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The Great Mausoleum is an independent small world with many prominent places.
The most famous place of all was this cemetery before everyone's eyes.
Legend had it that every single tombstone here buries a Dao. As long as the living being has enough enlightenment skills, one would be able to understand the Dao.
From a certain point of view, this place was the same as the pages from the Divine Book of Genesis.
The only difference is that the pages of the Divine Book of Genesis makes it easier for the users. No matter how bad one's enlightenment abilities are, one would be able to realize what Dao the page is writing about. As for whether or not one can fully understand the Dao, that would depend on the person's enlightenment abilities.
The Tombstone of Dao was different. It was extremely difficult for one to learn the basics of the Dao. Without extremely powerful enlightenment skills, it would be difficult to find out what Dao is hidden within.
Despite that, these tombstones are rare opportunities to these cultivators.
Therefore, everyone was staring deadly at the cemetery. Their heated passion was as if they could burn this place.
Ling Xian was no exception.
However, different from the others, he was more calmer and had more of a desire to find out more.
"The legendary Great Mausoleum. I sure want to see whether or not it actually contains Dao."
Ling Xian gently smiled and arrived to the tombstone closest to him. He saw that its body was pitch black. There was no mark on top but there was a strange aura surrounding it.
At first sight, it made people feel dizzy.
"This pulse…"
Ling Xian's eyes lit up. The colorful mini person between his brows began to exude much light. At once, a strong wave of power entered the tombstone and he began to study the Dao recorded beneath.
However, when his soul entered, all there was was black light. It completely separately his soul.
This made Ling Xian frown, but he was not flustered.
He manipulated the seven colored enlivener and unleashed an even more powerful gush of soul. However, the tombstone's defensive mechanism dialed up as well. It blocked his soul.
Ling Xian gently smiled. The tombstone's powerfulness was what he expected. If it could easily be penetrated, then everyone would be able to be enlightened.
How can there be so many people who gets nothing if that's the case?
Therefore, he wasn't fazed. Instead, he focused his energy on fighting against the tombstone as he devoured its defense slowly and little by little.
Seeing that he stood still, everyone else joined him. They all each picked a tombstone and wanted to hurry up and enlighten themselves.
However, countless people puked out blood the moment their soul touched the tombstone. They were all sent flying miles at a time.
Of course, this was because their soul was far too weak. No… everyone who is here is an original leveled cultivator. No matter how weak they are, they are not that weak. It is just that the tombstone's far too strong.

Therefore, everyone's face changed color. They were now respecting the tombstone more and more and they were more careful.
Despite so, everyone's face remained pale. Many people found it hard to even stand up.
In comparison, Ling Xian's expression remained calm and he stood straight. It was obvious how extraordinary he was and how he stood out from the crowd.
"No wonder so many people end up gaining nothing. The barrier to this tombstone is truly powerful. Normal blows can't crush it."
Ling Xian rumbled as he stared at the black tombstone with a smile, "But I am no ordinary person."
Just then, seven heavenly and colorful light rushed out from between his brows. It generated a spiritual storm that rolled around the entire garden!
Then, the tombstone of Dao cracked. A wave of eerie but rhythmic energy gushed out and engulfed Ling Xian completely.
Everyone howled at this, their faces were full of shock.
"Look, he broke it!"
"Is this a joke? Just how long has it been? How can he be so fast?"
"We are white in the face from the barrier and some of us are even puking blood. But not only is he acting like he is absolutely fine, he broke through the barrier. This gap is far too big."
"Aye, if we compare people too hard, someone's gotta die, and if we compare objects too much, something would have to be thrown out. Before him, I feel like I've wasted all these years…"
Everyone chimed in to discuss. They had looks of shock, jealousy, and dimness.
While they were being suppressed to the point of being pale in the face and having their body quiver, and were still so far away from breaking the barrier, Ling Xian was collected and unharmed. Under such a short period of time, he had broken through the barrier. How big of a difference was this?
Naturally they were astounded and also felt bitter.
Hearing the discussions around him, Ling Xian's expression remained unchanged. He focused on enlightening the Dao he had just discovered.
Then, he realized just what this tombstone contained.
Inside Ling Xian's mind, a drop of water appeared and splattered onto a piece of earth. Then, a small pond formed. Next, it turned into a river, then a lake.
Finally, it transformed into a sea.
Water, one of the five fundamental elements, one of the most important compositions of Heaven and Earth.
It takes the form of anything and everything. It is shapeless yet at the same time, it can be square when it meets square, it can be circle when it meets circle.
"The Dao water…"
Mumbling, Ling Xian completely let his mind go blank and he fell into a state of enlightenment. Then, the form of water continuously transformed inside his mind, helping him understand the secrets about the Dao of water.
Just like that, time went by little by little.
After two hours, Ling Xian opened his eyes. A dash of white light dashed underneath his eyes before it disappeared without a trace.
Then, his palms faced up and instantly, water circulated around them and formed into a small water ball.
It wasn't a ball of water formed from spiritual techniques, but formed by his pulling and formed naturally. In other words, he has learned the basics of this Dao.
Yes, he had finished learning after 2 hours.
One has to admit that his enlightenment skills are great. This speed was truly shocking.
"Very well. Though it doesn't have much power, I have learned another Dao. This will aid my personal enhancement."
The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up and he revealed a joyous smile. Then, he let go of the ball of water and walked to the next tombstone."
This garnered another round of howls.
"Could it be that he has already learned it? It's only been two hours!"
"The hell! I haven't even broken through the barrier of this tombstone and he is already done?"
"What the f!ck! This is truly making me want to die as my worth of a human is meaningless!"
"Not accurate. As a beast, I feel worthless as well! Just where did this strange talent come out from? How can he be so insane?"
Everyone shrieked in shock and they instantly decided that Ling Xian had finished enlightening himself. Or else he wouldn't be walking away from the tombstone he had broken the barrier on.
Therefore, they were all in shock.
Since he had broken the tombstone barrier until now, only two hours had passed. The majority of the people haven't even broken down the barrier.
Yet Ling Xian was already walking towards the next tombstone. This meant he had finished learning about the tombstone before him. At the very least, he had learned the basics. How extremely enlightened was he?
At the very least, he was better than everyone else here!
Therefore, the way everyone was looking at Ling Xian turned very much soulless. When they remembered how they haven't even broken through the barrier and he had moved onto the next one, their gazes somehow turned more hollow.
Ling Xian merely shook his head and smiled at this. He didn't care. Then, he walked towards the second tombstone.

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