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Chapter 878: Pages of Enlightenment
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Inside the motel, Ling Xian laid down lopsided on his stone bed with his eyes closed.

His original plan was to go to the Valley of the Fallen Phoenix to find out more about the phoenix that disappeared.

But the Valley is possessed by the Wang Clan right now and he had just offended them. Therefore, even if he goes now, the Wang Clan will not let him enter.

Unless he enters using brute force.

That was basically impossible. The Wang Clan was one of the giants from the East Domain. He doesn’t have the ability to fight against them right now.

“It looks I cannot go to the Valley of the Fallen Phoenix temporarily.”

Ling Xian sighed softly. He dropped this matter for now and thought of the Great Mausoleum.

Based on what Fairy Wu described and based on what he had read, he could reach one conclusion.

That would be that the Palace of Fortune, the Imperishable Palace, and the Great Mausoleum are somewhat connected.

Ling Xian was very interested in this and he wanted to discover all the secrets from it.

Plus, there are countless opportunities from inside the Great Mausoleum and it also contains the Stream of Life that can revive the Tree of the Warming Soul. Ignoring the secrets about that place, the Stream of Life alone is worth a trip.

“Then it’s decided. Since I cannot go to the Valley of the Fallen Phoenix right now, I will quietly wait for the Great Mausoleum’s activation. After I get out of there, I will plan my next steps.”

Ling Xian made up his mind. Then, he took out the three pages from the Divine Book of Genesis.

At once, three golden pages appeared and were suspended in midair. They emitted golden light rhythmically. They were mysterious and strange.

It was the legendary pages from the Divine Book of Genesis!

The Divine Book of Genesis, for some unknown reason, fell apart into 3,000 pages. Every single page contained secrets of a great path and it was a treasure that everyone from the cultivation community dreamed of.

He acquired these three pages from the Imperishable Palace.

Back then, Ling Xian fought against six Heaven’s Favorites by himself and ended up taking three pages. Though he was heavily wounded from the battle, his gains were astonishing.

Even one page of it would be an immense treasure, let alone three.

Yes, after acquiring them, Ling Xian hasn’t enlightened himself. He was afraid that if he enlightened himself too much, he will become too unfocused. In other words, he would have chewed up more than he could swallow.

But since he was now at the original level and he has determined the path he wants to take, he can enlighten himself more now.

“It’s been so long. I have forgotten about these pages.”

Staring at these three pulsing pages, Ling Xian shook his head with a smile. Then, he took a Petal of Enlightenment and decided to learn the content from the pages.

He injected his soul into the first page. At once, the page began to exude with golden light. Waves of mysterious and strange energy rippled.

Then, a small flame appeared inside his brain.

It was merely the width of a finger and it was extremely weak. It was as if one gush of wind would blow it out. But the next second, the flame turned into the size of a fist.

As time went on, the flame grew bigger and brighter. In the end, it transformed into a sea of fire that had enough power to boil an ocean.

“The Path of Flame…”

Ling Xian mumbled and focused on the endless amount of flame inside his brain.

Though he knew no techniques that were fire in nature, the pages from the Divine Book of Genesis merely talks about the different Paths and its shapeless Dao. To any cultivator, learning about it was beneficial.

What is Dao?

It is shapeless and contentless. It is a mysterious form of power and also a law that guides Heaven and Earth. Or in other words, it is the fundamental composition of Heaven and Earth.

This page regarding the flame is about the nature of fire. If one enlightens oneself with it, then that would mean one has learned the very nature and composition of flames.

Remember that the entire point of cultivation is to pursue the root of everything. The Divine Book of Genesis meant that if one learns it, then one can understand and analyze the true nature of each element or path.

In other words, when all the cultivators are cultivating and working hard to pursue the meaning of the different Paths, the Divine Book of Genesis has already explored it and has displayed the Dao of the Paths before the cultivator. Just how heaven-defying was this?

It is because of this, that the Divine Book of Genesis is the dream treasure of every cultivator.

Of course, though the Divine Book of Genesis is unparalleled, it merely provides an easier path for people. As for whether or not someone can reach the peak and achieve greatness, that depends on the cultivator.

Or one’s enlightenment abilities.

Ling Xian was not missing this thing.

Therefore, after 10 days of enlightenment, he had learned the basics of the Path of Flames.

One has to admit that his speed of understanding is very fast. Even with the help of the Divine Book of Genesis and the Petal of Enlightenment, it was quick. Normally, it would take several years for people to learn the basics.

After learning the basics, Ling Xian could no longer enlighten himself. Because every single Path is extremely profound and enigmatic. No matter how good he is at enlightenment, he could not understand it any further.

Therefore, Ling Xian slowly opened his eyes and exited out of his enlightenment state.

Then, mentally calling out, a flame emerged from his index finger. It wasn’t the Flame of Purity, it was an ordinary fire formed by Dao.

When the basics of one Path is learned, one can use one’s learning to form energy. This concept is the same as learning techniques.

In other words, techniques are the carriers of Dao.

Therefore, after learning about the Path of Flame, Ling Xian could create fire. Though it wasn’t powerful by any means, what it implies is extraordinary.

“After merely 10 days, I have entered the Path of Flame. The Divine Book of Genesis sure is powerful.”

Ling Xian appeared surprised and somewhat happy.

Though he was fully aware of the fact that he merely learned the basics, which is nothing. But once he fully learns about the Path of Flame, he would then possess fundamental understanding of Heaven and Earth!

In other words, he can walk to the peak of the Path of Flame!

“Let’s see what the other two pages are about.”

The corner of Ling Xian’s lips curled up. He placed the first page into his storage pouch. Then, he injected his soul into the second page.

What surprised him was that this page was blank. While the page pulsed, no Dao was recorded.

This made Ling Xian frown in confusion.

But thinking about this made him realize… everyone says there are 3,000 paths in the world. But Dao is shapeless so how can there be a limit?

Three thousand Paths was merely a metaphor. Just how many Paths there actually were was unclear.

But one thing was for sure. There are only 3,000 pages of the Book of Genesis. Ling Xian couldn’t understand the use of a blank page.

“Could it be… it’s to make up the numbers?”

Ling Xian raised his eyebrow but then he quickly shook his head and denied this guess. Then, he ignored this blank page and injected his soul into the third one.

This one, like the previous one, was blank but pulsed with energy.

Ling Xian thought this was strange.

The Divine Book of Genesis was one of the highest levels of treasures since the history of life. Similar to the hatchet that once sliced the sky from the earth, every single part of it possessed an unbelievable amount of strength. There was no way there would be parts of it that are useless.

In other words, these two blank pages are not without use. They have uses that Ling Xian cannot yet comprehend.

“Just what does this mean…”
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