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Inside the Painting of the Nine Immortals, Ling Xian's eyes turned brighter and brighter. They truly were similar to the endless galaxy – deep and bright.

After the transformation that took place after his death and after what the Untainted had told him, he had found his future path.

To practice the physique!

The physique is the boat and spiritual energy is the oars. One cannot be missing from the other.

Even though this path is very difficult, he still vowed to walk this undefeatable path. Why would he fear its hazards? Plus, he has three great qualities which put him ahead of countless people by a landslide. If he doesn't' walk this path, then it would be a great pity.

Therefore, Ling Xian decided to find a way to successfully metamorphose while training his physique so he can begin his undefeatable journey!

"We can only point you in the direction of your future. As to whether or not you can go all the way, that is up to you."

The Untainted threw out this statement and floated away.

At this, the others didn't react much. This was the personality of the Untainted. To have already talked so much was already giving Ling Xian face.

"The Untainted is right. The future is a journey you have to walk yourself."

Liao Cang Qiong grinned and his eyes were full of anticipation. He said, "I am looking forward to the moment you successfully metamorphose. When that happens, you will grow even stronger. I am also looking forward to the day when your spiritual energy and your physique reach their peak and you become the strongest man."

"I am waiting for that as well."

The other three immortals all agreed. Their eyes were full of anticipation as well.

"Immortals, do not worry. I, Ling Xian, will not disappoint you." Ling Xian smiled. His eyes were full of heated passion and high expectation.

Thinking about the crushed Demonic Immortal Bone, his expectations increased as well.

He couldn't wait for the moment he's done with his metamorphosis. And he couldn't wait for his Immortal Bone to be reborn and so he can show off his power again!

"We don't doubt that."

Feng Qing Ming said with a smile. "You have talent and you have drive. More than that, you have a steady and competitive heart. Now that you have experienced death, you have gained more opportunities than countless people dream of having. The possibility of you arising above everyone else definitely increased as a result."

"I firmly believe that as well."

Ling Xian smiled brightly as he gazed into the distance. His eyes were full of heat.

Then, he paid his respect to the few real immortals and said, "I have other things to deal with outside, I will bid my farewells."

Then, his silhouette flickered before the immortal's gentle gazes and he left the Painting of the Nine Immortals.


On earth, where deadly fog filled the place, Ling Xian slowly opened his eyes.

No light shot out of them and no light flickered. Instead, his stare was normal, casual, and ordinary.

Between his brows, a tiny human-shaped shape sat in a lotus position. Like a small Sun, it was emitting an infinite amount of light. Around it, murky air twirled, songs sang – it was mysterious and extraordinary.

That is his enlivener.

Though his spiritual energy was dormant, he had truly arrived at the original level. Therefore, the golden Dan inside him had turned into the enlivener and solidified between his brows.

Luckily nobody was around him. If they saw his enlivener, their eyes would pop out from shock.

What could they do? His enlivener was far too shocking!

Others enliveners normally could barely emit light, let along have murky air around it or have music accompanying it.

His enlivener was displaying three phenomena. That is unbelievable!

If this news gets out, others would have to calm themselves down before remembering to express their jealousy and hatred.

This was one of the advantages of being in the undefeatable realm of every stage. Just like how he gained the perfect golden Dan when he reached the original level – when he broke through to the original level, his enlivener was of the highest quality and was the strongest possible!

In other words, he was now basically undefeatable for his own level. Unless he encounters monsters who are even higher in level, there was no way other original leveled cultivators of the beginning stage are his opponents!

Even against those at the intermediate stage of the original level, Ling Xian could easily fight them off!

Of course, this requires him to be able to use his spiritual energy. Without his spiritual energy, there was no way his original leveled prowess can be displayed.

Towards this, Ling Xian was not at all disappointed. Instead, he had high hopes.

For one, it's because his Qi was transforming, which was something countless people count their blessings on. For two, his battling abilities never weakened, instead, it grew.

The him right now was a powerhouse at the advanced stage of the original level. Because his physique was powerful enough, those at the advanced stage of the original level cannot do anything against him.

He could so easily swing a fist and it would be comparable to those of the advanced stage of the original level. Why wouldn't he be considered a powerhouse of his own realm?

"Back then, I killed everyone with the mindset that I will for sure die. But even if I do die, I wanted Lin Qing Yi and them to live. I cannot believe that not only did I come back alive, I also acquired two great opportunities."

Ling Xian smiled in satisfaction. He tightened his right hand and softly landed them in the space before him.

Instantly, where his fists landed, the space cracked open like a mirror. Then, a black hole appeared.

One punch cracked open space!

That is the strength of his physical body!

If we talk about spiritual energy instead. Then, even if he does reach the original level, he would only be able to display his prowess through mastered techniques. But before his eyes, he merely waved his hand and the space before him was torn. Just how powerful was this?

