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"He agreed to your conditions, but I did not."

After those cold words fell, Ling Xian, wearing a robe as white as snow, slowly walked in. He gave off the vibe that he was about to slay.

Behind him, Wen Ru Yu followed closely. Her eyes were full of rage.

Instantly, everyone's gaze shifted over. The Wen Clan were a little stunned to see Wen Ru Yu return at this critical moment. They also didn't expect to see her bring in a stranger.

After a momentary pause from the Wang Clan, they began to laugh.

"Who do you think you are? Her own father agreed, the entire Wen Clan agreed, what right do you have to disagree?"

The Wang Clan Leader smiled in disdain. The other members also scorned.

"I earn my right with my capabilities."

Ling Xian spoke softly. He had arrived with Wen Ru Yu a while ago. Therefore, all of the Wang leader's arrogant words fell into his ears.

This solidified his intention of meddling with the situation. Not only was it to keep his promise, he also wanted to carry out justice for God.

The Wang Clan was committing theft when a fire was happening at the other Clan. They were extremely overbearing and completely threatened the Wen Clan. Naturally Ling Xian was a little angry.

"Sadly, I don't believe you have the capability."

The Wang Clan Leader didn't care too much, "Young man, while I'm in a good mood, get the f!ck out of here. Realize that there are some people you should never provoke."

"That is true. But those I should not provoke does not include you or anyone from the Wang Clan."

Ling Xian glared at him, feeling too lazy to waste more words, "If you want to back out of the arranged marriage, I will let this whole thing go. If you don't, then I will have to fight you."

"You moron stop overestimating yourself."

The Wang Clan Leader coldly laughed. "You are obvious an ordinary mortal without any spiritual energy and you dare to mind other people's business. You sure are impatient and want to die."

"There have been others who's called me a handicap without spiritual energy. Then, they died." Ling Xian's expression was calm and his robe fluttered despite the lack of wind. He truly looked like he was about to strike.

"Haha, how laughable."

The Wang Clan Leader laughed out loud with much disdain and sarcasm. He pointed at Ling Xian and ordered in a low voice, "Since you want to mind other people's business, then I will teach you what happens when you meddle."

After those words, Qi from the intermediate stage of the original level seeped through his body. The entire greeting hall quaked.

The entire Wen Clan had a change of expression while the Wang Clan cheered on.

"Haha, how many moves do you think is enough to finish off this young fella? My guess is three."

"What a joke. A handicap without Qi… one second is all it takes to kill him."

"Naw, I think the leader merely needs to look at him to kill him. He has bitten off more than he can chew. To go against the Wang Clan means he will die pitilessly."

Everyone from the Wang Clan chimed in. Their tone was sarcastic.

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"Are you hearing this?"

The Wang Clan leader continued to mock, "I am in a good mood today. If you kneel down and kowtow three times, I can show you generosity and spare your life."

"I originally felt a little bad about ending this arrange marriage. But after witnessing your arrogant behaviours, I am not at all guilty."

Ling Xian's expression was emotionless and coldness rolled around his eyes. "What I do feel now, is fortunate. I feel fortunate that I chose to be a part of this and to end your arrogance."

"Haha, you really think you are doing God's work? What a joke!"

The Wang Clan Leader laughed in disdain. "Since you do not know how high the sky is, then let me send you all the way to the west."

Then, he stepped forward one step and his original leveled Qi exploded!

Instantly, the Wang Clan clapped and cheered. There was no pity in their eyes, only ridicule.

The Wen Clan on the other hand, looked dim and they expressed their pity. It was as if they were already certain that Ling Xian will succumb under this strike.

After all, he was an original leveled cultivator in the intermediate stage!

Only Wen Ru Yu was looking excited. She was very confident in Ling Xian. She knew just how powerful this harmless young man was!

Even the seven Houses and 18 Clans were beaten down by him!

"Merely the intermediate stage of the original level… I don't even know how many cultivators I've killed that were at your level."

Ling Xian glared at him and tore open the space to reappear before the Wang Clan Leader in a flash. Then, he slowly rose his right hand and grasped his throat.

This soft but slow movement carried the strength of a real dragon. Everything in sight immediately crumbled!

At the same time, the Wang Clan Leader's momentum was broken!

The Leader lost his composure and quickly moved away to dodge this talon. However, he found out that the talon's power had sealed the space all around him. He had nowhere to run to!

Under this critical situation, he quickly called out to his enlivener. Spiritual energy howled out to block this attack.

Sadly, his capability was merely at the intermediate stage of the original level – not the same calibre as Ling Xian. Even if he give it his all, he cannot defend against Ling Xian.


After a loud rumble, Ling Xian's dragon-like claw crushed through the Wang Clan Leader's shield and locked onto his throat.

At once, the hall silenced.

All gazes were fixated onto Ling Xian with astonishment and awe.

To know that the Wang Clan Leader was an original leveled cultivator of the intermediate stage. In this land, he was a ranked powerhouse!

It was difficult for anyone to take control over him with one move, let alone being defeated by one move. Yet he was about to be defeated by Ling Xian's one move. Why wouldn't everyone be in awe?

"My god, have I gone blind? How is this possible?"

"Unbelievable, one strike knocked down the Wang Clan Leader's defense and conquered him. This is so hard to believe."

"The Leader is at the intermediate stage of the original level. To be conquered by one move… my god, just how strong is that person?"

Everyone croaked and choked. Both the Wang Clan and the Wen Clan were shocked to a point of no restoration.

The Wang Clan in particular was revealing much awe. His eyes were flooded with terror.

"Now, who is begging who for forgiveness?"

Ling Xian said gently. Applying pressure to his right hand, he raised the Wang Clan Leader above his head.

Instantly, the Wang Clan Leader's face reddened and turned puffy. He subconsciously grabbed onto Ling Xian's right hand and attempted to breathe. However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not at all nudge the talon-like right hand.

The Wang Clan was in a haste now. An elder at the beginning stage of the original level stepped out and slammed towards Ling Xian.

"Someone with this kind of quality dare to attack me?"

Ling Xian's eyes squinted. Without looking and alongside a cold sneer, he punched a fist.

"Get the f!ck out of here!"

After those words were spoken, the space crumbled. The elder was bleeding out of everywhere and was knocked out.

This scene once again shocked everyone!

Those who originally wanted to go up and help the Clan Leader stopped themselves. Their eyes were full of fear and their bodies shook uncontrollably.

As for the Wang Clan Leader, his fear reached an extreme. Now he finally realized how terrifying the young man before him was and finally realized his own stupidity.

A powerhouse of such level is not someone the Wang Clan can provoke.

Obviously not.

Therefore, as much as he was scared, he was also regretful. He regretted provoking this god-like figure!

"Feeling the fear now? Feeling the regret now?"

Ling Xian spoke. His cold eyes pierced through the Wang Clan Leader and in a calm tone, he said, "Now, will you cancel the arranged marriage?"

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