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"That is it. If I can successfully arrive at the Forest of Heavenly Trees, then I will not encounter danger in a short period of time."

After remembering the safest place for his isolation, the dimness in Ling Xian's mind disappeared by a landslide. He even showed a trace of a smile.

But very quickly, his smile turned cold.

Because he knew very well that the path to the Forest of Heavenly Trees is full of danger and there will be many powerhouses in his way. Plus, once his battle records are public knowledge, his pursuers will sole be completion leveled cultivators!

But so what?

He was not afraid!

However, Ling Xian was not at all careless and knew he had to carefully prepare. Therefore, in a second, he broke his promise and contract with Huang Jiu Ge.

Yes, he broke it.

The bond he formed with Huang Jiu Ge was the highest level of bonds possible. If he dies, then no matter where Huang Jiu Ge is, she will also die instantly. Breaking that bond meant they were no longer connected and Huang Jiu Ge will not have to die with him.

Therefore, Ling Xian broke the promise to not burden that little phoenix.

"Now, there shouldn't be anything else for me to worry about."

The corner of Ling Xian's lips lifted and he revealed a huge smile. "Come on, let me, Ling Xian, slaughter all my enemies with my sword and kill anyone who comes my way!"


After a crisp clanging sound, the heavenly sword Zi Yang began to shine brightly and was quivering with cold killer's intent as if calling out to its owner to fight this war against their common enemy!

"Haha, alright!"

Feeling Zi Yao's calling, Ling Xian's desire to fight increased and he laughed with his head held high in the sky.

"So what an entire continent is after me? I will kill even God, even Buddha. Nobody can take my life away from me!"

Then, he held onto his sword tightly and walked on. Only one arrogant statement was left behind to echo in the land after him.

"I will kill one person every ten steps and I will continue to walk a thousand miles. Today, I, Ling Xian, will kill everyone with my sword! My rampage starts now!"


Ling Xian knew very well that the path he will take to the Forest of Heavenly Trees will be extremely treacherous and out of 10 people, 9 will die.

And just as he predicted, he soon became the main character of a fiction novel who travels solo with one sword and kills anyone who stands in his way.

Three days later, he encountered more than 20 completion leveled cultivators inside a city. They belonged a famous force inside Yuezhou.

The moment the two parties met, they began a big fight.

The intention was very clear from both sides. One side wanted to kill the person for the treasure while the other was just trying to survive. The two parties didn't need to communicate much and didn't try to save each other's face. The moment they met, they began a life and death battle!

The result was that of course, Ling Xian won.

His abilities paralleled an original leveled cultivator of the beginning stage. If he fights using the Immortal Bone, he would be the same as someone in the intermediate level. A group of completion leveled cultivators cannot stop him.

The deaths of these people also unveiled a curtain. A bloody one!

Fight, fight, fight!

Die, die, die!

One man, one sword, paved a bloody path. He vowed to defeat all the heroes in the world with the sword inside his hand!

He didn't even attempt to hide because he knew it would be useless. The entire Yuezhou was his enemy, what was the meaning of hiding?

He didn't choose to retreat either as that didn't suit his personality. If this was a dead end for him, what was the point of retreating?

So what all the top-notch cultivators were coming after him and attempting to kill him?

Ling Xian will simply transform into the God of War and slice his sword all around him until he is unstoppable!

Seven days later, he encountered 13 completion leveled powerhouses from the Zhi Tian House. He killed them!

Ten days later, he ran into 27 completion leveled powerhouses when near the Yao Huang Sect. He killed them!

Half a month later, he was stopped by 34 completion leveled cultivators from the Xuan Bing Palace. He killed them!

His pursuers came endlessly and the battle fires never diminished. Ling Xian bathed in blood fought all the wars and was undefeatable!

No matter which powerhouse the different forces sent, the strongest descendant or the most experienced elders, they were all no opponents of his!

When one comes, he kills one. When a pair comes, he kills a pair!

He truly was suppressing groups of them and was considered undefeatable of his level!

Fresh blood flowed and his anger fueled. As the demonic king, Ling Xian swung his left fist using the Disorder Conquering Fists, skillfully jabbed his Zi Yao Sword with his right hand, and summoned all six transformative qualities from the Eyes of Execution. He truly mimicked an angry God!

He was far too powerful and definitely deserved the words, completion undefeatable. Those 10s of completion leveled powerhouses? Even if there were more, they posed no threat to him.

Therefore, Ling Xian overcame his obstacles on a high. He had only marched for 3,000 miles but the powerhouses who had died beneath his sword surpassed hundreds in number!

He truly was killing one person very 10 steps and was not forgiving anyone.

There were hundreds of completion leveled cultivators! If this was anyone else, these 3,000 miles would be the equivalent of a hopeless cliff without a ray of light. Yet Ling Xian had paved out a path with his sword and reached much glory. How dominating was this?

He was undefeatable and unbendable. These 3,000 miles were filled with light rays and redness from his sword!

After about a month, he by chance encountered an elder at the beginning stage of the original level. After a giant battle, he used the Battle Immortal Bone to kill him and once again achieved glory!

The death of this original leveled powerhouse represented that Ling Xian had defied heaven once again, and also signaled that only original leveled cultivators have a chance to stop him now!

After this news passed around, entire Yuezhou fell into awe. Everyone was in disbelief as they could not believe just how powerful Ling Xian had become!

Especially after the news that the cultivation and alchemy leaders also died under his palm, everyone was even more shocked!

That was three original leveled powerhouses!

Just how powerful did a person have to be to be able to kill three original leveled cultivators?

Just how heaven-defying did he have to be to surpass his current completion cultivation and kill those of the original level?

This was truly heaven-defying!

After all this, which force dares to send completion leveled cultivators? Wouldn't that be the same as sending their best men to die?

Therefore, all the different forces asked their completion leveled cultivators to retreat and instead, sent their capable original leveled cultivators!

Those cultivators were no longer daydreaming about stealing his treasure. Other than some original leveled cultivators, nobody dared to try and take advantage of Ling Xian.

After that, despite the cruel test he was about to go under, he felt more relieved. After all, original leveled cultivators were not like cabbages. There was no way they would wander around the world to look for him.

But if he does encounter them, then he fights them painfully.

Luckily, Ling Xian was very powerful. Especially after the birth of the Battle Immortal Bone, he was indestructible!

His desire to fight was high and his passion stretched on for miles. He viewed original leveled powerhouses as ants and he defied heaven to pave out a path for himself!

Kill, kill, kill!

Ling Xian's Qi stood out like a rainbow. He continued to kill everyone and he walked another 7,000 miles.

No, he rampaged through another 7,000 miles!

These 7,000 miles were red in color and were full of lost souls. He attacked original leveled powerhouses again and again and he defied heaven again and again, killing as many as four completion leveled cultivators!

He truly was glorious and courageous!

Of course, if his enemies were of the intermediate stage of the original level, he wouldn't be acting so at ease. After all, the Battle Immortal Bones were not something that could be used constantly.

Just like that, Ling Xian walked on with a sword in his hand and continued to slaughter original leveled cultivators. Though he was heavily wounded, he remained brave and reckless. Like the God of Warriors, he had no worthy enemies!

Finally, a month later, he arrived at the Forest of Heavenly Trees.

Once he arrived, he sighed in total relief.

He now knows that as soon as he enters, he will be temporarily safe.

After he successfully breaks through, his capabilities will take a huge leap. When that happens, he will truly stop anyone who is in his way and continue his journey.


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