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Wu Ning Cheng was a name that shocks the entire Tianzhou.
Fairy Wu was a commonly known nickname.
Legend has it that the moment she was born, much phenomenon occurred that revealed her out of the ordinary level of talent. Then, as easy as breaking through a bamboo forest, she used merely a few decades to get to the peak of the original level and became one of the most powerful beings in Tianzhou out of everyone of her own generation.
Other than her capability, her beauty is also out of the world. Or else why would she be known as the beauty who turns all heads in the city?
On the "top ranked beauties" list of the East Domain, issued by the Pavilion of Opportunities, she was highly ranked and considered to be countless male cultivator's goddess.
It could be said that she was a perfect woman. Whether it was her face, her capabilities, or her background, she was top notch and she was overall a flawless woman.
Therefore, the moment she appeared, all the male cultivators at the scene felt their gazes turn heated. Many people began to act drunk.
Even the female cultivators couldn't help but look over. There was some jealousy in their eyes.
Ling Xian was no exception.
However, different from the other male cultivators, there was only curiosity in his eyes, there was no passion or lust.
Though Wu Ning Cheng was absolutely beautiful and could definitely cause some people trouble, his eyes remained clear and he didn't seem at the least lost in lust.
During his journey, he has seen many beautiful women and of course he wasn't about to succumb to Fairy Wu's grace.
"It's Fairy Wu! She came out personally? Could it be she is here to greet me?"
"That joke isn't funny. Look at the way you are! How is it possible that Fairy Wu would greet you personally?"
"Exactly. Just who do you think Fairy Wu is? Those she personally greets have to be top notch Heaven's Favorites!
"But we don't have people like that here. The insane ones are not from the East Domain, they wouldn't come here."
Everyone chimed in and were very confused. When they remembered what Wu Ning Cheng said when she appeared, they became even more curious. They couldn't figure out just who has a grand enough reputation that Fairy Wu would be visiting personally.
But the next moment, they found out and were stunned.
Because they saw this goddess like woman walk over in light steps and slowly arrive before the man they were just mocking. She even carried a soft smile with her.
At once, the space silenced.
Everyone was in pure shock now. They looked over at the smiling Wu Ning Cheng then glanced at the calm Ling Xian. They felt like their brains weren't big enough.
What… what is happening?
Fairy Wu is smiling at the country pumpkin? Could it be… Fairy Wu came out to greet him?
Everyone's eye were wide open and their faces were full of disbelief. Not even in their dreams did they think that the country pumpkin they were looking at would be greeted by Fairy Wu.

Just how much face was she giving him?
What the f!ck!
To be able to get Fairy Wu to greet them personally, why would he need an invitation? Why would he need a battle carriage?
Everyone was cursing mentally. They felt like someone had slapped them in the face and their cheeks ached.
But when Fairy Wu spoke out again, everyone fell into a state of shock.
"You must be the Taoist who got through all levels of the Heavenly Palace." Fairy Wu's smile was bright, beautiful, and attention snatching.
At once, everyone fell into silence again.
If Fairy Wu's personal greeting was a slap in the face, then what she was saying was also a slap in the face. It was a loud slap that made everyone dumbfounded.
What the f!ck!
He is the insane person who went through all levels of the Heavenly Palace!
Everyone was astonished. The way they looked at Ling Xian was full of shock and awe.
The story of how he beat through all levels of the Heavenly Palace have circulated around for miles or even further places. Therefore, everyone here has heard of his achievement and have already been astounded by it.
Now that they found out the target of their mockery is the legendary demon, how can they not be astonished?
As much as they were shocked, they also felt pain on their faces. It was like they had been slapped hard by someone.
Without a doubt, this slap was loud and very violent. All those who had laughed at Ling Xian felt their cheeks burning and they were so ashamed they had nowhere to go.
"That's right."
Ling Xian nodded softly and checked out the beautiful girl before him, "You are Fairy Wu? The woman whose name is thunder like by my ear."
"My name is humble and doesn't deserve mentioning. Everyone is merely nice to me." Fairy Wu's smile was like a flower – soul snatching and indescribably gorgeous.
"There are no wrong names nor are there wrong titles."
Ling Xian softly smiled. "You are far too humble. Seeing you today has made it very clear that you are as they say. Not only are you gorgeous, even your cultivation has reached the peak of the original level."
"You are flattering me."
Fairy Wu was very easy going and did not possess any arrogance normal Heaven's Favorites had. She softly smiled. "You are the true powerful one. In the entire Tianzhou, I think it is hard to find many people who are comparable to you."
"You are flattering me now."
Ling Xian had a faint smile on his lips but his brow unobservantly twitched a little. Though it appears they were flattering each other, they were actually both hinting at something to each other.
I know how capable you are.
Yes. Fairy Wu saw how powerful his physique was and he knows how her cultivation is extraordinary. Though they haven't judged each other's real battling abilities yet, these qualities alone has made them take each other very seriously.
"You are the monster whose name resonated throughout Tianzhou after all. You are powerful."
Ling Xian silently exclaimed. Though Fairy Wu never unleashed her Qi, he could feel her mysteriousness and unpredictability.
She was definitely the strongest one out of the youngest generation he's met ever since he began cultivation.
Fairy Wu's eyes flickered. It was obvious that she also found Ling Xian's physique a little surprising.
"You traveled far to get here so don't just stand by the door. Come on in and let me introduce a few Heaven's Favorites to you."
Fairy Wu's smile was faint. She extended her pale, lotus white arm and asked Ling Xian to come in.
However, he didn't move right away. Instead, he shifted his gaze to everyone there. Staring at the people who were now looking down in shame, the corner of his lips curled up, "If I recall correctly, someone had asked to see my invitation."
At those words, everyone's face turned white. The man who stood in Ling Xian's way appeared especially terrified. He realized that Ling Xian was planning on slapping them in the face again.
Yet they couldn't defend and could only accept silently.
Ordinarily speaking, with Ling Xian's mentality, he wouldn't continue to hit them after two slaps. But these Heaven's Favorites were far too arrogant. All of them had eyes higher than their heads. If he doesn't teach them a hard lesson, they would take advantage of him.
Therefore, the corner of his lips curled up and he threw the gold invitation onto the young man's face. He then said something that made everyone feel insanely humiliated.
"Open your eyes and look. Is this invitation real? Don't tell me it's fake when the time comes."
At those words, the young man's face turned white. He let the invitation fall to the ground and he didn't peek.
What a joke!
Why would a monster who got through all levels of the Heavenly Palace and acquired a personal greeting from Fairy Wu need an invitation?
Why would he need a battle carriage to show off his identity?!

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