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"Until we save you, we are not leaving."

Gong Suo Xin fixed her bangs in a way that was extremely touching and alluring. She gently looked at Ling Xian and there were a thousand different emotions in her eyes.

"Aye, you all…"

Ling Xian softly sighed, "What have I done to deserve you all sacrificing so much for me."

"I just know that I am in love with you. It's that simple." Gong Suo Xin smiled brightly. Her grin had much softness to it and much grief.

Looking at this sad smile made Ling Xian understand that Gong Sou Xin was now completely determined. Or in other words, Lin Qing Yi and they had no hope of getting out of here alive.

This once again turned his two hands into fists. He felt a form of pressure like never before and he hated himself for being useless.

"We will do our best to stall those people. Breakthrough quickly and then leave right away." Gong Suo Xin wiped off the smile on her face and longingly looked at Ling Xian before exiting the Forest of Heavenly Trees.

The array closed itself again and turned into the last defense that was protecting Ling Xian.


Ling Xian gritted his teeth. Looking at the bloody battle, his fists continued to tighten and his fingernails dug into his flesh.



These two emotions tangled up inside him. He was going crazy!

These women did not fear death as they fought with all their lives just so he can successfully escape. Lin Qing Yi especially, was burning off her lifespan for him. Why wouldn't Ling Xian hate himself right now?

He hated himself for being useless. He hated that he couldn't protect these women and instead, they were forced to give up their lives to fight!

However, Ling Xian also knew that he needed to calm down. Therefore, he pressed down the complex emotions he felt and calmed himself.

The only way out for him now was to breakthrough. Only when he breaks through, can he move around freely and can he save them!

"Original level breakthrough!"

Ling Xian screamed, startling all nine levels of heaven and all ten levels of hell!

His black hair was dancing crazily in the wind and he had gone completely insane. He knew how difficult that barrier was but he also knew that Lin Qing Yi and them wouldn't last much longer.

Therefore, he crazily manipulated the Qi inside his body. He ignored whether or not his body can handle this as he used all he got to push against the barrier!




That was the only word inside his brain and the only belief he had. He knew that he had to breakthrough before Lin Qing Yi and they lose their lives. Or else everything would be over for him.


Like an erupted volcano or a thousand horses stomping, the insides of Ling Xian would not rest. Every single time he pushed against the barrier, his meridians and bones would crack under pressure. He was in so much pain his face became twisted.

Fresh blood flowed unstoppably and the ancient tree was dyed red.

However, he did not care. He only had on thought in his mind, and that was to breakthrough!

He wasn't fighting just for himself anymore. He was fighting for Lin Qing Yi and them. He didn't want to see any of them die!

Just as he was crazily washing against the barrier, the battle between Lin Qing Yi and Ji Qian Bai reached its peak.

Technique after technique was making the world quake, Qi after Qi was shocking the soul of everyone. The two were tangling up and making exchanges. Terrifying vibrations expanded and torn apart the space again and again!


Lin Qing Yi, Lin Tian Xiang, and Yu Xun Zhen were the strongest cultivators out of the group. Therefore, they were responsible for fighting against Ji Qian Bai and his men.

The five original leveled cultivators Gong Suo Xin brought were also now fighting recklessly. They were attacking without second thoughts and were using methods that hurt themselves almost as much as they hurt their enemies!

Yan Ning Zhi kept on making hand seals and formed an array after an array. She tried to weaken the enemy or enhance the allies as support.

As for Huang Jiu Ge, Bai Xiao Qi, and Yu Wu Xiu (I swear the author made an error here and lost track of the names of the women), they were strategizing on the side. They stopped anyone who tried to escape and anyone who tried to take any opportunity to kill Ling Xian.

Their teamwork was flawless and complimented each other well. They somehow managed to temporarily suppress the 20 original leveled powerhouses.

Yan Qing Yi in particular… though she was burning off her lifespan as a price, her technique was of the advanced stage of the original level. Therefore, she was being all-powerful and was somehow fighting Ji Qian Bai solo!


Lin Qing Yi's did not let the enemy come close to her. Every movement she made, the land around her quaked and shocked everything within miles!

Sadly, her power was temporary and she did not have a steady foundation. She was no opponent of Ji Qian Bai's.
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Remember that he was the leader of the Shang Qing Sect and was once a famous Heaven's Favorite. His capabilities naturally were extremely powerful!

Though currently, he was being suppressed by Yan Ning Zhi, his prowess was still shocking!

Therefore, after the battle lasted for a while, Lin Qing Yi was completely suppressed and she could not match up against Ji Qian Bai!

However, for Ling Xian, she gritted her teeth and disallowed herself from being defeated. She merely wished that she could fight him long enough to earn Ling Xian more time.

Other than her, all the original leveled powerhouses from all the forces began to counter-attack as well. Though their capabilities have been suppressed somewhat by the array, their physical bodies were insane already!

