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A long black spear pierced through the sky and pinned the young man down. Fresh blood poured out all over the ground.

Everyone else lost their composure and screamed. They gazed up and saw a handsome young man descend from above. Like an incoming God, his presence was commanding.

"Dammit, who dares to kill a descendant of the Wan Gui House? Are you tired of living?"

"Young man, I don't care who you are, you are dead for sure!"

"You dare to cause trouble inside the Wan Gui House and kill our man? You sure are impatient to die!"

Everyone chimed in. Though they were shocked at Ling Xian's violent act, when they thought of their background, they became fearless.

"The Wan Gui House should not be taken advantage of. But you think I should be taken advantage of?"

Ling Xian's black hair fluttered in the wind and electricity was shooting out of his eyes. The black long spear returned to his hand and it emitted cold killer's instinct.

Ever since he learned about the Sects and Houses twisting the truth and tarnishing his reputation, he has been fueled with anger. Therefore, he didn't talk much more as he swung his long spear with great might!

This changed everyone's expression again. They didn't think the handsome man had such guts!

Remember that this was the Wan Gui House's land and they were Wan Gui House's descendants!

They have been doing whatever they wanted for the past few decades. People coming here to provoke them? There hasn't even been the slightest friction between them and the surrounding forces!

This was all because this was the Wan Gui House's turf. Who dared to cause trouble here?

Yet here, not only did Ling Xian forcefully barge in, but he also killed a descendant. Why wouldn't they feel astonished at this act?

Especially now, in the face of the long spear, other than fear, the others felt heavy regret!

Sadly, it was too late.

When the long spear howled across, the people were slung backward into a mush of flesh and blood. All their bones broke as well!

In other words, they have died. They paid the price for ruining Ling Xian's reputation.

The giant commotion of these people's death attracted more guards. Everyone who saw this scene felt a wave of coldness. At the same time, they were enraged.

Especially the original leveled powerhouse who guarded this place – the moment he arrived, his face became stuffed with fury. Even his hair stood up on ends.

"You dare to kill someone from the Wan Gui House! Young man, you are seeking death!"

This original leveled cultivator was boiling with anger. However, the moment he saw Ling Xian, his eagerness shriveled.

The fear in his eyes also transformed into shock!

Because the person before him carried much grandeur and the face before him was the nightmare of the seven Sects and 18 Houses.

"Back then, I killed one original leveled powerhouse from the Wan Gui House. I do not mind killing another one."

Ling Xian spoke softly and there was much tension in his tone. Enough to send this original leveled powerhouse to drop into cold hell.

At once, the original leveled powerhouse made a move that nobody expected. Before everyone's watchful eye, he turned around and became a beam of light that retreated at an extremely fast speed.


Against a demon like Ling Xian, he knew he was not good enough to be his opponent. Therefore, he let go of his face and retreated!

The descendants below him were stunned at this!

Nobody expected an original leveled cultivator to run away without putting up a fight!
No, he merely took a look at Ling Xian and then ran!

What the hell!

What a joke! Just now you were furious and looked like you wanted to kill someone, but now you are running away?

Everyone was shocked at this and all their gazes were fixated on Ling Xian. They were filled with fear.

They knew that the reason why the original leveled cultivator ran away wasn't that he didn't have any guts. It was because the person before him was far too terrifying.

For an original leveled cultivator to escape after merely looking at him has proven just how terrifying this person is.

Everyone here widened their eyes. They couldn't exactly imagine how horrifying this handsome young man was. What has he done before to shock an original leveled powerhouse?

"Before me, what's the use of running away?"

Ling Xian spoke softly. He came here to teach the Wan Gui House a lesson. Now that he saw an original leveled powerhouse, naturally he felt very happy.

After all, to the seven Sects and 18 Houses, original leveled cultivators are of the utmost importance. Losing one of them was regarded as a great loss.

Therefore, he formed a fist with his right hand and slammed towards the original leveled cultivator!

No heavenly Qi swirled, no terrifying energy circulated. Yet the space before him crumbled while destroying the original leveled powerhouse's physical body and enlivener.

One punch!

One punch had killed an original leveled powerhouse. How overbearing was this?

At once, everyone shrieked in shock. They finally understood why this elder would forget all about his pride and escape after seeing this man.

Because the distance between their abilities was far too great. Great enough for one to be killed with one punch!

"Run away!"

Someone amongst the group shouted. The descendants dispersed at the shout and began to flee like crazy out of the mine.

What a joke! The highest leveled elder here, an original level, had died. What did they have to fight against Ling Xian? Why wouldn't they run away?

Sadly, since Ling Xian had made up his mind to teach the Sects and Houses a lesson, he wouldn't mind starting a rampage and kill them all.

Therefore, he attached using one punch and destroyed everything within a hundred miles!
Those descendants died as well.

"A spiritual stone mine, an original leveled cultivator… these are enough to hurt the Wan Gui House."
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Ling Xian coldly snickered. Using his finger as a pen, and using blood as ink, he left three words on the ground.

The Demonic Highness!

He wanted the world to know that nobody can take advantage of Ling Xian!
"Let me continue this massacre."

Mumbling, Ling Xian tore open the space before him again and headed towards his next destination.
Then, the massacre began.

The reason why it's called a massacre is that nobody can stop Ling Xian. Nobody can stop even one punch of his.

He was far too powerful, equivalent to the advanced stage of the original level. That is insane!
Especially since he was furious and didn't care about anything else – his courage was through the roof and he was unbelievably powerful!

The Sheng Xuan Sect, Xuan Bing Palace, Yao Ji House… all the Sects and Houses were raided by him. Nobody could stop him!

All the places that were important to the Sects and Houses were destroyed by him mercilessly. Every single time he attacked, he would kill the people and destroy the land!

He was insanely overbearing and incredibly ruthless!

Every single time, he would leave behind the words "The Demonic Highness" as a warning sign to tell the world that Ling Xian is no soft persimmon!

Anyone who humiliates him had to pay with blood!

The battle fires were endless and the killing never stopped. Ling Xian continued to find important areas of the Sects and Houses and fought with a terrifying amount of energy. He lifted the ground of each and every force!

At the same time, he killed one original leveled cultivator after another!

A decade ago, he fought against everyone on Yuezhou by himself and fought until the forces were afraid. Today, he revived, and he continued to kill with his spear and left a trail of blood behind him!

Kill, kill, kill!

Ling Xian attacked crazily and destroyed one important place after another and took away one life after another. He truly was like the reincarnation of a demon who wanted to bathe the world in blood!

As he turned one place after another upside down, the entire Yuezhou fell into astonishment. Especially after learning about the words the killer had left behind, everyone in Yuezhou was shaken up!

They could sense that a terrifying storm was about to hit.

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