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Hearing this, Ling Xian softly smiled and before Fairy Wu's surprised gaze, he shook his head softly.
"That's okay. I have other matters to attend to. Let's part here."
Hearing those words, even with Fairy Wu's mentality, she was shocked. She knew just how alluring she was. No other male cultivator would reject her invitation.
Though Ling Xian's words were soft and gentle, they contained much determination. Why wouldn't she be shocked?
"Interesting. So you reject traveling with me."
Fairy Wu whispered to herself then smiled, "Oh well. Since you have other matters, let's part ways here. I will be heading in the northwest direction, the Cliff of Treasure Division. I hope I can meet you there."
"The Cliff of Treasures Division…"
Ling Xian noted down this place and then smiled, "I will head over after I am done with my own business."
"Then I will wait for your arrival there."
Fairy Wu smiled brightly. In a flash, she floated away but she didn't take away the Qi Inhibition Board.
That item will implode when the time is up anyway.
Seeing Fairy flowing away, Ling Xian waved his hand and the dim gold board flew into his hand. There, carvings of an intricate pattern stood. It was profound, rhythmic, and mysterious.
"Though it can only be used once, I wonder if I try to thoroughly understand how this item is made, then would I be able to replicate it?"
Ling Xian's eyes flickered with anticipation. Though he knows the probability of success was next to none, the ability this treasure has was way too heaven-defying. To him, it would make him a machine!
Therefore, of course, he had high hopes.
Just then, this dim Board began to shake. Following it was a "crack" noise and then it shattered into more than 10 pieces that dropped to the ground.
The magnetic field created by this treasure dissipated as well.
"What a pity."
Ling Xian revealed looks of pity. He picked up the broken pieces and put them into his storage pouch. Though the Board is broken, don't forget, he is a craftsman with the highest level of inheritance.
As long as he can find the time to enlighten himself, he will be able to learn how this treasure was made. Then, he may be able to create a new Qi Inhibition Board.
Thinking about this brightened his eyes with anticipation.
But for now, he had more important matters to attend to, which was to revive the Tree of the Warming Soul.
"Let's go. Let me find a secluded place to hide."
Ling Xian smiled and scanned the area around him. Very quickly, he found an isolated cave inside a mountain.
"That's it."
Ling Xian disappeared then reappeared into the cave. Then, he set a few protective arrays before entering the Painting of the Nine Immortals.
When he appeared, the immortals rushed over. They were all praises and smiles.
First, he got them the Tree of the Warming Soul, then the Stream of Life. To them, this was a great fortune and naturally, they were ecstatic.

"Not bad, not bad… to have gotten two treasures in less than a year is an achievement."
Liao Cang Qiong's face was all smiles. He was now very satisfied with Ling Xian.
The remainder of them were the same. Other than admiration in their eyes, there was kindness.
To them, who were now nothing but leftover souls, Ling Xian was their only pillar of reliance. Therefore, they were treating him with honesty and kindness.
Now that Ling Xian had acquired two treasures, he had given them hope. The hope of reconstructing their immortal bodies.
Therefore, why wouldn't they be overjoyed?
"You all are flattering me."
Ling Xian smiled. "You have helped me far too much. Without you, I wouldn't have today's achievement. I want to use my abilities today to help you."
"Haha, well said! You who make medicine, you chose a good apprentice!"
Duan Shan He erupted into laughter.
"Yes. It is probably the best decision he's made in his lifetime." Feng Qing Ming grinned as well.
"Haha, that's right. There were two great decisions I made in my life. First is to study alchemy, the second is to admit Ling Xian as my apprentice."
Liao Cang Qiong's face turned into a blossoming flower.
"Ling Xian sure is capable. Getting the Tree of the Warming Soul and the Stream of Life is not something normal people can do," Fa Wu Liang complimented.
Ling Xian smiled humbly. "You are flattering me. It was merely coincidental and luck."
"It's also about capabilities."
The Immortal of Techniques praised, "Alright, let us go and see if the Stream of Life can revive the Tree of the Warming Soul."
Then, he flew towards the Mountain of the Resting Soul.
At this, Ling Xian and the others followed.
Very quickly, these people arrived before the dried-up tree. Then Liao Cang Qiong rolled up his sleeves and poured the half basin of Stream of Life onto the tree.
Instantly, a giant wave of vitality and liveliness exploded and drowned the entire Painting of the Nine Immortals.
Then, all the plants began to grow at a speed visible to the naked eye. Within a short period of time, the place grew denser by folds.
This proves the intensity of the Stream of Life.
However, that Tree of the Warming Soul didn't move at all. It was as if the Stream of Life had no effect on it.
This made Ling Xian frown, "Could it be… that the Stream of Life has no effect on this?"
"Impossible. The Stream of Life is the number one item in bringing life, nothing else can compare."
Liao Cang Qiong shook his head. "If it cannot revive the Tree of the Warming Soul, then nothing in this world can."
Hearing this, Ling Xian settled down and carefully observed the dead tree.
After a few moments, the tree suddenly began to show faint light. The dried up black tree barks also began to shred down.
This meant the Life of Stream was taking effect.
As time went by, the light around the tree grew brighter and brighter. The dead tree barks began to fall faster and faster. Not only this, the originally bald branches were now growing leaves.
Ling Xian smiled at this, knowing that the Life of Stream was working and was now reviving the Tree of the Warming Soul.
The immortals smiled at this and began to look at Ling Xian softly.
The meaning of the tree was immense and it was one of the pre-requisites for their own revival. Now that it was showing signs of life, of course, they were overjoyed.
After another half an hour, the originally bent tree began to straighten up. It was truly filled with leaves and very lively.
This indicates that it had revived! It now repossesses the abilities that belong to the Tree of the Warming Soul!
As the Tree regained its vitality, another wave of energy expanded and engulfed the entire Painting of the Nine Immortals.
This called out to the nine mountains of the Resting Soul and their energy merged and increased in intensity!
All the immortals showed signs of relaxation and enjoyment. Their silhouettes seemed to have solidified a little more.
Ling Xian was ecstatic. The reason why he ignored everything to fight for the Tree of the Warming Soul and the Stream of Life was for this moment.
The immortals have helped him far too much. They basically recreated him. Therefore, a long time ago, he had decided to help them reconstruct their physical bodies.
Though he knew that this was basically an impossible mission, no matter what, today, he took the first step!
An important step!
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