Don't forget, after Ling Xian killed the leader of the cultivation, the different forces no longer sent completion leveled cultivators. They were even afraid to send those of the beginning stage of the original level.

Therefore, who wasn't a powerhouse of the intermediate stage of the original level out of everyone here? Many people were of the advanced stage of the original level!

How can these people match up to them?

They were like leaves floating in an ocean. A storm was near and they were close to being destroyed at any time.

The different forces were the storm that was beating them down until they were coughing up blood.

However, for Ling Xian, nobody retreated. They all clenched their teeth and blocked everyone's attacks. Even if they were going to die, they refused to let the enemy pass the last line of defense.


An infinite amount of heavenly light shot through the cloud and terrifying Qi circulated. Lin Tian Xiang and Yu Xun Zhen stood at the very front. Their faces were chalk-white and blood dyed their robes. They looked very pitiful.

But they never stepped back a single bit!

Tang Thirteen, Bai Xian Qi, Huang Jiu Ge, and Yan Ning Zhi stayed behind and used their Qi to form a second layer of defense.

Though their faces were pale and their breathing was weak, the determination in their eyes never lessened a bit!

It was all because Ling Xian was behind them!

Therefore, they refused to step back. Even if they die, they will fight to earn him the hope to survive!

They didn't fear death; they rather die just so they could earn him some time. Just how deeply in love were they?

Why wouldn't anyone be touched?


Ling Xian's fists tightened. Looking at the women who vowed to die before retreating, his eyes dampened.

Then, he began to hate himself, hate his powerlessness.

At the same time, he craved power, he desired it like never before!

"Original level, break!"

Shouting, Ling Xian ignored his broken bones and snapped meridians, he struck the barrier with all his strength!

As long as he can break it, he will be able to gain strength and save them!

He was moved, the original leveled powerhouses were moved as well. Then, they became jealous of Ling Xian.

These women… having one would already be a great fortune, but he had eight. Why wouldn't they be jealous?

Therefore, these people moved even more aggressively. Because of jealousy, they hated him, and because of desire, they wanted to crumble these women.


A middle-aged man attacked. One slap knocked out Ling Tian Xiang. Half of her bones broke as she started puking blood.

Yu Xun Zhen received the same treatment. Though she had a sage body and was undefeatable in front of people her level, the enemy was far too powerful. By being two stages ahead of her, she was easily flung out.

Next, Bai Xiao Qi started finding it hard to defend as well. Her entire body was bleeding and all her organs were wounded!


A crisp noise of bone-breaking arose. Tang Thirteen's two arms were pulled out of their socket. Her face became twisted with pain.

Following that, one of Huang Jiu Ge's wings was ripped off. She collapsed onto the ground and the flame around her dimmed.

Only Yan Ning Zhi was holding onto the array as the last defense.

Sadly, without support, how can she defend against these original leveled powerhouses herself?

"Haha, array, break!"

A middle-aged man laughed out loud. Power exploded out of his body and the array broke down.

Yan Ning Zhi puked out blood and half of her bones broke as well.

This distracted Lin Qing Yi and grasping onto this opportunity, Ji Qian Bai knocked her out as well!


Lin Qing Yi puked out a mouthful of blood. She was already weakened by the technique and now that she was gravely wounded and was extremely weak, she looked like she could die any minute.

The other women were the same. They were all puking out blood and found moving difficult.

However, the resolve in their eyes never disappeared. Instead, they looked more determined.

"I… cough… cough… I do not want you to hurt Ling Xian."

Lin Qing Yi held herself up from the ground with one arm and forced herself up with difficulty. Her entire body was shaking, like a candlelight in the wind.

Bai Xiao Qi and they were supporting each other as they stood up. The excruciating agony made them puke out blood and twisted their faces.

However, their white faces remained determined.

This made everyone here speechless!

They have been attacked so hard their bones have broken and their meridians have snapped. Standing up? The slightest bit pressure would bring much pain.

Yet they have gotten up. Just how much agony were they in?

Just how much resolve was required for them to go this far?

Everyone was silent now. They admired their enemies. Then, they looked over to Ling Xian and their eyes were full of jealousy.

Ling Xian ignored them.

All he could see now were the women who were soaked in blood. He stared at them in a daze, watched as they bathed in blood and forced themselves off the ground.

Tears blinded his sight.


A heart shrieking scream made Ling Xian's tears fall like streams. After a loud "badump", he collapsed to the ground.

Men don't shed tears easily. Men have gold beneath their knees. A man who has never cried or kneeled was crying and was kneeling.

He wasn't begging, he was cursing!

"You all deserve to die, die!"

Ling Xian held up his head and roared. His hair stood up on his head as the barrier to the original level inside him cracked open!


The sky darkened, the clouds converged, and a shocking thunder pierced across the sky, hinting that a God's Trial was about to begin.

Also hinting that a demon who has lost his mind was about to be born and start his rampage!

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