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In the sky, two giant silhouettes dashed left and right in an exhausting attempt to escape.
Their flustered looks was no replica of their arrogant behaviours from before. They basically embarrassed all Heaven's Favorites.
The seven-headed serpent and the howling sky tigers kinds' faces have all been lost because of them.
But right now, these two noble kinds couldn't care less about their reputation. There was only one thing in their mind.
Run as far as they can!
With the canine of hell as a bloody example, they couldn't help but be afraid and couldn't help but run away. While reputation is important, life meant more.
Therefore, they used all their strength to dash to the two sides. They were truly moving like thunder and acting as fast as lightning.
However, they have already offended Ling Xian, why would he let them escape? He tore apart space and instantly appeared before the seven headed serpent. Without a second word, he smashed!
This made the seven headed serpent's eyes constrict. There was only one thought in its mind: it wasn't to resist, but to hide.
Normally speaking, its capability allows it to block this strike. But right now, Ling Xian had scared him gutless and he had lost all of his confidence. He didn't want to resist anymore.
But how can he escape the power of the disorder conquering fists?
After a loud rumble, Ling Xian's two fists swept in all directions. The seven-headed serpent was beaten until he was coughing up blood. Thankfully it had no bones, or else they would all be broken.
Despite so, its breathing also weakened. Its snake eyes were full of fear.
"I have no time to waste on you. Let's end this in one move."
Speaking softly, Ling Xian's two fists tightened and a rough push exploded out of him and smashed the seven -headed serpent into mush!
Bloody rain began to pour, dying his white robe red, making him appear 30% more evil and 70% cruel.
This scene made the howling sky tiger more afraid.
It crazily manipulated its Qi and even burned its blood. All it wanted was to increase its speed and escape the devil's vision.
In the next second, Ling Xian flashed before it and his right leg acted like a dragon's tail and whipped forward.
The howling sky tiger shrieked in pain and its giant body flung out by thousands of meters. Blood also poured along the path.
Instantly, Ling Xian hopped up and attacked again.
At once, space crumbled and the howling sky tiger was slammed outwards.
Though its body was large and comparable to a small mountain and Ling Xian appeared so tiny and so insignificant before it, the result was that Ling Xian had beaten it up ruthlessly!
Bang, bang, bang!
Ling Xian was aggressive and his fists flung out like dragons. They hit the howling sky tiger until it was wounded all over and all of its bones were broken.
Then, with one last slam, he broke the howling sky tiger's heart and ended this once glorious but now exhausted pureblood.

Just like that, three pure-blooded noble kinds died beneath his hands.
Without a doubt, this was a glorious record and was endlessly magnificent!
"Dead. The strongest descendants of the three noble kinds have all been killed by him!"
"This is far too powerful. This level of battling capabilities is deserving of the top Heaven's Favorite title. He should be considered on par with the Goddess of Battles!"
"Now, Su Li Yu, Ye Xiao Yao, Lin Chen, and Lin Ye has found another lifetime enemy."
Everyone chimed in. Other than shock in their voices, there was still shock.
Remember that those were three pureblood noble kinds. All of them were extremely powerful yet they were all killed by Ling Xian. How strong did that make him?
He was obviously insanely capable!
"It's over…"
Ling Xian breathed out a murky breath of air. Then, he descended and landed beside the canine of hell's corpse. He rolled up his sleeve and placed the Mirror of Heavenly Reflection into his storage pouch.
This item was a treasure after all. It can unleash strange abilities at critical times, so he wasn't going to give that up.
As for the other things, he didn't look for them. This trip to the Cliff of Treasure Division has gained him a lot of treasures and made him the biggest winner. Why wouldn't he be satisfied?
"I gained many treasures and killed many enemies. This trip was worth it." Ling Xian smiled in satisfaction. He was happy.
"Congratulations, friend."
Fairy Wu's lips parted and she grinned softly, "I cannot believe how capable your battling abilities are. You are also skilled in all three trades of array, crafts and alchemy. You have surprised me."
"Fairy Wu, you are flattering me. I am not great at them, I merely know them."
Ling Xian smiled and waved his hand. His words almost made everyone puke blood.
Instantaneous formation doesn't make him great in arrays?
Brewing a Dan on his palm doesn't make him skilled?
What the f!ck! What kind of jokes are you pulling!
Everyone was speechless. They looked at Ling Xian with jealousy and admiration.
"Your words are slaps in the face to us…"
Fairy Wu bitterly smiled and her eyes flickered with shock. "I have never met someone as aggressive as you. You are a well-rounded monster."
After she spoke, everyone chimed in as well with flattering words.
Of course, they all agreed with Fairy Wu.
"Stop boasting me."
Ling Xian grinned, "We cannot take any item we want from the Cliff of Treasures Division, which means our trip is over. I wonder where is Fairy Wu suggest going to next?"
"You are treating me like I am a treasure hunter." Fairy Wu giggled.
"Of course. The Stream of Life and the Cliff of Treasure Division… going with you grants me greatness." Ling Xian's eyes flickered with anticipation.
"I'm afraid I am going to disappoint you. The famous places within the Great Mausoleum ends here. I do not know where to go next." Fairy Wu slightly shook her head.
Hearing this, Ling Xian wasn't disappointed. He waved his hand, "It's okay. It's been a month. After two months, the Great Mausoleum will close its gates. It's better for me to take this time to enjoy the views."
"Friend, you sure are tranquil. Instead of finding fortunes, you want to travel." Fairy Wu shook her head and smiled.
"It's not that it's a bad idea."
Ling Xian smiled. His intention wasn't to just look around. He wanted to take the opportunity to investigate how this place is connected to the Palace of Fortune and the Imperishable Temple.
"Then, let's part ways here. I will stroll around. If I am lucky, I might encounter great fortunes."
Fairy Wu smiled like a flower.
"Then I wish you all the best."
Ling Xian grinned and watched as Fairy Wu left while riding a cloud. Then, he began his march forward.
Just then, the Goddess of Battles suddenly spoke. She made one short statement, but it was firm and decisive.
"I hope you can successfully transform your Qi. Then, I will wait and have a real fight with you."
Hearing this, Ling Xin smiled. He didn't turn around nor answer. He merely waved his hand to indicate that he will remember this.
Then, his clasped his hands behind his back and continued his journey with his head held high.
Faint red light announced the setting of the Sun, accenting his sage-like and extraordinary demeanor.
As this made everyone's heart pound, they also exclaimed over how Ling Xian's name will be a famous one once the Great Mausoleum closes and his achievements gets circulated around.
A well-rounded, multi-talented demon who arose from nowhere is about to shock Tianzhou.

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