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Painting of the Nine Immortals 813 The Eyes of the Falling Stars

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The Sun was hanging high in the sky, shedding down an infinite amount of light.
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Alongside the birth of the Inner Eyes were an infinite amount of light. The light complemented the young girl and made her look like a female warrior – divine and unoffendable.

The ground was without sound. Even the heavens and hells were quiet at the sight of this.

All eyes were fixated on the girl's eyes. They were full of awe and disbelief.

The Inner Eyes were considered a strange form of power in the Taoism community and was of course well known by everyone. Especially the Inner Eyes that are tenth ranked or higher, their names are frequently heard and widely known.

Of course, most people have never seen them. If someone came around with a pair of those eyes, they might not be able to identify it. But right now, the Inner Eyes were being born at this moment. If they still cannot identify these eyes, then they might as well bang themselves against a wall.

Therefore, when they saw the countless number of stars falling in the young girl's eyes, they recognized it!

The Eyes of the Falling Stars!

Ninth-ranked Inner Eyes that were known to be able to trigger stars to fall!

"Oh my god, this is far too shocking. This young girl awakened the legendary Inner Eyes!"

"It's also the ninth-ranked Eyes of the Falling Stars, this is far too unbelievable!"

"How can people who awaken the Eyes of the Falling Stars be a piece of trash? She is obviously a Heaven's Favorite, one out of 10,000!"

Everyone shouted in excitement. Other than surprise in the way they looked at the young girl, there were merely heavy traces of admiration and jealousy.

Xia Hou Lin's face was in botches of green and white. He didn't expect the young girl he thought was useless would be able to awaken the legendary Inner Eyes!

This was like a loud and crisp slap landed on his face.

"I… I awakened the Inner Eyes?"

The young girl's expression was sluggish. She could not believe that someone others thought was useless would end up awakening the ninth-ranked Inner Eyes.

This was something she could not even believe herself!

"There is no reason to doubt that. That is the power hidden inside you." Ling Xian softly smiled and patted her head, "I will take care of what happens next. Watch me find you justice."

Then, he marched forward one step and his smiled turned cold instantly.

"Xia Hou Lin right? What do you have to say now?"

"Hehe, there is nothing for me to say."

Xia Hou Lin coldly snickered, "So what she awakened the Inner Eyes? I called her trash so she is trash! The Wan Jian House does not need trash!"

"Does not need?"

Ling Xian's eyes turned cold. He did not think that even now, Xia Hou Lin was still not regretful of his decisions. To feed his own pride and ego, he was overlooking the Wan Jian House completely and turning away this Heaven's Favorite. Why wouldn't Ling Xian be furious?

"I said I don't want her so I don't want her. What can you do?"

Xian Hou Lin didn't care much as he smiled, "Don't think that you are slapping my face just because she awakened the Inner Eyes. I am the one in charge here and I decide whether or not this useless person is allowed!"

"You are in charge? You think you are the Supreme Headmaster of the Wan Jian House?" Ling Xian's expression was cold as he bathed in anger.

"I am not. But everything that happens outside of our land is up to me!"

Xia Hou Lin was looking arrogant as he continued, "I suggest you get the f!ck out of here! Or else, I will slap you to death in one go."

"Well, very well."

Ling Xian's anger showed up as a smile on his face, "I cannot believe the Wan Jian House bred a scum like you."

"Who did you call a scum?"

Xia Hou Lin chuckled. "Fella, I think you are tired of living."

"I think you are the one who's tired of living!"

Ling Xian was furious. He raised one palm and it landed straight on Xia Hou Lin's face!


Instantly, Xiao Hou Lin shrieked in pain and wanted to fight back. However, before he could make a move, a ghost-like silhouette appeared before him.

At the same time, there was also a large hand there.


Ling Xian once again extended a slap that landed squarely on Xia Hou Lin's face.

Instantly, this person was stunned.

Not even in her dreams did he expect that someone as powerful as he was would be slapped twice.

He really did not expect what Ling Xian did next.


Another slap whipped out and Ling Xian's expression was ice-cold, "The person who is willing to curse and hit candidates bring shame to the Wan Jian House and deserves a beating!"

Then, another palm landed on Xia Hou Lin's now bloody and mushed face.

"Treating a genius like a piece of trash means you have eyes but no sight, you deserve a beating!"

Another slap landed, knocking out this person's teeth.

"Even after seeing the awakening of the ninth-ranked Inner Eyes that prove her to be a rare genius, you still dare to reject her. You deserve this beating!"

Ling Xian hit him again, angry. Half of Xia Hou Lin's face was cracked into pieces and the pain made him sweat. As much as he was angry, he also felt fear and realized that he was no opponent to the person before him.

Therefore, he silently crushed a jade pendant and his expression turned much more relaxed.

Witnessing Ling Xian's actions sent shudders down everyone's spines. They felt like they were in hell.

Especially the two pupils in the Wan Jian House. They widened their eyes like they had just seen a ghost.

They knew just how much power Xia Hou Lin had. Because of his uncle who had some status, he dared to do whatever he wanted outside the Wan Jian House. To put it bluntly, he was known to be able to shadow the entire city with one palm.

Yet now, someone was beating him the sh!t out of Xia Hou Lin. Why wouldn't these people be astounded?

"Dammit, when my uncle comes, I will tell him to chop your corpse into pieces!"

Xia Hou Lin shouted crazily and his eyes were full of ill intentions. After he spoke these words, his body began to shake uncontrollably.

"A fresh life is more worthless to you than a robe. People like you deserve to die!"

Instantly, Xia Hou Lin felt coldness wash over him. He subconsciously shouted, "Uncle, save me!"

"Even if the ruler of heaven comes here today, you will not be saved!"

Thinking about how this man ruined the reputation of the Wan Jian House and how he didn't take a life seriously, Ling Xian was furious. He lifted his hand and slapped again. The space crumbled.

He didn't even use much strength. Or else Xia Hou Lin would've died. But now, he had used his killer's intent and 30% of his strength.

However, after his hand slammed forward, a middle-aged man appeared and stopped this strike.

Sadly, Ling Xian's physique was far too overwhelming. Thirty percent of his strength was not something regular cultivators could defend against.

Therefore, after a loud HOMMM, this person was pushed backward alongside Xia Lin Hou!

This scene shocked everyone.

Because the person who just showed up was no other than the peak leader of the Refine Sword Peak, Xia Hou Gang!

He was the leader of a peak, a true figure of the Wan Jian House!

After what Ling Xian said next, the two descendants felt their souls being blown away and they almost pissed their pants.

"Who dares to stop me from removing a scum from the Wan Jian House? Do you wish to die alongside him?"

Ling Xian coldly shouted. His white robe danced in the wind and his killer's intent shot through the clouds!

"I sure want to see who dares to touch my nephew. You… you are…"

The Refine Sword Peak's leader was originally looking cold and full of anger. But after he saw Ling Xian's face clearly, the anger in his face turned into shock!

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