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The Painting of the Nine Immortals was picture like.

Ling Xian examined his physical body internally and found this body to be no different than before. His ancient majestic blood remained, his Inner Eye and the Immortal Bone remained, the two inhibition seals remained also. This meant his physical body was the same as before.

Of course, the Demonic Immortal Bone was gone. That wasn't something he could get back.

Other than that, his physical body was absolutely flawless. There was not a single trace of poison or taint. His body was cleaner than when he used the Shang Qing Technique.

This meant he had experienced an extremely deep cleanse and his future journey will be even brighter.

At the same time, he could feel the powerfulness of this physical body and how it enhanced multiple times!

"My physical body reconstructed and turned even more dominating?" The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up. His hands tore the space before him and an unbelievable scene happened.

The space where his hands landed and moved, sliced and cracked open like a mirror being smashed. A black hole appeared.

Ling Xian was stunned at this. He stood still and stared at the broken space before him. His eyes were full of shock.

"This… this is a little insane."

Ling Xian's eyes revealed how surprised he was. Even with his mentality, he couldn't help but be shocked. Though he knew his new physical body is very strong. Not even in his dreams did he expect it to be this strong!

He just tore open space with his bare hands!

If one uses the cultivation level to rank his body, then his physical capabilities are at least around the intermediate level of the original level, though not yet at the peak of the original level.
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Remember that the world had changed in recent years and all the spiritual medicine that can help enhance the physical body has disappeared. Now, it was difficult for the physical body to reach the completion level.

But after Ling Xian came back to life, his physical body reached such a terrifying position. Why wouldn't he feel surprised?

For example, if Ling Xian uses his Qi to fight against enemies, then his cultivation level can kill those at the intermediate stage of the original level. Even with the Battle Immortal Bone, he can merely beat those at the advanced stage of the original level.

But with his physical body, he can definitely kill those at the advanced stage of the original level!

If this alone doesn't explain the powerfulness of this, let's use another more blunt example.

Cultivators of the advanced stage of the original level and below pose no threat to him. Whether it's techniques or treasures, his physical body cannot be harmed!

This is insane!

"I truly did gain something out of misfortune. I cannot believe that after experiencing death once, my physical body grew this much." The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up out of joy.

"Haha, that's not all. Inspect your Qi." Liao Cang Qiong laughed.

Hearing this, anticipation lit up in Ling Xian's eyes. The next second, he began to frown.

Because he discovered that he cannot use his Qi. It wasn't that his Qi disappeared. It was that he couldn't utilize it like his Qi had fallen asleep or something.

"What is happening. I can so clearly feel the Qi inside my body but why can't I use it?"

Ling Xian frowned and once again manipulated his spiritual energy. But his Qi was dormant and would not listen to him.

Slowly, he realized that it was because his Qi had fallen asleep.

"My Qi… is dormant?"

Ling Xian was in disbelief. He's never heard of Qi being in a sleep state. He couldn't help but to bitterly smile, "Master, I cannot use my Qi. Why are you smiling?"

"You idiot. If your Qi disappeared or if it was sealed, we naturally wouldn't be able to smile. But it is transforming. Why wouldn't we be happy?"

The Immortal of Alchemy softly smiled, "This is a rare opportunity. If this news gets circulated, then even those of the fifth level would be jealous."

"That's right. We originally thought even if you do revive, you would be a handicap. After all, coming back to life is a heaven-defying matter. There are prices to pay."

Feng Qing Ming nodded and exclaimed, "But none of us thought after you regained your life, not only did your physical body enhance in capabilities, your spiritual energy is also going through a metamorphosis."

"Metamorphosis of spiritual energy?"

Ling Xian frowned. This was the first time he's heard this strange word. He asked, "Please tell me more."

"It's normal that you don't know. Only those who's experienced it usually has the rights to know."

Feng Qing Ming smiled, "After the original level, there is no more the so-called undefeatable realm to cultivators. There's a different name for it, we call it 'metamorphosis.'"

"It is similar to the undefeatable realm, but the advantages of it is far greater than the undefeatable realm. After metamorphosis, your spiritual energy will enhance greatly. Few geniuses, after experiencing it, can acquire strange abilities. Therefore, this is a great thing. It is not as bad as you are imagining it to be."

Ling Xian was full of awe. The other immortals were revealing looks of shock.

It was obvious that they didn't expect Ling Xian to encounter such great fortune.

"In other words, metamorphosing is the same as reaching the undefeatable realm?" Ling Xian's eyes lit up. He now finally understood what it meant to metamorphose.

To put it bluntly, it is like the undefeatable realm. It is a mysterious realm that gains extra capabilities for the cultivator.

"That's right. It is rare for such matters to occur. Most people only see it once their lifetime. Even the extremely talented seniors can only see it after reaching the fifth realm."

The Immortal of Arrays nodded while smiling. He exclaimed, "You are only of the beginning stage of the original level and yet your Qi is transforming. Even for me, it is hard to imagine."

"I see… I cannot believe my death brought upon so many benefits."

Ling Xian mumbled. His entire being was stuffed with happiness.

"This is probably linked to how you achieved the undefeatable realm of all three levels. After all, you have a great foundation. The fact that your death came with no consequences is understandable."

Fa Wu Liang laughed. "Though it appears that you cannot use your spiritual energy right now, it doesn't mean you won't be able to use it forever. As long as you find the treasure or the place that can aid you in your metamorphosis, you will breakthrough and grow in strength."

"Haha, you gained something out of your misfortune. That is for certain!" Duan Shan He laughed out loud.

Hearing these immortal laugh made Ling Xian laugh as well. He originally was worried that his Qi was sealed. But it looks like that wasn't the case.

But the result was the same. He cannot use any Qi right now. But fundamentally, it was different. If he was sealed, he would not be able to use his Qi in this lifetime, which meant his cultivation journey was over.

Going through metamorphosis meant he cannot use it temporarily. As long as he succeeds in his transformation, it would mean he'd have reached a new level of powerfulness!

Therefore, why wouldn't Ling Xian be overjoyed?

But he also knew that metamorphosis is a long and slow journey. And he wasn't even certain if he will succeed in it. Regardless, this was an opportunity that many people would dream to have!

Even if the chance of succeeding is only 1 out of 100,000, countless people would love to attempt it!

"Then I wonder what I can do to successfully metamorphose?" Ling Xian blinked with anticipation.

"Based on what I know, the metamorphosis of Qi is a very rare occasion. Very few people know what will happen after."

Liao Cang Qiong thought about it for a while and said, "If you can encounter the Nirvana Fountain of Real Phoenixes, then maybe you can succeed."

At once, Ling Xian was speechless.

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