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"Stop that right now!"

A loud shout echoed. A gold-and-white-haired elder was looking furious and his spiritual energy shook up the entire space.

He is Jin Feng's brother, also the person who once led the group to threaten the Wan Jian House.

After seeing how Ling Xian threw his little brother from over his head, how could he not be furious over his violent tendencies?

The other two elders reacted the same way. However, as much as they were furious, they were also astonished.

A tiny humankind had just somehow lifted a golden roc who is heavier than a mountain. The situation itself is unprecedented.

"You finally showed yourself."

Ling Xian lifted the golden roc above his head. But no matter how hard it attempted to struggle, it could not escape Ling Xian's chains. It was extremely terrified.

However, it had no energy to resist.

Ling Xian also had no time to pay attention to it. the moment the elder showed up, Ling Xian's eyes exuded hatred and his anger burned.

"Damn you ant! Not only did you just provoke the entire roc kind, but you also just killed so many of our members. You deserve to die!"

The elder burned in fury. A majestic wave of energy howled and emitted enough energy to swallow the mountain and the sea. Everything shook.

However, not only did Ling Xian's expression not change, but he also revealed a cold smile. He looked at the furious elder and said, "I am simply giving you an eye for an eye. Back then, you threatened my Wan Jian House. This humiliation is something I will give back to you."

"You ant! For us to attack the Wan Jian House is giving you face!"

The elder's face was full of disdain and continued to mock, "Don't forget, back in the last era, you humankind were slaves to us, the roc kind!"
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Ling Xian's eyes turned cold. The roc kind dominatingly evaded the Wan Jian House and they were now claiming that it was because they were giving the Wan Jian House face. Now, it was saying that it was because the roc kind was once owners of the humankind. Why wouldn't Ling Xian be angry?

"Well, well, well, what an unreasonable foreign kind."

Ling Xian's expression turned cold but he still chuckled, "Then what's the need for me to be polite? Let me butcher this brute first."

As he spoke, his two hands began to exert force. Amongst the sky, the roc's painful shriek arose.

"Ah, big bro, save me! Kind leader, save me!"

The roc continued to scream in pain as it felt its body being torn apart. The agonizing pain made its consciousness hazy.

These three elder's expression all changed.

Jin Feng's big brother, in particular, was looking hasty and quickly ordered, "Ling Xian, let go of my brother right now! Or else, I will slice you into pieces!"

"Look at the state we are in now, you dare to threaten me still?"

After hearing the tone in the elder's voice, Ling Xian revealed a taunting smile and a cold grin, "You think I will let go just because you said so? Do you have brain damage? I came here today to execute the entire roc kind."

After those words, he no longer hesitated. Both of his hands inserted into Jin Feng's body and he strappingly tore it apart!

Instantly, fresh blood splattered everywhere. Jin Feng, who was as big as a mountain, was torn in half by him!

Before its big brother, before the three most powerful figures of the roc kind, Ling Xian used such a humiliating manner to tear it apart and express his powerfulness!

The roc's blood dyed the sky red. A powerful roc died just like that. Its widened eyes were full of helplessness and regret.

The world silenced.

Ling Xian was now bathed in blood but he stood tall and straight. Like a demon, his killer's intent was out of the world and violent!

The three powerful elders from the roc kind were stunned.

It was all because of Ling Xian's powerfulness and because of his recklessness!

With pure physical strength, he tore apart a golden roc who was at the original level. Just how dominating was this?

Before the roc kind's three most powerful men, he tore a member of their kind in half. Just how bold of an action was this?

This was enough to prove Ling Xian's aggressiveness and his determination to cause a blood bath amongst the roc kind!


After another heart aching shriek, the gold haired elder's hair stood up on their ends, "Give me back my brother's life!"

After those words, it immediately transformed back to its original form and headed towards Ling Xian. Its giant body was hundreds of meters long. Along with its terrifying Qi, his presence pressed down onto the others.

However, not only did Ling Xian's expression remain unchanged, he coldly snickered instead, "Perfect. I was planning on finishing our business!"

Then, in a flash, he reappeared before the roc. Without any moments of doubt, he slammed down his hand and caused the earth to split!


His physical body began to emit bright and blinding light similar to the Sun in the sky. This was one of the behaviors shown when one's physical body strengthens to a certain extent. It is also a behavior that shows when he uses all of his strength!

Against one of his past rivals, against the advanced stage of the original leveled golden roc, Ling Xian no longer gave any mercy. He cannot give any more mercy!

Don't forget, this was a golden roc, equivalent to an apex predator that was undefeatable within its generation!


The great battle started. The golden roc was behaving as if he had lost it. The gold feathers on its body shot out like swords. They were incomparably sharp and were peerless!

Against this violent attack, Ling Xian was not afraid and did not retreat. His physical body was emitting light like a small Sun. every time a feather gets close to him, it would automatically melt away.

At the same time, two of his fists were unleashed. He had summoned the Untainted's unparalleled Disorder Conquering Fists!


The heavenly fists were shocking and its powerfulness engulfed the world. The power from this one fist gave the golden roc much disadvantage!

This made the other two elders' eyes widen. They shrieked in astonishment, "The Disorder Conquering Fists!"

Hearing this, Ling Xian frowned. This was the first time someone has identified this art. But when he thought about it, it made sense.

Back then, the Keeper of the Land and Sea ruled an entire era. With the Disorder Conquering Fists, she defeated all of the kind of beings in the world. Within these kinds, there was the roc kind.

Therefore, it was normal for these two to recognize this unparalleled art.

"What? This guy knows the Keeper's unparalleled technique?"

The golden roc shouted in shock. They felt a strange wave of terror. The other two elders felt the same.

What could they do? This technique was far too prominent and far too powerful. back then. This technique alone beat down all of their ancestors. Why wouldn't they be afraid?

The two elders exchanged glances and saw the terror and shock in each other's eyes.

Not even in their dreams did they think that the missing art, the Disorder Conquering Fists, would appear once again in the world. They truly did not think that the person who knows it would be their enemy!

"This technique is too powerful. This person's physique is also unparalleled. We need to attack together!"

The two elders agreed on this and made a decision instantly. Then, the two rocs entered the battle scene to instantly put more pressure on Ling Xian!

The three rocs were at the advanced stage of the original level and possessed capabilities that nobody of this era should have. For them to attack together was even more insane and it felt like they could even invade Yunzhou!

Though Ling Xian was powerful, it was difficult for his two fists to fight against three enemies.

However, he was fearless. With his reckless attitude, he continued to display unmatched vigor!


The three beasts attacked together. All of their gold feathers turned into sharp swords the wedged themselves in different parts of the earth!

Any original leveled powerhouse would feel numbness and would have a change of expression at this!

However, Ling Xian was fearless!

His black hair tussled in the wind as he went completely insane. Like a warrior who didn't dare anyone to talk badly, he exuded the energy to rule the world.


Ling Xian began his aggressive attacks. Every swing of his hand split the ground and crumbled the sky, destroying heaven and earth!

At once, the Disorder Conquering Fists that hasn't revealed itself for more than 100,000 years dazzled everyone yet again and shocked all nine levels of heaven and all 10 levels of hell!

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