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The Goddess of Battles isn't a person's name, but a person's title.
To have a title as a name and to have nobody object to it proves just how powerful this person is.
Nobody knows who her teacher is and nobody knows where she comes from. Everyone only knows that she dominated the Heaven's Favorite Monument for an entire decade and that she was a genius that makes everyone else in her own generation hopeless.
Though her status as the first ranked Heaven's Favorite has ben snatched away by Le Wu Ya, the two never had a face to face fight. Therefore, most people believe that Le Wu Ya is no opponent of hers.
What could they do? Her title is far too famous. It has suppressed the younger generation of Tianzhou for an entire decade!
Though Su Li Yu and the others were also top-notch Heaven's Favorites, they were still considered tame compared to her. This made it obvious just how powerfully capable this woman is!
Though right now, this area was sealed by an inhibition spell and she cannot use any Qi, her physique was one that was at the peak of the original level and on par with an ancient warrior!
Therefore, right away, she attacked and shattered the earth. The terror she emitted was extreme!
Not only was Ling Xian not afraid of this, his desire to fight was actually at a high point!
He was thirsty for a fight against the top Heaven's Favorite. Without a doubt, the Goddess of Battles was a Heaven's Favorite who was that capable and who was suitable to be his opponent!
Ling Xian's energy was high, he punched down with his right fist like a furious tiger, which landed on top of the golden long spear. At once, the place exploded, and terrifying vibrations swept all around.
"Very well, this is what makes it interesting."
The Goddess of Battles' expression didn't change. Her golden armor shone brightly like an undying Sun that vowed to kill Ling Xian.
At the same time, the golden spear that was in her hand appeared livelier than ever. At once, it hammered down with the determination to destroy Ling Xian.
The sight of this made Ling Xian call out his Zi Yao to counter attack!
Dong, dong, dong!
Loud rumbling noises of metal meeting metal echoed throughout space.
Everyone's expression was serious as they felt the two forces clashing. The horrifying vibrations forced everyone to step back.
The ripples were far too terrorizing. If they still had their Qi, they would have nothing to be scared of. But right now, they had to retreat.
What could they do? These two were monsters who had physiques at the peak of the original level.
"Not bad. You are deserving of my strength."
Feeling the powerful pulses of strength from the long spear, the Goddess of Battles revealed a smirk. She moved aggressively and like a human-shaped apex predator, her terror made everyone tremble.
However, Ling Xian was fearless. Though his weapon was a long sword, which weighed a little less, under his terrifying support, it did not pale next to the Goddess' long spear!

After a series of loud thumps, Ling Xian aggressively attacked and displayed his physique to the best of his abilities.
The Goddess of Battles did the same.
When she remained still, she was like a deep-rooted mountain. When she did move however, her gold spear swept out, creating an endless amount of waves that overpowered the world.
One was the Goddess of Battles, whose actions terrorized all beings. The other was the sage whose movements were graceful and collected.
Ling Xian shot out a fist, overpowering everything around him and crumbled the space before him.
Seeing this, the Goddess of Battles swung her spear. Gold light expanded but was stopped by Ling Xian's fist. Then, she extended a delicate hand and hammered it onto Ling Xian's chest.
Against this, Ling Xian extended his left hand and clashed it against the Goddess of Battles'!
The two fists met, generating waves of energy that once again forced Su Li Yu and the others backwards for 10 steps.
"Interesting." The Goddess of Battles smirked. Her blond hair danced crazily in the wind and her attacks looked even more aggressive now.
This made Ling Xian frown. It wasn't that he felt the pressure, it was that he knows he cannot take down this woman in a short period of time. If the inhibition spell wears off, then he will be in danger.
Therefore, he quickly summoned the indestructible physique.
Instantly, gold light filled the air, dying the entire space gold. Then, Ling Xian's temperament changed.
If the him before could be described as a descended immortal and extraordinary, then the him right now, would be a sword who left its sheath, showing off its sharpness!
After an earth shattering rumble, Ling Xian turned into a gold-colored God of War. The Disorder Conquering Fists arrived and his one fist smashed through space!
Instantly, the Goddess of Battles' expression changed.
Ever since this battle begun, this was the first time her expression changed. She simply felt like the man before her was like a monster and was extremely horrifying!
However, she has fought hundreds of battles and she had the undefeatable mentality. Naturally, she wasn't about to feel flustered. She held out her spear and the space split apart, and an infinite number of light rays inched closer to Ling Xian.
However, Ling Xian in his current state was already at his peak. Even this Goddess here cannot handle him if she only uses her regular attacks.
Before the light or the spear was even close to him, the Disorder Conquering Fists have already destroyed them.
The Goddess of Battles raised an eyebrow at this. She stuck the spear into the ground and she too, called out a technique of the fists. Immediately, energy filled up the sky and the mountains shook!
"Fists of the Crushed Stars and Broken Moon!"
Shouting, the Goddess of Battles acted like a real dragon slithering out of her cave. She felt the earth split and she acted unbelievably brave!
Hearing her chant, everyone was first startled, then were astounded.
"She is using the Fists of the Crushed Stars and Broken Moon! Legend has it that this technique was from the previous era. I cannot believe she knows how to use it."
"That's right. The moment this technique is used, stars and moons could be crushed. It is extremely powerful."
"The Goddess of Battles' physique is also at the peak of the original level, comparable to an ancient warrior. This technique on her hand is impossible to defend against and absolutely terrifying!"
The crowd all lost their voice as they felt the terrifying ripples.
"Fists of the Crushed Stars and Broken Moon?"
The corner of Ling Xian's lips lifted, "Might as well try and see whether your fists are more powerful or if mine are."
At those words, his black hair fluttered in the wind. His body began to emit light and he dialed up his conditions to the peak!
"Goddess of Battles, I do not want to waste time with you. Let us battle till there is a winner!"
"That's my intention as well!"
The Goddess of Battles appeared arrogant. Her hands formed into the Disorder Conquering Fists and even before she made a move, the area around her already began to quiver.
"Come at me."
Ling Xian's desire to fight was high. His hands too, carried the Disorder Conquering Fists. Terrifying rays of energy crushed the space.
Same leveled physique and same leveled fists, the two were on the move!
One has the ability to break the sky while the other can pierce the earth. One could fight like a God with no enemy while the other could beat a thousand men army. The two fists encountered in midair!
Victory or defeat was dependent on this one move!
A loud rumble like never before arose. A giant explosion occurred in this place. The terrifying vibrations shocked everyone and forced Su Li Yu and the others to stumble back.
Even the inhibition dial was starting to show signs of cracking.
"What a terrifying duel. Who won?"
The crowd's expression was serious. They all shifted their gaze towards the center of the explosion with high anticipation in their eyes.
However, an infinite amount of light had drowned the place and nothing could be seen anymore.
When the light finally dissipated, shock crawled up to everyone's eyes.
All they could see was the Goddess of Battles going on one knee, her face was pale and her armor was dyed with blood. It was obvious that she had been wounded.
Ling Xian on the other hand, was standing straight and proud. Like a god above all beings, he was peering down from the sky!

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