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Painting of the Nine Immortals 910 See you in a few Hundred Years

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The Sun had just arose, shedding down gold light that reflected off the parterre's soil.
Tombstones stood on top of the land. Around them were bands of energy that were extremely mysterious and divine.
Inside the parterre, one big and one small silhouette stood. The Sun shone on them, giving them a long shadow.
Ling Xian was almost expressionless as he stood with his hands behind his back. His white robe fluttered in the wind, making him look like a sage.
Though when the time comes, the Great Mausoleum will automatically kick people out and there was no need to return to the place where one comes from – he wanted to return and see if he can find any secrets.
Stone stood behind Ling Xian and worked hard to mimic his stance. He was like a little adult, extremely cute.
"Stone, I am going to crush the barrier of the tombstones. Why don't you try and see if you can learn anything from it."
Ling Xian smiled. The space between his brows lit up. Dominating energy rushed out of him and slammed onto the tombstone before him.
Instantly, the barrier broke and waves of energy exuded out. However, Ling Xian, in a flash, moved to the side and let the waves of energy wrap around Stone.
He already felt fulfilled with knowledge. Being enlightened more would be useless to him. It would only stress him out and confuse his understanding of the different Dao's.
Therefore, he wanted Stone to use this opportunity to learn something. After all, he was now his apprentice.
Being wrapped around by the pulsing energy, Stone fell deep into an enlightenment state. He stopped moving where he stood.
After around three hours, he slowly opened his eyes. His palms faced up and a bright green tree appeared on his hand.
Stone jolted. Like a scared rabbit, he hid behind Ling Xian, as if he had no idea what was happening.
"Don't be afraid. This is the power of Dao. It is also the power of you."
Ling Xian warmly smiled and rubbed his little head. His eyes flickered with surprise.
After merely three hours, he had learned the basics of "wood." This enlightenment ability is no joke.
This made him exclaim over the legendary fairy kind.
"My… power?"
Stone widened his eyes. He looked at the green plant on his palm, his handsome little face was full of confusion.
"You will understand later."
Ling Xian smiled warmly again. He then manipulated his enlivener and broke down another tombstone's barrier.
Immediately, rhythmic energy rushed out and wrapped around Stone, once again dragging him into a state of enlightenment. This time, he merely needed two hours before opening his eyes.
Then, a ray of light appeared from his palm. This time, he wasn't afraid but was happy.
"Master, look, I feel something I am familiar with."
Stone carried sunlight and as if it was a gift, he handed it over to Ling Xian. His large eyes squinted into the shape of a crescent.
"This is a part of you. It is a Sun Stone."

Ling Xian grinned and pinched Stone's chubby cheeks, "Stone, you are great. You merely used two hours to learn the concept of 'light'."
After acquiring his compliment, Stone was even happier now. His handsome face was full of joy.
"Alright, you can ponder over those two."
Ling Xian smiled, "When we get out of here, I will bring you to the Library of Fortune."
Then, he marched forward several steps. The space between his brows once again lit up like an undying Sun.
Instantly, a strong wave of energy roared out in all directions, creating a devious tornado that engulfed the entire cemetery.
As if a God was descending, the pressure overruled all nine levels of heaven and all 10 levels of hell.
Ling Xian was investigating for the last time. Though he was 80% certain every tombstone here buries a page of enlightenment, he still wasn't sure what the connection is between this place, the Imperishable Palace, and the Palace of Fortune.
After he saw the pool of blood, he was even more confused.
He felt like out of the entire Great Mausoleum, this was the most strange place and for sure hides some hints.
Therefore, he used all his energy to scan around the parterre!
The energy from his soul was extremely terrifying as it completely surrounded the land and refused to give up an corner of it.
Sadly, Ling Xian's effort was fruitless. Other than more rhythmic energy pulsing around, he found nothing valuable.
Luckily, he predicted this and wasn't disappointed.
"I knew this would happen. But…"
Ling Xian's expression turned determined, "Sooner or later, I will find out everything about this place."
This was a vow. This was something he will for sure learn all about.
In the short period of time, however, he had little expectation. At the very most, he will try to find out more the next time the Great Mausoleum activates.
"I need to put a pin in this. Sooner or later, I will find out everything." Ling Xian mumbled. His soul dissipated and he stopped thinking about this.
He couldn't figure it out anyway. He might as well give it up now and revisit later.
Then, Ling Xian sat down on the ground in a lotus position and closed his eyes. He silently waited for the deactivation of the Great Mausoleum.
Seeing this, Stone mimicked. He sat on the ground as well, unmoving. He was silent and adorable, but like a little adult.
Just like that, the two silhouettes sat there with their eyes closed.
As time went on, more and more people came back to this place. They all wanted to use the remaining time to learn more Daos.
After they saw Ling Xian, respect flooded their gaze. They even began to walk carefully, terrified of offending this monster.
Amongst them were powerhouses of the foreign kind, Heaven's Favorites from the humankind. There were those who witnessed Ling Xian slay the three noble kinds. And there were random visitors.
All of them feared Ling Xian and didn't dare to disrupt him.
Stone was curious at this. He didn't understand why everyone was looking at him with frightful eyes.
Then, he realized. Those people were all looking at Ling Xian.
This made Stone proudly lift his head. He was admiring Ling Xian more and more now.
Ling Xian too, felt everyone's admiring gazes. He merely smiled at it, and waited quietly for the Great Mausoleum to close.
Time went by little by little. The days for the closing of the Great Mausoleum was upon everyone.
A month later, the Great Mausoleum began to shake, signaling that this place was about to close and that everyone will soon leave.
Everyone was unwilling and felt pitiful.
To cultivators, the Great Mausoleum was without a doubt, the holy ground for cultivation. Not only were there various fortunes, the spirituality this place offered was way denser than the outside world.
Despite everyone's unwillingness to leave, they had to. For one, they couldn't resist the rule set by this place. For two, if they stay, then they can't get out for the next 200 years.
Therefore, nobody resisted as the mysterious force teleported them out.
"It's time to go."
Feeling the gravitational pull, Ling Xian straightened up. He grabbed onto Stone's hand and resolve flashed across his eyes.
"The Great Mausoleum… I will see you again in 200 years."

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