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The outside world watched as Ling Xian slashed the silhouette away. Everyone widened their eyes and astonishment washed over them.
Even the Goddess of Battles revealed how unsettled she felt.
They knew very well that Ling Xian was at the undefeatable realm of the meditational level. But the silhouette was also at the undefeatable realm. Despite this, he killed it with one slice. How shocking was this?
Even the Goddess of Battles used three moves to defeat the silhouette.
Yet Ling Xian only used one move. This meant at the mediational level, he had truly reached the undefeatable level!
Therefore, everyone was surprised. They didn't think Ling Xian had already reached this level when he was at the meditational level.
Because he killed someone who was at the same level as him!
What happened next shocked them even more.
After Ling Xian slew the silhouette, he was automatically teleported to the second door. There, his physical body changed again and he became when he was at the peak of the foundational level.
A silhouette who was also at the peak of the foundational level appeared and moved closer.
No time wasted and no hesitation, a battle begun!
Ling Xian's left eye was like ink, while his right was like snow. The Halberd of the Divine Warrior and the Sword of Execution were in each of his hands and they emitted superpowers from the foundational level.
The silhouette did the same.
Not only did the silhouette have Qi from the undefeatable realm, but it also possessed some kind of spiritual sense. The way it moved was almost undefeatable.
Despite its prowess, Ling Xian was the true dominator of the foundational level. This title isn't given to everyone who reaches the peak of the foundational level… only those truly at the undefeatable realm can acquire it.
Therefore, he fought like a fearless God and headed forward!
The two soldiers swept around and their Qi rumbled. Ling Xian was aggressive and merciless. Within seven moves, he had destroyed the silhouette, adding it to his victory.
Then, he disappeared from this space and reappeared inside the third door.
It was no surprise that here, he leveled up to the completion level and his enemy was one of the same level!
Within this level, Ling Xian was once again, undefeatable. Back then, with his completion level Qi, he had killed many completion leveled powerhouses!
Therefore, he fought around 10 rebuttals with the silhouette that guarded this door before destroying it.
Everyone who was watching from the outside was in shock. They all stared deadly at the shadow inside the mirror with full astonishment.
Three levels!
Meditational, foundational, and completion! He was at the undefeatable realm of all three!
Remember that it was almost impossible for a person to reach any undefeatable realm. And when one achieves that, one is known as a Heaven's Favorite. To have achieved three undefeatable realms is more than rare. Out of 10 million people, maybe one appears!

Yet Ling Xian reached three different undefeatable realms. Why wouldn't everyone be shocked?
Even the Goddess of Battles was surprised at this. She didn't think Ling Xian would be so intense.
Though all three of them were undeniable Heaven's Favorites, they didn't have such an easy time fighting against the silhouettes. They all had at least 10 rebuttals before destroying them.
After, their cultivation levels were limited. Even though the silhouettes had no intelligence, they remained powerhouses!
Yet Ling Xian finished them cleanly and quickly. Like cutting watermelons, he ended them smoothly. It was unbelievable!
After some moments of being stunned, everyone regained their consciousness. The next second, however, they all gasped in cold air.
This was because while they were too busy being stunned, Ling Xian had broken through the fourth stone door. "What the f!ck isn't he far too strong? Though they are all fake, they are truly at the undefeatable realm!"
"Insane… such clean battles. That's something even the Goddess of Battles cannot achieve."
"That may not be true. It's only true that this person has great foundations. Not only is he at the undefeatable realm of three different levels, but he also has the ability to instantly kill others his own level. That itself is truly hard to believe."
Everyone was in disbelief and commented.
Su Li Yu and others reacted the same. The way they looked at Ling Xian turned more complex.
At first, they all thought Ling Xian was only good physically and has no spiritual energy. But now they know, he hasn't been able to use his Qi due to unknown reasons.
The reality was that his Qi was out of the world and he doesn't pale next to anyone.
Therefore, of course, everyone was immensely shocked. The canine of hell, in particular, was surprised to the extreme. It didn't think Ling Xian would be so capable.
To so cleanly pass four rounds was something not even it could achieve.
However, it still didn't think Ling Xian would pass the test of Qi. It snickered, "So what he passed the first four rounds. The seventh round is technique. That round doesn't restore you to your old level."
The crowd silenced at this. They merely observed Ling Xian's action.
"The fifth stone door tests the soul…"
Looking at the stone monument before him, Ling Xian lifted his lips and revealed a soft grin. To someone with the highest level of enlivener, this will be the easiest round for him.
If someone like him cannot pass, then nobody can pass this test.
Therefore, he called out to his soul and nudged the monument. Then, he was teleported to the sixth door straight away.
Nobody was surprised at this.
A Heaven's Favorite who was at the undefeatable realm of three levels will for sure form the highest level of enlivener. In other words, that person's Qi will for sure be the strongest out of everyone's.
Despite everyone's lack of surprise, they also sighed in awe.
They were in awe of Ling Xian's great foundation and his Qi.
After passing the test of the soul, Ling Xian arrived at the sixth stone door – the test of physique.
To him, this was without a doubt, an easy task. He randomly threw a punch and it was enough to smash the physique measuring device. He then was teleported to the seventh test.
The test of techniques.
Ling Xian frowned at this and was a little helpless.
His spiritual energy was dormant and therefore unusable. This round also wasn't like before, it doesn't restore his body to his previous condition.
Therefore, Ling Xian felt helpless and he wasn't sure what to do next.
Seeing him deep in thought, the canine of hell laughed loudly in mockery.
"Haha, I knew it. He won't be able to get through this round. Are you seeing what a hard time he is having? How laughable!"
"Yeah, he is a handicap without Qi and he dared to enter the stone door. He truly doesn't fear death."
The sky howling tiger looked over in contempt and continued to mock, "I think before long, he will experience the punishment of failing. Then, he will get killed right there. Remember that the punishment for those who fail are severe."
"That's right."
The seven-headed serpent teased, "He surely doesn't know how high the sky is. He is going to die from stupidity."
Everyone was silent at this.
They all knew that Ling Xian had no Qi. In other words, there was nothing he could do for this round.
Therefore, there was only one result for him – to accept the punishment of failing.
The light consequence is to be heavily wounded. The harsher consequence is death!
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