. Within seconds, the two parties had exchanged more than 10 rebuttals. Every single encounter forced the space to shake and shocked everyone!
Everyone else frowned as well. Then, they themselves began to attack, initiating a three people fight.
The goal was the Frozen Lotuses.
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