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Inside the quiet garden, Ling Xian was long gone, leaving behind Ru Yu dumbfounded where she stood.

Her beautiful eyes were full of joy, excitement, and complexity.

It was him!

It was actually him!

Even though she had some ideas about his identity, after hearing Ling Xian admitting it, the shock she felt was great.

Wen Ru Yu, not even in her dreams, expected to be able to travel with her most admired hero for so long. He also helped her and helped the entire Wen Clan.

"It's him… it actually is him…"

Wen Ru Yu recollected herself. Staring at the empty little garden, her eyes flashed with disappointment.

When she remembered how she once called him a moron, her cheeks faintly flushed and she mumbled to herself, "I cursed at him… I cursed at the bravest hero in my heart…"

After leaving the garden, Ling Xian returned to the bamboo forest where he lived. He planned on calling up the elder and head to the Court of Thunder.

The moment he landed, the elder stuffed his face with all smiles and hurriedly greeted.

"Congratulations Young Master, from today on, the Court of Thunder is yours."

Hearing this, Ling Xian laughed, "Your attitude has changed a little too fast."

"After witnessing your abilities, my respect for you has grown like an endless ocean wave, it flows continuously."

The elder's expression was friendly. Deep inside his gaze, they blinked heavy respect.

He just watched that entire battle. Originally, he thought Ling Xian was no opponent of the ruler of Court. But he cannot believe it ended with the ruler of Court being defeated!

Therefore, why would his respect for Ling Xian grow?

As much as he respected him, he also felt fortunate. Fortunate that he decided to admit Ling Xian as his master. Not only did that save his life, it also means he will now be the ruler of Court and he now gets to enjoy many rights.

"There's no need for flattery," Ling Xian brandished his hand, "I believe you are aware of what you will have to do next."

"Do not worry, Young Master, the ruler has died, there are no other original leveled cultivators at the peak inside the Court of Thunder. As long as I can grow my capabilities a little, those other elders will for sure comply to my orders and allow me to be the new ruler of the Court of Thunder."

The elder reveaked another friendly smile, "After all, I am the vice ruler of Court and already have the right to be the next in line to be the ruler."

"That would be for the best."

Ling Xian smiled in satisfaction, "Go. When the time comes, you will be the face of the whole ordeal. I do not want to be recognized for what will happen next."

"Yes, yes, yes, I understand. You want to be the one directing from behind."

The elder nodded continuously and continued to flatter, "But I know that you are the true ruler of Court."

Hearing this, Ling Xian shook his head and laughed. "Let's go. Quickly gain right to the Court so you can take me to that mysterious place to train."

Then, he leaped into the sky.

The elder hurriedly flew into the sky and followed him to the southeast.

Three days later, Ling Xian and the elder came to the base of the Court of Thunder.

Before them was a large desert that stretched for hundreds of miles. It looked extremely lonely. On top of the sand stood many mountain ranges that formed a circle. It surrounded one of the forces in the Northern Desert.

The Court of Thunder.

If compared relative to normal Houses, then this force is larger than Yunzhou's Wan Jian House. However, when compared to forces in Tianzhou, this force is really nothing.

Out of Northern Desert, this force is only second tier.

Especially now, since the ruler had been killed by Ling Xian and the vice ruler has been enslaved, there was nobody who can stand in Ling Xian's way here anymore.

Therefore, when the elder's capabilities shocked the Court, he acquired everyone's approval and successfully became the new ruler of Court. Though some people didn't like it, they had no power to object.

Therefore, the elder became the new ruler for the Court of Thunder and Ling Xian became the true owner of the Court of Thunder!

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He wasn't too interested in that.

In terms of capabilities, the entire population from the Court of Thunder combined cannot defeat him, therefore they were of no help. In terms of wealth, if this place was at a resourceful geographic location, the maybe there would be some treasures that can trigger his interest. But this was a desert, so there was nothing.

Therefore, from beginning to end, Ling Xian had no plan to rule the Court of Thunder. His intention was simple – the mysterious place filled with thunder.

The Indestructible Physique was an art for the physical body. No matter how enlightened he may be, it was useless. What he needs to do is harsh training and enduring.

Therefore, he needed to borrow strength from lightning and thunder and increase his cultivation speed greatly.

That mysterious place was without a doubt, the best place for him to train. If he is lucky enough, if he is capable enough, then maybe he can get the thunderous gel and enhance his physical body even more.

Therefore, after the elder took care of the Court of Thunder, he took Ling Xian to the mysterious place.

He formed a hand seal and the ground before him cracked open, revealing a tunnel.

"Young master, here it is." The elder grinned with flattery.

Ling Xian nodded. His eyes shone with high expectation. Then, he marched forward in giant steps and entered the underground tunnel.

Here, it was empty and vast. Straight ahead was a square shaped fountain that was flashing with lightning and rumbling with thunder. It emitted eeriness.

Ling Xian's eyes flashed with unusualness. He didn't think there would be a fountain of lightning that was self-regulated and self-fueled.

"Hehe, this is the most important area for the Court of Thunder."

The elder grinned, "I am not sure why this fountain can generate its own thunder and lightning. I also don't know why it is endless. It seems like it never rests."

"No wonder you claimed there may be gel of thunder. It really could generate in such a mysterious place." Ling Xian's eyes revealed much astonishment and, at the same time, they flickered with happiness.

He could sense the terror from the fountain of thunder. Its strength was exponentially stronger than the elder's technique. This meant, he will soon feel pain but at the same time, his speed of training will increase.

"The probability of that is very slim. Based on what I know, since the establishment of the Court hundreds of years ago, only three times we got the gel of thunder. Every time, the ruler of Court used it."

The elder appeared pitiful but also intrigued.

"That's alright. This fountain alone is enough for me to train."

Ling Xian brandished his hand and smiled, "Alright, you can exit. I need to train in peace."

"Yes, young master." The elder bowed and slowly retreated.

After the elder departed, Ling Xian marched forward in giant steps toward the thunderous fountain. However, just as he got close, the fountain suddenly roared. Lightning after lightning howled and rolled out in all directions.

"What strong lightning!"

Ling Xian's gaze froze but he did not attack. Instead, he summoned the Indestructible Physique to endure the incoming thunder.


The lightning and thunder were inching closer, overbearing and terrifying. Ling Xian, however, was steady like a Tai Mountain and did not budge. He allowed the lightning to slam onto his body.

At once, smoke began to come off his body and he was starting to look a little charred.

However, his physique was very powerful these days. With the Indestructible Physique, lightning of such calibre cannot injure him.

Therefore, Ling Xian was very happy. As if he was seeing a rare treasure, even his eyes were turning heated.

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