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The Palace of Heaven's Favorites is one of the most mysterious forces in Tianzhou. Nobody knows where it comes from, everyone just knows it is full of talents and very few people dare to provoke it.
The Palace of Heaven's Favorites is also very low key. They never interfere with any of Tianzhou's business. The only thing it is known for is its competition of the Heaven's Favorites that is hosted every hundred years.
Just like its name suggests, it is a competition for the Heaven's Favorites from the younger generation. It is known to be the largest stage of Tianzhou and the competition that all Heaven's Favorites want to go to.
Think about it, if one can stand out amongst everyone else, wouldn't one be known as the number one out of one's own generation? Which Heaven's Favorite didn't want that honor?
Therefore, every time the Palace of Heaven's Favorites activates, all the forces from Tianzhou and inheritors from hidden Clans would gather there. They were there to meet other capable cultivators, and also to try and earn the title of being the strongest.
This time especially, the Palace of Heaven's Favorites was hoping to gather all talents from all continents and be the host of a truly competitive contest.
Think about it, if one can stand out there, then one wouldn't just be Tianzhou's number one, but the world's number one!
Nobody could resist the temptation.
Therefore, after the news circulated, all the talents from the nine continents gathered in the Central Grassland of Tianzhou. Even those from the 36 Islands came.
As time went on, more and more people arrived in Tianzhou. The conversation topics also then transformed from various, different topics to just one.
The Competition of Heaven's Favorites.
Everyone was discussing and also guessing, just who will snatch the number one title. The different underground gambling society had already used this opportunity to make a game out of it.
The number one ranked guess was without a doubt, Le Wu Ya.
Then, the popular guesses were, Goddess of Battles, Su Li Yu, Ye Xiao Yao, Wu Ning Chen, Lin Chen, Lin Ye… other than these talents from Tianzhou, there were also names of Heaven's Favorites from other continents.
Because this competition has grabbed onto everyone's attention, plus, Tianzhou has disabled its protective barrier and was now open to the public, many visitors came to Tianzhou. From their words, people learned of talents outside of Tianzhou.
Such as the number one Heaven's Favorite from Jianzhou, the legendary Han Jiang Xue who was known to be able to cut apart a lake. Legend has it that when this woman was born, many phenomena happened. When she was seven, she successfully cultivated the legendary Heart of the Sword. She was a rare genius with swordplay. One that only appears once every thousand years.
Another example would be the top talent from Xuan Zhou, who was nicknamed to be the coldest figure in 10,000 years. His most achieved record was fighting against five same leveled Heaven's Favorites himself and killing them all!

Other than the famous Heaven's Favorites from each continent, there were also many unfamiliar faces. Though they didn't have renowned names, they were without exception, very powerful!
Based on what people were saying, they should all be the strongest descendants from the hidden families who never appeared before. Now that they were in the face of a gathering, naturally, they all hopped out.
Other than these hidden Clans and talents, there were the powerful figures from all kinds who came as well.
There were the nine sage bodies from the humankind, the royal kinds from the foreign kinds… all sorts of famous abilities have been revealed in the fight to become number one!
Tianzhou became clamorous due to this. Everyone's anticipation was high.
At once, all those who were gambling have made up their minds for who they thought would win and made their bets. Many people gave up all their family's wealth to borrow this opportunity as a way to get rich.
"I bet on Le Wu Ya. Though nobody knows of his fighting record and nobody has seen him fight, I believe in the Heaven's Favorite Monument!"
"Bullsh!t! The Heaven's Favorite Monument isn't about capabilities. Compared to him, I believe more in Su Li Yu. Don't forget, there was a rumor from a while back that he had materialized a sword embryo? When the time comes, I'm sure he will slay all his enemies!"
"A talent who materialized a sword embryo? That's not bad. But I have Fairy Han from Jianzhou who has done that years ago. I don't believe he is good enough to be her opponent!"
"Haha, the names you are mentioning aren't bad. Sadly, none of them are worthy enough to fight against Leng Bi Qing. Don't you know how strong he is? He is like a descended God!"
The gambling grounds of the Central Grassland was so full it was getting troublesome. Everyone there was taking bets and arguing for their picks. They all thought Heaven's Favorites from their home continent was the best, but nobody could convince the other.
One thing, however, was for sure. All of these prominent figures were powerful. Or else nobody would be this confident.
There were more than 200 people on the Heaven's Favorite Betting List at the betting grounds. All of them had many achievements and detailed analysis of them written down. They were all described with many compliments.
Without exception, they were all handpicked out of thousands of Heaven's Favorites with extraordinary abilities. There was money placed on each one of them.
After all, countless people showed up for this competition, at least thousands. To be chosen and placed on this list meant they were extraordinary.
More or less, they had supporters.
However, out of the 200 names, there was one name that had no spiritual stones placed on it. In other words, nobody was betting on this person.
That person was Ling Xian.
The column where his name was was entirely empty. There was no information and no spiritual stones.
Compared to those highly praised and decorated names, his name appeared pitiful. Compared to the names with hundreds and thousands of spiritual stones by their side, his name appeared pathetic.
Everyone who caught sight of it laughed at it before placing bets on someone else.
The other Heaven's Favorites had more and more spiritual stones behind their names but none voted for him.
Slowly, his name had slid down to the last place. Now, nobody was even looking at his name. It was truly getting tragic.
Just then, a round fat man squeezed into the room and waved around the spiritual stone tickets in his hand. He screamed, "Get out of my way! Young master I am going to bet all my wealth today to turn my life around and get rich!"
Then, he continued to squish in until he was sweating.
Sadly, there were far too many people inside. Plus, he was so fat and it wasn't easy to squish in. However, the fat man gritted his teeth and pushed in.
His determined look made others wonder if he was here for a fight or here to make a bet.
Finally, after much struggling, he got to the round table and read over the ear-splitting names and their biography.
"Haha, finally, I am in. I am going to bet on Le Wu Ya, he is going to be number one in the world!"
The fat man laughed and waved around his ticket that represented his spiritual stones. He aimed them at Le Wu Ya.
But it was way too busy in there. Nobody knew what happened but his foot slipped and his arm slid. His money ended up landing on the last ranked Ling Xian.
After a crisp noise, the ticket in the fat man's hand landed on Ling Xian's name. At once, the round table with the names absorbed the ticket.
Then, a heart shrieking cry echoed throughout the gambling ground.
"Son of a b!tch! My spiritual stones!"
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