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"Just what does this mean…"
Ling Xian frowned. He thought about it hard but couldn't find an answer.
This made him realize just how mysterious and profound the Taoism community is and how there is just so much he doesn't know about.
"Oh well. I will put it to rest for now and focus on what's before me."
Ling Xian smiled dashingly and put the book pages back into his storage pouch. Then, he took out the cauldron he acquired from Yuezhou and began brewing some medicinal Dans for potential injuries.
The opening of the Great Mausoleum meant that it will attract many powerhouses. They will be the type of Heaven's Favorites who are truly out of the world. This meant, there will soon be another war with intense opponents.
Of course, if he didn't want to go for the treasures, then he may be able to avoid the battle fires. But these chances are so rare, why would he go in if he was scared of a fight?
Of course he didn't think he was weaker than anyone else and he believed he could win against all the enemies. But, even if Fairy Wu feels the need to find helpers and form an alliance. How can he be careless?
Therefore, Ling Xian planned on making some medicinal Dans before the activation of the Great Mausoleum to prepare for the battles that will soon happen.
"Honestly speaking, I am not acting like I am an alchemist. It's been so long since I have brewed anything."
Staring at the cauldron that was permeating with light, Ling Xian shook his head and chuckled. Even he himself cannot remember the last time he brewed anything.
He wasn't even sure about his own alchemy realm.
Alchemists like him are truly weird and strange.
"Based on how my soul is today, I have reached the original level and the highest level at that. I should have surpassed others of the same level."
Ling Xian then paused. He then continued using his uncertain tone, "That means... my alchemy realm... should be at the fourth realm?"
Ling Xian laughed. He thought of himself as strange since he didn't even know his own realm.
Then, he stopped guessing. From the Encyclopedia of Dans, he found a Dan recipe of the fourth realm.
The Golden Dan of Frozen Blood.
A Dan of the fourth realm with great healing abilities, as long as one is not too severely injured, this Dan can help cure the person within a short period of time. It was a rather excellent healing Dan.
Of course, choosing this recipe was for one, because it was of the fourth realm, for two, based on Ling Xian's memories, he had all the ingredients needed to make this Dan. So it would save him a shopping trip.
"This one it is."
Ling Xian faintly grinned. He then searched for a long while inside his storage pouch before finding the spiritual medicines he needed to brew the Dan.
What could he do? He has been wandering around the the world these past few years and has found way too many spiritual medicine. They have piled up like a small mountain. Finding things was definitely difficult.

Luckily, his memory was good. He did end up finding everything he needed to brew the Golden Dan of Frozen Blood.
Then, he didn't waste any time. he activated the Flame of Purity and began his brewing process.
One has to admit that Ling Xian's alchemy skills were insane. Though he doesn't brew often, his methods and techniques remained unparalleled and he did not appear at all crusty.
See, he only took half a day to make seven Dans. Because he had the Flame of Purity and the Essence of Herbalism, his first brew resulted in Dans of the seventh rank.
This excited Ling Xian greatly and he was now certain that his alchemy realm is of the fourth level.
One has to admit that he is truly strange and truly insane.
Other alchemists have to brew daily like it's their homework. Many alchemists only do one thing a day, and that is to make Dans. Because only then can their alchemy skills improve.
Yet there he was, basically brewing once every 800 years and yet he had already reached such a high level. If this news gets circulated, countless alchemists would go crazy.
What could he do? Ling Xian was naturally good at enlightening and he had knowledge about alchemy that surpassed his own realm. It was because he was limited by his own soul, could he not improve even further.
In other words, he didn't need to train like other alchemists or to train daily. When he achieves any breakthrough with his Qi or soul, his alchemy skills increase as well.
If this news gets passed around, all the alchemists from the world would puke blood out of jealousy.
"Since I have nothing going on right now, I will brew a bit more."
The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up. he took out another serving of all the ingredients needed to make a Golden Dan of the Frozen Blood, and he brewed again.
Just like that, time went on slowly.
Ling Xian was focused on brewing his Dan.
Half a month later, a shocking rumbling broke through the sky and startled the entire Tianzhou.
Everyone was hit dumbfounded by this bell. When they raised their heads and looked up into the sky, they were even more astounded.
Because above the East Domain, a borderless and wide cemetery appeared. It vibrated with rhythm and the aura of being ancient and aged.
The reason why it was called a cemetery was because there were many stone monuments there. However, what was buried was no living beings - but Dao.
In other words, the fundamentals of the Earth and Heaven.
Yes. That is what it is.
Every single grave buried a type of Dao. From a certain angle, it is extremely similar to the pages the Divine Book of Genesis. However, it was extremely difficult to be enlightened with one of them. Unless one's extremely talented, there was no way one can learn it.
Despite so, the cultivators' hearts were wavering.
They were Daos!
The most fundamental existence of the universe, of the cultivators! Who's heart wouldn't waver?
After some moments of shock, the entire Tianzhou exploded.
"Haha, it appeared! The Great Mausoleum that only appears once every 200 years finally appeared again!"
"Great! Let's ignore the countless fortunes that's within the great Mausoleum. The cemeteries and the monuments alone are a great fortune."
"Exactly. Sadly, only original leveled cultivators can enter. I am merely at the completion level so I am not fated to get close to the Great Mausoleum."
The entire Tianzhou began to debate and discuss. Some people were happy, others were sad.
Especially the Heaven's Favorites with some fame, they were more than happy. To those who are as capable as them, the Great Mausoleum was a great place of treasure that can help them step up their current cultivation!
Other than these Heaven's Favorites, those who were at or above the original level were more than ecstatic. Though they know there would be no way for them to successfully compete against those Heaven's Favorite, it was a great position for them to be in.
After all, this was the Great Mausoleum that is ridden with numerous opportunities. Even if they get their hands on a small fortune, they capabilities would increase greatly.
Therefore, when it was confirmed that the Great Mausoleum was going to be activated in the East Domain, all completion leveled powerhouses made their moves and united in the East Domain.
Of course, this wasn't just the humankind. The foreign kinds have also heard the news and made their move.
At once, wind blew and cloud rose. All figures united in the East Domain.
It wasn't hard to imagine just how prosperous the East Domain was going to be when the Great Mausoleum activates. It was also very predictable that when everyone enters the Great Mausoleum, all Heaven's Favorites will aggressively fight and battle for treasures!
"So the Great Mausoleum is about to appear..."
Ling Xian walked out of his room. He stared at the endless amount of monuments and his eyes flashed with heat.
Though currently, the Great Mausoleum is merely a mirage and the real world has yet to appear. In a few days, the true Mausoleum will become visible in this world.
It will be a great fortune for everyone when that happens!

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