"It is no wonder that the immortals said my physique has reached the advanced stage of the original level and can be compared to ancient soldiers. This truly is powerful."

Ling Xian smiled in satisfaction, "Whether it's its offensiveness or its defensiveness, it does not pale next to the advanced stage of the original level. I am an unusual one after all. My Qi is only of the beginning stage of the original level but my physique is two stages higher."
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Then, he began to ponder what to do next.

He had determined his path of cultivation. He will train his physique while looking for a way to successfully metamorphose and grow stronger.

As for where he wants to go next, he hasn't thought about that. But one thing is for sure, he cannot stay in Yuezhou.

It wasn't that he was afraid. It was that the Soaring Key was still with him. That was something fatal to other cultivators. Therefore, the best way for him right now is to leave Yuezhou. Only then, will he be able to swim wherever he wants to, and fly as high as he wants to.

It wouldn't matter if the news of his revival gets circulated or not. He wouldn't need to worry about people coming after the Soaring Key.

"I cannot stay in Yuezhou for sure. Why not go back to Yunzhou and look around." Ling Xian grinned. Thinking about his old friends, his shiny eyes gained some anticipation.

He was looking forward to reuniting with them and he had wondered how others will react after seeing him alive.

"Now that I am of the original level, I can end all my unfinished business in Yunzhou."

Ling Xian's expression turned cold. Thinking about the emperor of the Zhou Dynasty, the Roc, the Six Armed Gorilla, and the Nine Headed Lions, a cold smile hung around his lips.

Back then, these people sent soldiers to the Wan Jian House and forced him to betray his master and leave that place. That was something he will always remember.

Now that he has the ability to avenge himself, he naturally can end all that.

"But before I leave, I need to go ask for a drop of the Holy Spirit Water from the City of Flowers." Ling Xian mumbled softly and thought of Ling Tian Xiang.

He still remembered that Ling Tian Xiang told him she was only conscious momentarily and not fully released from her possessed state.

Therefore, he decided to ask for a drop of the Holy Spirit Water and help Ling Tian Xiang out.

"Then it's decided. Let us go."

Smiling, Ling Xian called out to his Eyes of Execution and summoned the Winged Blitz. However, the moment he tried to recall his Qi, it dropped like a stone in an ocean.

This made him bitterly grin. He remembered that the Eyes of Execution required him to use his Qi. Without Qi, he had a pair of impaired eyes.

"I hope I can find a way to successfully transform my Qi. I am not used to living like this."

Ling Xian shook his head helplessly. Then, he straightened up and did a twisting motion with his two hands.

Immediately, he appeared hundreds of yards away from where he originally was.

The intensity of his physique was obvious.

Just as he was about to go to the City of Flowers, he saw that there was a chase going on in the forest beneath him.

He saw a delicate looking young woman running away with exhaustion. Her face was pale and her breathing was shallow. Where she was headed towards was the prohibited area of the Forest of the Holy Trees.

Behind him, a sleek haired young man was walking slowly. His face was looking evil and flirtatious. As he pursued her, he teased, "Pretty girl, just do as I say. I am now the master of the Sheng Xuan Sect. Following me will do you well."

"In your dreams!"

The young woman hissed and gritted through her teeth, "Your Sect is full of shameless beings. You twist the truth and claim that the Demonic Highness stole your treasure. shameless!"

"Haha, the Demonic Highness has died for more than a decade. So what his image is tainted. If he didn't die, I would've accepted him as a servant."

The handsome young man laughed out loud, his voice was full of disdain.


The young girl's eyes turned cold. As if he had hit where it hurt, she screamed, "Why don't you look in the mirror and realize what you are! The Demonic Highness himself defeated seven Houses and 18 Clans. He is the true dominator here! You are just a shameless moron who doesn't even deserve to carry his shoes for him!"

"Carry his shoes for him?"

The handsome young man's face darkened and he continued, "Don't forget, the Demonic Highness has died. He cannot be more dead!"

Hearing this, the woman paused, her pale face turned even whiter.

"Demonic Highness?"

Listening to those two's conversation made Ling Xian's eyes brighten, "Why does it feel like they are talking about me? When did I acquire the title the 'Demonic Highness'?"

Then he landed himself on top of an ancient tree and listened more intently.

"Young girl, just agree to be with me. Or else I will ask you to die alongside the Demonic Highness!" The handsome young man laughed, his gaze glanced all over the young girl's alluring body without reservation.


The woman's body quivered but her stare turned into more determined. She knew that even if she survives today, she will lose her innocence, so she might as well die.

Therefore, she gazed into the prohibited area that was full of black fog and then she said with force, "I don't need you to kill me. To die alongside a hero like the Demonic Highness makes my trip to this world worth it."

Then, she clenched her teeth and sped up her footsteps. Where she headed to was the land of death.

Her resolve made Ling Xian's eyelids jump and startled that handsome young man.

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