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That year, Ling Xian just entered the Zhou Dynasty and came to a conflict with the Third Prince.

Then, he publicly attempted to kill the Third Prince, causing the emperor to personally attack him, thereby creating a rivalry.

Today, the Zhou Dynasty's emperor was badly beaten and he has lost all his face. The old rivalry came to a complete end.

Ling Xian believed that he had taught the emperor a great lesson. For the rest of his life, he believed the emperor would spend it in shame. This was harder on him than killing him.

Plus, after today, the Seventh Princess will become the new empress of the Zhou Dynasty. Even if this person cannot let go of this past, he wouldn't have the guts to attack Ling Xian.

Therefore, what's there to dwell on?

"I will stay here another day. Tomorrow, after the Seventh Princess is crowned, I will leave."

Ling Xian's expression was emotionless. After he shot the elder a meaningful look, he said, "Do not play tricks on me. or else I cannot promise that I won't clean out the royal line."

Hearing this, the elder shuddered and said in a hurry, "I don't dare. I have promised alongside the emperor that I will not play any tricks behind your back."

"That would be for the best."

Ling Xian nodded softly and no longer paid attention to the two of them who had complex expressions on their faces. He headed straight towards the Seventh Princess' palace.

After some time, he landed on top of her palace and ran into the Seventh Princess who held a complex expression on her face.

She stood on top of her roof. Her fancy gown and the bands in her hair were fluttering in the wind. Her expression had many layers. There were helplessness, excitement, and surprise.

It was obvious that she had witnessed everything.

"Everyone says the royal line is ruthless. It looks like your feelings for the emperor run deep," Ling Xian landed on top of the roof and spoke softly.

"I still remember when I was young and being hugged by him. But back then, he liked me very much. No matter how busy the nation was, he always took the time to be with me. I just don't know when we started to change."

The Seventh Princess exclaimed, "He turned colder. And I grew more and more calculative to survive in this palace and wanting to one day become the ruler."

Hearing this, Ling Xian turned silent.

"I'm sorry for making you laugh."

The Seventh Princess mocked herself and then bowed deeply towards Ling Xian, "I thank you for not killing my father and thank you for allowing me to become the new empress."

"I told you to thank Qing Yi instead."

Ling Xian brandished his hand. Remembering that dimpled smile, Ling Xian was feeling a little low and a little sad.

"Encountering you is her misfortune."

Remembering how Lin Qing Yi was willing to die for Ling Xian but was unwilling to drag him down with her, the seventh princess felt a little furious.

She was angry that she didn't fight, angry that she was so stupid.


Ling Xian bitterly smiled. Remembering all the things Lin Qing Yi had done for him, his heart filled up with bitterness and he sighed, "Yeah, running into a scum like me is her misfortune."

Seeing his bitter face, the anger the Seventh Princess felt disappeared, "Sorry. I have spoke the wrong words."

"No, you are not wrong."

Ling Xian sighed a long sigh, "Qing Yi has done too, too much for me. But I haven't done anything for her at all."

"You can't say that. I have heard your story with Qing Yi. You saved her twice."

The Seventh Princess spoke gently, "Plus, before dying, she said that she doesn't regret meeting you."

"Doesn't regret…"

Mumbling, Ling Xian turned silent. After some time, he opened his lips and said, "Take me to Qing Yi's tomb. I want to…spend some time with her."

"It's probably better for you to visit. Follow me."

The Seventh Princess silently praised herself for being prepared. Then, she headed to the area behind her palace.

Ling Xian tightly followed.

After some time, the Seventh Princess and him arrived in a dense forest.

Here, the table was clear and the mountain was tall. The scenery was so beautiful that anyone who comes would exclaim its beauty. However, Ling Xian found this place to be eerie and lifeless.

All because at the deep end of the forest stood a tombstone with three words carved on it.

Lin Qing Yi.

Gentle wind fluttered by, making Ling Xian feel extremely cold. He merely dumbly stared and tears, without him knowing, blurred his vision.

"Aye, is this really necessary."

The Seventh Princess silently exclaimed and drifted away to leave Ling Xian alone.

He was acting like a mud statue, who couldn't move or speak. Only his damp and blurred vision remained on that isolated tomb.

Only after a long time, did Ling Xian regain himself. He squeezed out a bitter smile.

Not even in his dreams did he think that after he returned back to life from death, what welcomed him was the death of a beauty.

"Qing Yi… I am sorry. I came late."

Ling Xian deeply sighed and slowly walked forward. Every single step he took, he took with great difficulty and exhausted all his strength.

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There were merely several steps in this short journey. But for him, it felt like a long century.

After he arrived before this tombstone, he once again became motionless.

He didn't cry out loud nor did he softly whimper. All there was, was silence – dead silence. It was as if this place of burial was ice cold and lifeless.

After the wind flew by, Ling Xian turned even colder and he was even more silent.

Shaking, he extended his right hand and gently touched the black tombstone and Lin Qing Yi's name. It was as if this would bring him some comfort.

Tears slowly fell slowly and pitter-pattered on top of the tombstone.

Then, without speaking another word, he took out a giant jar of strong alcohol.

"Maybe I won't be so sad if I was drunk."

Mumbling, Ling Xian spun around the jar and tilted it to aim it right at his mouth. Then, strong alcohol washed through his organs like fire. His face turned bright red.

However, it was as if he didn't even notice as he continued to drink aggressively. He seemed to want to fall into a deep sleep and enter a state where he could no longer think.

Yet the more he drank, he more clear headed he became.

Lin Qing Yi's music like voice, or her bright smile, flashed across his brain continuously. All those good times they've had together also emerged one by one.

All that history, all that past, was clear like yesterday.

Sadly, the beauty was long gone and forever bid the world goodbye. She had left Ling Xian to be sad all by himself.

"Qing Yi…"

Ling Xian gently called and then bitterly smiled. He continued to drink the strong alcohol.

Yet he just could not get drunk. He could merely let the sadness overtake him and let the tears fall.


The next day, the Seventh Princess was crowned the new ruler of the Zhou Dynasty.

The first thing she did was seal off her previous palace and ban anyone from entering.

The second thing was to enter into a pact with the Wan Jian House. The two will now fight together, or retreat together.

Three days later, from the now sealed off area that was once a part of the Seventh Princess' palace, walked out a young man.

His eyes were caved in and his face was white. His entire body reeked of alcohol. However, despite his fatigue, his eyes were not the slightest dim.

It was Ling Xian.

He didn't completely let himself go. Instead, his belief to walk the Path of Endeavoring solidified. Because Lin Qing Yi didn't want him to become wasted and because he wanted to revive her.

"Walking on the Path of Endeavoring means I can control my own and others' lives."

Ling Xian stared at the undying Sun. The path of his future was getting more and more clear and more and more steady.

Then, he raised his hand to tore open the sky and head towards the three foreign kinds' land.
His rivalry with the Zhou Dynasty has resolved. Next, it was time for him to find the three foreign kinds and finish what they started.

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