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Painting of the Nine Immortals 931 Self-Inflicted Slap

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The auction ground was silenced. Everyone subconsciously looked over to Ling Xian with shock and astonishment.
Though offering only one stone sounds so laughable and so little, when this number is linked to the Stone of Phoenix's Blood, it was insane.
That was a highly sought after Stone. When a tiny bit is added to a craftsman's process, it can bring up the craft by several levels. It is extremely difficult to get one's hands on this.
Therefore, everyone was shocked at this. They all unleashed their soul to see just who was rich enough to do this.
Sensing the countless souls, Ling Xian hissed. The enlivener between his brows began to light up and generate a crazy storm that rejected everyone's souls!
An invisible storm erupted, scaring everyone. Those with some capabilities were fine, but those without enough capabilities were now white in the face and there was a trace of blood on their lips.
"How terrifying of a soul!"
Everyone's eyes constricted. Whether or not they deflected this attack, there was awe in their eyes.
Then, they quickly took back their soul and no longer dared to investigate further.
Laughter arose from the seventh level VIP room, "I have no Stone of Phoenix's Blood, but I can offer two Exquisite Pearls."
Everyone was astounded at this.
Exquisite Pearls were extremely high-quality materials that are on par with the Stone of Phoenix's Blood. Therefore, as much as everyone was in awe, they also revealed much interest in the war they were about to see.
"Three Stone of Phoenix's Blood."
Ling Xian spoke. He had to get his hands on the Lock of Eternity. Even if he gives up everything else he has, he has to get this item.
"Four Exquisite Pearls"
The voice from the seventh level rose again. His tone was somewhat teasing.
Ling Xian rose his offer to five.
Almost simultaneously, the voice from the seventh level upped his offer as well. However this time, he wasn't playing like before. He actually sounded cold.
This made everyone realize that these two were now onto each other. A storm was also about to start.
Right after, Ling Xian spoke again, calm as usual.
"Six Stones of Phoenix's Blood."
After those words, the voice from the seventh level spoke again, colder than before.
"Seven Exquisite Pearls."
Hearing this, Ling Xian's expression remained unchanged. Then, he spoke again and raised the price to 10.
Everyone was silent throughout all this.
What the heck!
Just how ham is everyone going?
Everyone was silently cursing. Ten Stones of Phoenix's Blood. That was an astronomical number!
"Interesting. It's been years since anyone has tried to fight me."
A cold sentence left the seventh floor. Then, the door opened and a middle-aged man walked out slowly.
He looked handsome, well-built, and had some grey hairs on his sideburns that added to the depth of his character. His eyes were extremely emotionless, applying pressure to most people.

"It's Fang Bie Chen. He is a powerhouse at the peak of the original level, the Supreme Headmaster of the Yu Xu House!"
"That person is done. Fang Bie Yan Chen has always been aggressive. This person is going up against him for this treasure, he is dead for sure."
"Yeah, ignoring the fact that the House of Yu Xu is behind him, his capability is something normal people cannot defend.
"Hehe, someone who's sitting merely at the fifth level is up against an important figure sitting on the seventh. He is also Fang Bie Chen. This will be fun to watch."
Everyone discussed. They were surprised that it was Fang Bie Chen on one side and they were interested in seeing what will happen next.
"Fang Bie Chen…"
After hearing all the discussions around him, Ling Xian frowned. However, there wasn't much change to his expression.
With his capabilities today, nobody can treat him like a soft persimmon, no matter where he is. Plus, they are at an auction right now, a fair place for a competition of the wealth.
If Fang Bie Chen had ill intentions, then he wouldn't mind. He will teach the man a lesson with his fists.
Therefore, Ling Xian spoke softly.
"If you have the capability, then add to your offer. Don't talk to me in such a threatening matter."
Hearing this, everyone shrieked. They couldn't believe Ling Xian would have the guts to talk to Fang Bie Chen in such a manner.
Fang Bie Chen was a little startled. As the Supreme Headmaster of the Yu Xu House, he has always been the top dog and who dared to talk to him like this?
Afterward, the coldness in his eyes turned even colder, "Well, very well. While I am not the wealthiest person in the world, I can afford 10 Stones of Phoenix's Blood."
Then, Fang Bie Chen's lips curled up. "However, I question whether or not you have such wealth."
"That is not something you should be worried about."
Ling Xian answered gently. As he spoke to Fang Bie Chen, his tone did not contain what everyone thought he would feel, fear. Instead, his tone was completely calm.
"I am sorry, I am a VIP guest at the Auction of a Thousand Treasures. I am fighting against one person for a treasure and I have the right to test out my enemy's wealth."
Fang Bie Chen was full of himself and he looked over to the auctioneer.
At this, the auctioneer smiled apologetically towards Ling Xian, "Sorry, Supreme Headmaster Fang does have the right. It's so we can avoid rival Houses bidding with ill intent."
"What a right." Ling Xian's expression was cold. The temperature around him seemed to have dropped as a result.
The auctioneer's heart froze a bit and he quickly smiled, "Friend, we are merely asking you to show us. You won't lose anything. Plus, nobody would question your wealth after."
"Yeah, just show us. Could it be… you cannot show us?"
"Haha, that is a possibility, he is probably intentionally raising the prices."
"That's right. Do you have the wealth or not? Show us."
Everyone chimed in tauntingly.
Fang Bie Chen, in particular, was looking more and more devious. "if you have the ability, then show us. I do not believe you have 10 Stones of Phoenix's Blood."
Hearing this, Ling Xian began to smile sarcastically and coldly. "Since you are asking for a slap in the face, then I will not shy away from it."
Then, he sent his Stones of Phoenix's Blood to the center of the ground.
At once, an infinite amount of red light shot through the cloud and a blood dyed silhouette of a Phoenix materialized in midair, emitting a shocking amount of heat.
Everyone silenced at this.
Everyone was also astounded. All eyes were fixated on the fist-sized Stone of Phoenix's Blood with awe!
To know that the Stone of Phoenix's Blood was a high-quality stone, even one the size of a thumb is out of the worldly expensive. Yet now the person was showing a fist-sized one. Why wouldn't everyone be shocked?
As much as they were surprised, they also felt like they have been slapped in the face. Their cheeks burned.
A fist-sized Stone of Phoenix's Blood was truly invaluable and was worth more than most people's Clans. How was this man without capability?
Fang Bie Chen in particular, was dim in the face. He felt like Ling Xian had slapped him in the face hard, loudly, and clearly!
Yet he couldn't resist. Because he asked for it himself.

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