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Yuezhou is spacious with a high population. There is never a lack of topics to be gossiped about.

However, in recent months, there was only one topic that has been talked about in Yuezhou – that was the Soaring Key. There was only one person being talked about – that was Ling Xian.

Everyone was talking about him; everyone was chasing after him.

This was all because the implications of the Soaring Key was far too great and far too important. Even those of the fifth level couldn't help but waver in the face of it.

Therefore all the different forces inside Yuezhou made their moves. Some capable nomads also were on their way to pursue after that one person, that one key.

This made the unknown forces and weak nomads exclaim.

Because out of the past 100,000 years of history for Yuezhou, this was the first time a single person caused such chaos for everyone. this was the first time ever that the entire continent was going after one person!

One has to admit that this was of great glory.

In the entire world, since the history of times, how many people could cause an entire continent to be after them? At least in the history of Yuezhou, this was unprecedented!

Even though great names who have left prints in history, at the very most, got themselves a few rivals. They never caused a war against an entire continent!

Yet Ling Xian had done it. Though to him, this was greatly troublesome, at least he had done it. As a completion leveled cultivator, he was able to astonish the entire Yuezhou and was able to astound many forces and teachers!

Why wouldn't this be a great glory? Why wouldn't all the cultivators in Yuezhou exclaim?

Ignoring whether or not he could pave out a path and escape, the act of him being able to shake up the entire Yuezhou was something that was enough to be recorded down in history books.

Though one could not claim that this will the last time someone achieves this, he definitely was the first to do so!

Therefore, everyone was exclaiming over this. Especially those who knew about the entire situation, they were in even more shock.

Just how demonic did he have to be to steal from the Shang Qing Sect?

Just how powerful did he have to be to be able to kill an original leveled cultivator when he was merely of the completion level?

He was truly heaven-defying!

As time passed by, news about Ling Xian arrived one by one. Everyone in Yuezhou was getting more and more shocked as well. Even those of the fifth level couldn't help but exclaim over how demonic this person was.

Half a month ago, 17 completion leveled powerhouses from the House of A Million Ghosts tried to attack Ling Xian at the Long Shou Mountain. However, the result was that all 17 of them died and nobody returned in one piece.

Amongst them included the Supreme Headmaster of the House, a Heaven's Favorite that was famous in Yuezhou!

Twelve days ago, the Bei Dou House's elder sent 22 completion leveled cultivators and started a war against Ling Xian at the Zhi Tian Mountain. Without 15 minutes, all of them had died in battle!

Seven days ago, the most capable genius that hasn't been seen in thousands of year from the Luo Mo Pavilion declared battle against Ling Xian inside a secret forest. The result was that his dead body was ditched behind and his soul was lost!

Similar news like those did not lack in number. Every single one of them was astonishing and unprecedentedly terrifying. It brought much shock to the entire Yuezhou.

Remember that all those people who were after Ling Xian all had extraordinary cultivation abilities. Out of all the people in the stories mentioned before, which one of them wasn't famous in Yuezhou?

Yet without exception, they were all killed by Ling Xian. Why wouldn't anyone in Yuezhou be shocked?

One has to admit that Ling Xian was far too powerful. His intense battling record was extremely glorious and definitely heaven-defying!

However, just as everyone was exclaiming over Ling Xian's heaven-defying abilities, they were also full of pity.

Because the entire Yuezhou was after him. No matter how capable his battling abilities are, there was no way he could fight against the original level powerhouses and there was no way he would survive this.

That was something everyone in the continent agreed on. There was no suspense, there was no hope. Other than death, there won't be a second result!

There definitely won't be!

The night was cool like water. The moon was hanging high in the sky, shedding down rays of crisp light that reflected off the corpse-filled forest.

Ling Xian's expression was calm and his white robe was dyed with blood. A gush of killer's intent was circulating the air around him, making him look like the God of Death who could easily send shudders down people's spines.

Around him were rivers of blood and mountains of corpses. Within sight were broken limbs and body parts. This entire area was like hell and very unimaginable.

It was obvious that a great battle just happened here.

"It's the seventh wave. I wonder how much longer I can hold on…" Ling Xian peered at the white crescent, his gaze told the tales of his fatigue.

Ever since he left the cave, he has been running towards the border of Yuezhou. However, there were far too many people after him. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that everywhere he went, there were enemies of his.

Therefore, during this half month, he has experienced a total of seven great battles. Every single opponent of his has been extremely powerful. They were either leading elders or Heaven's Favorites. All of their capabilities were insanely powerful and definitely surpass others of their level.

Luckily, Ling Xian was even more insane than them. His capabilities have surpassed those of the original level. If that wasn't the case, he wouldn't have been able to endure until now.

"Luckily everyone I've run into has been those of the completion level. It hasn't been difficult to kill them."

Ling Xian silently counted his blessings. However, thinking about how he will soon encounter completion leveled powerhouses, he felt a headache.

Completion level was okay. With his capabilities today, as long as they weren't in the undefeatable realm like him, then he could easily slaughter them like pigs or dogs.

But if he runs into original leveled powerhouses, then he cannot do the same. If he is the slightest bit uncareful, he might die.

"I hope the path after will be easier."

Ling Xian's eyes were flickering and he slowly turned around and made one statement.

"You all have been observing for a long time. Why don't you come out and greet me."

Nobody answered at those words. The forest was eerily silent.

At this, Ling Xian's eyes turned into lines. Even before he started fighting against those people, he noticed someone behind him. It was just that he was in the middle of a great battle, so he didn't call them out.

"You were hiding your head but you let your tail slip out. Could it be that you are scared?"

Ling Xian spoke softly. His swords spun around and reflected off many sword rays that slammed down on a giant tree before him.


The sword rays howled and the ancient tall tree collapsed. A tall silhouette appeared.

"Your sense is still so sensitive. Your capabilities remain so dominating."

At those words, the tall silhouette appeared before Ling Xian and a weak wave of Qi descended down!


The wind blew inside the forest and gigantic lightning struck down. The space immediately quivered!

Ling Xian heart's quivered as well. He frowned ever so lightly.

It was because this man was none other than the strongest man out of all the paths inside the Shang Qing Sect – the Leader of the Cultivation Path!

"You are surprised to see me."

The leader's expression was calm and his eyes were deep and without any expressions. He looked very peaceful.

"I am very surprised."

Ling Xian admitted right away and his entire being became defensive, "I didn't think you would find me so quickly."

"That's not really the strange part."

The Leader of Cultivation spoke softly, "The most populated thing in this world is human. And yet the entire Yuezhou is chasing after you. in other words, it will be easy to track down your path."

"That is true. When the enemies are people from an entire continent, it is useless to hide."

Ling Xian softly sighed. He knew very well of this and thus he had no intention to hide. Instead, he planned on using the sword in his hand to pave out a path.

"You are right." The Leader smiled and complimented. However, his smile soon disappeared and turned cold.

"Pity though, you are going to die soon."

After those words were spoken, cold killer's intent engulfed the entire area!

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