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The Great Mausoleum is a mysterious and independent space.
Nobody knows where it came from or how it came from. However, they all know inside, there are a countless amount of fortunes. The place activates once every 200 years and it only allows original leveled cultivators to enter.
That was enough.
To any cultivator, as long as this place can do oneself some kind of benefit, that's all they needed to know.
Therefore, as time went on, the Great Mausoleum's re-opening location was set to be behind the Valley of the Falling Moon, more and more converged here. Not a single one of them was anyone but an original leveled powerhouse.
Even the strange talents from the Heaven's Favorites Monuments made their way over in an attempt to fight for all the worldly riches.
Everyone's arrival resulted in the entire population's awe and astonishment.
What could they do? The incomers were far too famous and far too powerful. Especially when the top 10 people from the Heaven's Favorite Monument arrived, they brought immense pressure to everyone else.
The strongest inheritor from the Library of Fortune, the knowingly beautiful Wu Ning Cheng!
The duo Heaven's Favorites from the ancient Lin family - known to be the pair of brothers who can defeat everyone of their own generation - Lin Chen, Lin Ye!
The heaven granted talent from the Xiao Yao House, the one who lives life as if it's a game - Ye Xiao Yao!
The anything but ordinary monster from the Heavenly Sword House, the one nicknamed to be able to shock the world with one sword - Su Li Yu!
All these names were like thunder to people's ears. All of these talents were monstrous and they represented enemies that can deliver critical attacks.
At least for everyone from the younger generation in Tianzhou, these people were strong and it would be difficult to find any enemies for them!
Of course, these people didn't make up the whole pact of people who showed up. Out on this wild ancient land, there are many families who are hidden and never reveal themselves. The strongest descendants that these forces raised are all insanely powerful.
Other than the humankind, foreign kinds showed themselves as well.
There were the royal kinds, the spiritual kinds… all different kinds of being all gathered here. All of them were extremely dominating and they all acted like they were the mountain that stood in someone's way - all insanely powerful.
As a result, the atmosphere of this entire place turned heavy.
After all, foreign kinds and humankind never got along well. They never liked seeing each other and for them to gather here today meant there was no avoidance to seeing some battle sparks.
But because the Great Mausoleum was in the middle of activating, the different kinds stopped themselves and didn't make a move right away.
Ling Xian also arrived at the Valley of the Falling Moon.
But his arrival drew no attention. For one, he was low key. For two, very few people knew of him.

His name was one that the majority of the people from the East Domain have heard of and they all thought he was an extremely powerful Heaven's Favorites. But those who have seen him are next to none.
Therefore, Ling Xian's descent to this mountain range attracted no attention. He wasn't like the other Heaven's Favorites, who garnered much attention when they came.
"Those people… are the strongest Heaven's Favorites Wen Ru Yu talked about?"
Ling Xian leaned against a giant tree. He shifted his gaze towards a man who was wearing all green and who's complexion was as smooth as jade.
This person's expression was calm and his temperament was graceful. Like a God from afar, he appeared extraordinary and divine.
Though he emitted no Qi, nobody dared to get close to him. The way they looked at him was full of respect.
Based on everyone's discussion, Ling Xian knew that this man was the strongest descendant of the Xiao Yao House and he was number five on the Heaven's Favorite Monument - Ye Xiao Yao.
"Ye Xiao Yao… he is going to be an interesting enemy."
Staring at the godlike man, Ling Xian's gaze became fixated. He sensed the terrifying capability that was hidden deep inside the man.
Therefore, he decided that this man was an interesting enemy.
At the same time, Ye Xiao Yao felt someone staring at him. He too, shifted his gaze towards Ling Xian and his brows frowned slightly. It was obvious that he too, had sensed Ling Xian's abilities.
"Such sharp senses."
Ling Xian faintly smiled and he no longer paid attention to Ye Xiao Yao. Instead, he focused on the two brothers, Lin Chen and Lin Ye.
The two of them were extraordinarily handsome and looked threatening. Like ancient monsters, they were brewing with an extremely terrifying amount of energy.
Old brother Lin Chen had bright eyes and wore a golden robe. Similar to the Sun in the sky, he was dazzling.
Younger brother Lin Ye wore a black robe. His temperament was cold and eerie, like a knight in the dark night, he was strange and mysterious.
This stunned Ling Xian a little. As much as he thought they were powerful, he found them interesting as well.
"They are obviously two brothers, but their aura are polar opposite. Interesting."
Ling Xian softly smiled. When he remembered how these two were from the same place, he couldn't help but exclaim, "A pair of Heaven's Favorites, the Lin Clan is truly an ancient, successful family."
As he spoke, he no longer paid attention to the two brothers. Instead, his gaze shifted to the third-ranked and known for his sword skills - Su Li Yu.
He had red lips and white teeth, handsome looking and wore all white. There was a heavenly sword strapped to his back. He looked like a young man around 16 to 17, but the sharpness he exuded mimicked a sword's blade. There was enough strength there to slice open the sky.
"Another powerful enemy. The Heaven's Favorites in Tianzhou are truly extraordinary."
Ling Xian softly exclaimed. His eyes flickered with heat. He wasn't afraid of strong opponents, he was afraid of not finding any opponents.
To someone like him, who has vowed to start walking the path of the undefeatable, it wasn't easy to end up with no opponents. Only when he suppresses everyone within miles and can get rid of all Heaven's Favorites with the swing of an arm, will he truly be considered undefeatable!
Sensing Ling Xian's gaze, Su Li Yu raised an eyebrow. His energy was lively and vibrant.
At the same time, a dash of the sword's consciousness expanded and pointed right at Ling Xian. The terrifying amount of energy felt like it could shred the earth into pieces or pierce through the sky!
Everyone's face changed color at this. All swords were pointed at him.
"To be fighting upon our first meeting is a little inappropriate."
Against Su Li Yu's threat, Ling Xian softly smiled. His expression was as calm as ever and he was not at all fazed.
Then, he began to call out to his own sword techniques. Though he had no Qi, sword-like energy remained.
After a loud echo, the two swords met. They were equal in power.
This astounded everyone. That was Su Li Yu, who was nicknamed to be number in swordplay. Even though they were merely fighting with energy, what he unleashed was not something ordinary Heaven's Favorites can defend against.
However, Ling Xian had a smile on his lips as he moved easily. Why wouldn't everyone here be surprised?
Even Ye Xiao Yao and the others were a little surprised.
"To be able to defend against my sword's energy. You aren't too bad."
Su Li Yu spoke softly and his sword's intention dissipated. He did not continue to fight against Ling Xian. Even that first blow was not intentional. The energy from his sword just now was automatic and out of his control.
Therefore, just now. He retracted his sword's intentions and he stopped moving.
"You aren't bad yourself."
Ling Xian shook his head and smiled. He could hear that despite the praise Su Li Yu gave him, he gave it to him in a manner like someone higher was praising someone lower. He wasn't being treated as equal.
Ling Xian didn't mind. After a real battle, they shall see.
Of course, now was not the time.
Just then, an unwelcoming and a statement full of killer's intent arose, forcing Ling Xian to frown.
"To you, Su Li Yu's eyes, he is not bad. But to my golden eyes, he is merely an ant."
After those words were spoken, a man with blond hair, wearing a gold robe, walked towards Ling Xian with his head held up. Every step he took, his Qi enhanced.
Like an ancient monster coming out for a stroll, the earth cracked and crumbled!
At once, the place silenced.
Ling Xian's brows furrowed as well.

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