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Ling Xian's white robe fluttered in the wind. His expression was calm as his foot stomped into Wang Jun's handsome face. He was like a respectable God who could peer down on all land and look down onto everyone in history.
This scene shocked everyone there!
All eyes fixated onto Ling Xian. There was shock, fear, and fury.
Wang Jun was the strongest descendant of the Wang Clan. Out of the entire Tianzhou, he was a famous Heaven's Favorite. Yet Ling Xian had defeated him. Why wouldn't they be surprised?
What shocked everyone, even more, was the fact that Ling Xian had stepped on Wang Jun's face!
Without a doubt, this was raw humiliation!
Not only was this humiliating to Wang Jun, but it was also humiliating to everyone who once laughed at Ling Xian!
All of these people felt a giant wave of shame and they were all enraged.
Wang Jun, in particular, was furious. As the strongest descendant of the Wang Clan, he has always been above everyone else. Who dares to use this method to humiliate him?
Yet before his eyes, Ling Xian had done it. Why wouldn't he be mad?
Screaming, Wang Jun reacted deliriously. He exploded with a last hurrah of energy in an attempt to kill the person before him.
Against this, Ling Xian merely slapped to push Wang Jun's Qi away. It even forced Wang Jun to puke out some blood.
"Be quiet. Or else I will kill you."
Ling Xian spoke softly. His right foot was still on Wang Jun's face like an immobile mountain. This made Wang Jun even more mad. He screamed into the sky and continuously urged his Qi in an attempt to flip Ling Xian over. However, he failed every attempt.
Ling Xian was like the legendary heavenly mountain that possessed the power of all. The foot that was on top of Wang Jun's face was nailed down and unmovable.
Slowly, Wang Jun gave up. There was no more fury in his eyes and all there was left was useless struggles.
When he remembered how he vowed to step on Ling Xian but how he was the one being stepped on, he felt even more humiliated.
It was as if he had been slapped in the face. His cheek ached.
Everyone else felt the same.
Whether it was that fifth leveled elder in black or those who were shouting about how Wang Jun can defeat Ling Xian easily, they all felt like they have been slapped in the face and they felt humiliated.
Yet they had no reason to resist this.
The reality was right before their eyes. Wang Jun was not at all dominating. On the contrary, he was beneath the foot of someone!
Everyone felt shocked at this and humiliated. Everyone's face was grey as if dead and they looked exhausted.
Wang Jun, in particular, looked extremely tired.
His face was purely white and his eyes were dark as if he had lost his soul. All of his confidence and pride had been snatched away by Ling Xian.
What could he do? He had firmly believed himself to be undefeatable. Yet now, not only was Ling Xian unharmed, he was the one being stepped on. How humiliating was this?

How big of a strike was this?
Naturally, his confidence has crumbled and his arrogance has evaporated. He was now basically a walking zombie.
"Ehem, ehem, I have lost…"
Wang Jun was coughing up blood. His face was now grey and full of bitterness.
"Your expression right now is very good."
Ling Xian teased. He shifted his gaze towards those who looked shocked and bitter. He then said something that humiliated everyone.
"Your expressions are also very good to look at right now."
Everyone clenched their fists at those words. The way they looked at Ling Xian was full of rage.
The elder in black, in particular, had an extremely dark expression and his eyes looked like they could spit out fire.
They didn't think Wang Jun would lose so cleanly. They also didn't expect Ling Xian to be able to overlook the Wang Clan's reputation completely and provoke the entire Wang Clan.
Everyone was curious but helpless.
Especially now that Wang Jun had lost, it meant nobody can now stop Gong Suo Xin from taking the Clan Leader spot. They felt even more helpless.
"Lost, we lost. From now on, the Clan Leader's seat is no longer ours."
"I cannot believe how powerful this man is. Even Wang Jun cannot defeat him."
"I wonder where this person came from. How can he be so powerful? He single-handedly defeated more than 20 geniuses and he even defeated the Wang Clan's strongest descendant."
Everyone shook their heads and sighed. Other than surprise in their tone, there was sorrow.
These people all belong to the current Clan Leader. They are all used to being above everyone else and living gloriously. However, the moment Ling Xian defeated Wang Jun, they were destined to start being reasonable human beings.
Or else Gong Suo Xin will not forgive them.
Therefore, why wouldn't they feel sad?
"I have defeated this person. Now, there is nobody left in your Wang Clan to fight."
Ling Xian glanced around before focusing on the elder in black. He smiled.
There was no taunting in his smile, nor proudness. But to everyone else, it was a sign of a victor showing off. It made them feel even more humiliated and shameful.
The elder in black, in particular, felt like Ling Xian had slapped him hard in the face. As much as they were humiliated, they also had much killer's intent.
"No response means you admit it."
Noticing the elder in black's killer's intent, Ling Xian smiled fearlessly. He knew that with Gong Suo Xin and the third grandpa here, people wouldn't dare to do anything hasty.
Therefore, he lightly smiled and said, "If that's the case, then the Clan Leader seat is Gong Suo Xin's."
The elder in black had a dark expression on his face. He looked at Ling Xian with full-on killer's intent. But he knew that he cannot make a move. Or else the elder in white would kill him right away.
Therefore, despite his out of the world fury and humiliation, he had to let this go!
"Haha, great!"
The elder in white laughed out loud. Other than happiness, there was only joy. After some time, he finally looked over to the elder in black and said, "What more do you have to say?"
The elder in black froze. He wasn't willing to hand over the Clan Leader seat to Gong Suo Xin. But under the elder in white's perseverance, he had to clench his teeth and make a statement that silenced the place.
"I have nothing to add."
These words silenced all the elders who were on his side. All their faces turned grey and all their eyes darkened.
The elder in black was the father of the current Clan Leader and is the strongest member of the Wang Clan. Nobody dares to disobey his words.
Since he has nothing to say, then Gong Suo Xin is now the Clan Leader. What more can others say?
Realizing that their glorious days were over, these elders' faces looked bitter.
Ling Xian, however, revealed a smile.
No matter what, he didn't waste Gong Suo Xin's trust and successfully helped her get into the Clan Leader seat.
Gong Suo Xin was full of joy. Her eyes fixated onto Ling Xian. There were appreciation and gentleness.
"Very well."
The elder in white smiled in satisfaction. His authoritative eyes glanced over everyone. Other than Ling Xian and Gong Suo Xin, everyone else lowered their heads. They didn't dare to exchange glances with him.
Then, he uttered out a statement that solidified this entire ordeal.
"I hereby announce, from this moment on, Gong Suo Xin will be the Clan Leader of the Wang Clan. She will be responsible for all matters of this Clan!"

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