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Without a doubt, this was a giant secret. If this news gets circulated, then everyone will go insane.
But it was possible that Ling Xian was the first person to discover this secret.
Therefore, he was extremely happy.
Though with his current state, he cannot get out the pages, or perhaps he cannot even move the tombstone, this does not mean he won't be able to forever. As long as he continues to push through and get powerful to a point where he can smash the tombstones, then he will get thousands of pages of the Divine Book of Genesis!
Don't forget, the ability of these pages are not just to record Dao. When all 3,000 pages are collected, the heaven defying treasure, the Divine Book of Genesis, will appear once again!
"Let us patiently wait. When I am strong enough to smash the Great Mausoleum, I will be able to get them."
Ling Xian softly smiled and his eyes glanced over the black tombstones. "Now, let me learn a few more Dao."
Then, he marched to the next tombstone.
Though he cannot get the pages out, he could use this opportunity to understand Daos and enhance his fundamental knowledge. It might appear that there is no benefit to doing that right now, once his levels increase, his experience will pay off and he will acquire great gains.
Therefore, Ling Xian walked forward and appeared before the fourth tombstone.
Then, his soul emerged out of him and instantly smashed the barrier into pieces. This time, he felt the Dao of Wood.
After some time, he finished learning about wood. If he continues, it would be a waste of time. After all, despite his enlightenment abilities, he cannot gain knowledge that's beyond his current cultivation level.
If he only studies this one Dao, not only would he be wasting this opportunities, he will not improve much.
Therefore, after he learned the basics, he walked to the next tombstone.
The Great Mausoleum appears once every 200 years and it stays for a limited amount of time. At the very most, it will only be here for three months. If he wastes such a rare opportunity on learning one Dao, then it would be a waste of this heavenly gift.
After all, Ling Xian's goal right now was to accumulate knowledge. When he is full of them, he can really soak them in and improve. Therefore, he really just needed to learn the basics of each Dao.
Seeing that he had moved onto yet another tombstone, everyone shook their head with a bitter smile. They didn't know what to say.
Their only thought was that, how could this person be so insane? This was far too dominating.
Almost half of the people there cannot even break through the barrier of the Great Mausoleum. Even now, they were in a state of fighting against the barrier. While the other half have gotten past the barrier, after so long, they at the very most, only became enlightened with one Dao.
Yet Ling Xian had passed through four to five tombstones. Though he only studied two of them, to others, he had solved four to five. Just how big of a gap was this?

Why wouldn't they be shocked?
Everyone smiled bitterly and shook their head. The way they looked at Ling Xian was like they were looking at a monster. They didn't know what to say.
As time went on and after only one day, people were no longer surprised when they see Ling Xian walking towards different tombstones.
Because they were now numb.
However, when the Heaven's Favorites who were originally teleported to other places arrived, they were astounded.
"The f!ck! Who is that person? I haven't even broken through the barrier and he is already onto the next one?"
"Isn't that the person who had the upper hand when fighting against the God of Gold? His enlightenment ability is also this insane?"
"You are wrong. Don't forget, he injured the God of Gold."
"What! That person is far too insane. How can his battling abilities be so surreal and his enlightenment abilities be just as surreal?"
The group howled. Not a single one of them wasn't surprised.
Even the top notch Heaven's Favorites amongst them were surprised.
"Interesting. No wonder the vice dean saw him so highly and wanted me to befriend him."
Looking at that dignified silhouette, Fairy Wu played with her bangs and smiled, "However, my enlightenment skill isn't bad either."
Then, she drifted into the cemetery and arrived before a tombstone of Dao.
Then, an aggressive amount of Qi flowed out of her and a spiritual tornado was created. It instantly crushed through the barrier. Next, an odd wave of rhythms wrapped around her body and dragged her into a state of enlightenment.
Other than her, Ye Xiao Yao and Su Li Yu also arrived. They first glanced over Ling Xian with their surprised gaze, then, they all began to enlighten themselves.
Like Fairy Wu, they all smashed the barrier instantly and entered a state of enlightenment right away.
This made everyone there exclaim. They are monsters from the Heaven's Favorites Monument after all. They are truly strong.
Then, with speed similar to Ling Xian's, they all earned basic understanding of the Dao they studied.
Don't forget, they are all true and top notch Heaven's Favorite. Whether it is their enlightenment abilities or their capabilities, they were all the best out of the younger generation of Tianzhou. It made sense for them to have this speed.
Ling Xian wasn't surprised at this. He merely took a peek before going back to focusing on himself.
If these people couldn't achieve this level of speed, then he would feel surprised.
So, he ignored the cultivators who came in waves and focused on the tombstones before him.
Just like that, time went by little by little.
The cemetery was quiet. Every time new people arrived, they would exclaim over Ling Xian's speed. Then, they would hurriedly go enlighten themselves.
Half a month later, Ling Xian left the tombstone before him but he didn't go to the next one.
Because within this half a month, he had enlightened five different Dao, and he was close to being fulfilled.
Though he had broken through the barriers of more than five tombstones, he had bad luck and the majority of them didn't contain Dao.
Therefore, he had only enlightened five different Dao.
Then, he decided to stop enlightening himself.
It was good to store up knowledge, but if he stores more than he can digest, then he will too easily be confused and troubled.
Currently, Ling Xian was at a very satisfied state. If he continues, then he may find himself in trouble, which may not be a smart idea.
Everyone knew this.
Therefore, everyone was weighing their options. They didn't want to waste this opportunity but they didn't want to push themselves over that point.
The majority of people were fulfilled after understanding one to two Daos. Only geniuses like Fairy Wu could understand four to five different ones.
After Ling Xian stopped, Fairy Wu stopped as well. He walked over in small steps and faintly smiled, "Friend, we have met again. I wonder how many Dao you have learned?"
"Five." Ling Xian grinned.
"You are the powerhouse who fought against the God of Gold after all. You did one more than me."
Fairy Wu complimented, "I see that you have stopped. You are probably near your fulfilled state."
"That's right. There is no benefits in continuing this so I might as well stop."
Ling Xian softly nodded and grinned, "There are many treasures inside the Great Mausoleum. The remaining time should be used to explore the other areas."
"You are right."
Fairy Wu played with her bangs and giggled, "I know the location of the Stream of Life. I wonder if you want to go check it out?"

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