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All living beings, upon hearing this news that circulated Yunzhou, widened their eyes and drifted into astonishment.

To challenge three noble kinds within a day! How dominating was this!

How powerful was this!

Remember, those were three noble kinds from the foreign kinds!

Even though they were impure in blood and had very limited number of descendants, each and every one of them were extremely powerful and were stronger than every single individual of the humankind living in the 10 dynasties and 9 Houses!

This was unheard of!

To have three noble kinds be destroyed by a single person within a day was utterly unthinkable!

Especially when it became a known fact that the man who achieved this was the monster who had died 10 years ago, all the living beings in Yunzhou were even more surprised.

Nobody in Yunzhou was unfamiliar with Ling Xian. Ever since he entered everyone's sight, he has been achieving much glorious accomplishments that shocked the continent.

All of his achievements, which one of them wasn't shocking?

It could be said that the majority of the people in Yunzhou could reiterate his glorious achievements like they were accomplishments of their own family.

Despite this, when they heard how he destroyed three noble kinds within a day, everyone felt much disbelief!

Not even in their dreams did they think that the heaven defying monster had revived and increased in abilities by such a landslide!

Back then, Ling Xian was merely a completion leveled cultivator. Against the suppression of the three foreign kinds, he had to leave his hometown. This was something most people in Yunzhou knew about.

It's because they knew, that they were more shocked than ever.

All because Ling Xian's speed of improvement was far too shocking. Just so many years ago, he was merely a completion leveled cultivator. But after these many years, he had grown to be able to kill three noble kinds. Why wouldn't people here be astounded?

They were three noble kinds!

In terms of capabilities, they didn't lack next to any of the dynasties or houses, yet they were destroyed by Ling Xian within a day. Doesn't this mean his capabilities are equivalent to an entire dynasty or house?

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In other words, his capabilities today could rule Yunzhou!

This was why all the living beings were shocked to their core. They knew that a powerhouse had returned from hell and had swept out three noble kinds. They knew he was about to rule Yunzhou!

After some moments of astonishment, the humankind began to celebrate. Everyone celebrated this achievement!

All because the humankind and the foreign kinds were enemies. Therefore, for Ling Xian to have killed three noble kinds meant the foreign kinds in Yunzhou lost 50% of their battling capabilities. Why wouldn't the human kinds be excited?

The Wan Jian House in particular, was more than ecstatic. Everyone was celebrating no matter what position. All these years, the Wan Jian House has been suppressed by the three foreign kinds. Whether on their own land or when they send their descendants, their people would get attacked.

Today, Ling Xian had attacked ruthlessly and killed three of them. Not only did this satisfied the Wan Jian House, it also helped them with their fear. Naturally everyone was extremely happy.

On the other side, when there is someone happy, there is someone sad.

Those three noble kinds have always been the pillar and main power sources for Yunzhou's foreign kinds. Yet before their eyes, their pillars were destroyed by a single person. Naturally the foreign kinds fell into much sadness.

Of course, there were much anger as well.

But, not a single beast dared to go find trouble. What a joke? If the three noble kinds couldn't even fight against him, who would dare to provoke this man?

If they wanted to die, they wouldn't use this method!

Therefore, despite the anger the different foreign kinds felt, not a single beast dared to go find Ling Xian. Even the other two noble kinds fell silent in fear of offending Ling Xian and getting killed.

After three days, the Wan Jian House sent invitations to the 10 Dynasties and nine Houses. The cover up was to gather and celebrate, while the reality was that they wanted to borrow Ling Xian's achievements to scare the different forces off a little bit.

Though in the past, when the Wan Jian House was being suppressed by the three noble kinds, the 10 Dynasties and nine Houses helped, numerous forces went against the Wan Jian House. Naturally, they wanted to borrow this opportunity to warn the other forces.

The 10 Dynasties and nine Houses were fully aware of this.

But to give Ling Xian face, they had to come. They also had to bring expensive gifts.

Because everyone knew just how powerful he was. Though dominating Yunzhou was a bit of an exaggeration, but he now could easily destroy a small force amongst the different forces.

After all, he had killed off three noble kinds. This has proven his capabilities!

Therefore, why wouldn't the different groups be scared? They had to bring some gifts and make sure they have a good relationship with Ling Xian.

Thus, after the invitations were sent out, all the Supreme Headmasters from the different forces came to the Wan Jian House with heavy offerings.

Without exceptions, all those who came were Supreme Headmasters. Only doing so can they display how much they respected Ling Xian and this new victor.

When the Supreme Headmasters from all the different forces arrived, Ling Xian was casually teaching his apprentice.

Of course, by teaching, he really was just giving her stuff.

After throwing some techniques and resources to An Qiu Shui, he didn't do much more. Everyday, he travelled and played around to sooth his emotions. His relaxed and at ease days were truly worth envying.

After he saw everyone he wanted to see and do everything he wanted to do, of course Ling Xian had to take this rare opportunity to rest.

Currently, he was standing on top of a mountain peak, enjoying the beautiful view of sunrise.

The faint golden Sun that was rising from the sea to the cloud was shedding down gold lights that made Ling Xian look like an immortal and impossible to taint.

"After so many years, I cannot believe I went from being a newbie who doesn't know anything to a powerhouse who can dominate Yunzhou."

Staring at the Sun that was just beginning to rise, Ling Xian had much to exclaim.

Back then, though he was nicknamed to be undefeatable of his own generation and had the power to dominate the younger generation, to the true powerhouses of Yunzhou, he merely was a junior. Though this junior was full of talent, he has not established himself.

After numerous years, he had transformed into an original leveled powerhouse. Especially after experiencing death once, he now had the right to be compared to those at the advanced stage of the original level.

Therefore, he was now just like any other powerhouse in Yunzhou. Or even, he was above them and could be leading Yunzhou.

One has to admit that Ling Xian was growing far too fast. He was literally a fish who turned into a dragon – a perfect metamorphosis.

Anyone would have much to exclaim about and they would all be full of shock.

"Time flies and it's ruthless. Today, I can finally walk anywhere in Yunzhou and my capability is comparable to the 10 Dynasties and 9 Houses."

Ling Xian revealed a faint smile. He was somewhat happy and somewhat proud.

He truly should be proud. Merely a few decades have passed. To other cultivators, they would still be struggling in the completion level. Yet he had grown to the state he was in now. Anyone with this growth would be proud.

"I have finally and truly turned into a powerhouse and I now have the right to fly high and peer down at the world."

Ling Xian had a faint smile on his lips. He let the wind mess up his hair as he uttered out a statement that was both happy and dominating.

"Next, I will sit and wait for the Dynasties and Houses to pay me a visit."

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