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The Sun had just risen, spreading down light gold rays that lit up this forest.

The forest was quiet and was without howls from the beasts nor chirpings from the birds.

Under this eerie atmosphere, the three men before the cave were emitting killer's intent that was getting colder and colder – making everyone shudder.

However, Ling Xian was not at all afraid. He was merely a little surprised that his pursuers were not from the Shang Qing Sect.

He knew this because there was a mountain peak embroidered on the robe of each of the man's left chest. The only force with this symbol was the Tai Yue House.

This House was another famous and powerful force in this continent. Though they were somewhat lacking compared to the Shang Qing Sect, they contained two to three original leveled powerhouses and were considered to be dominating.

Therefore, these three men appeared extremely arrogant. The moment they saw Ling Xian, they exuded all their killer's intent.

"So, you are Ling Xian. Hand over the Soaring Key and I will spare you your life!"

The leader of the middle-aged man was extremely arrogant. His first sentence made Ling Xian frown.

He really didn't expect the people from the Tai Yue House would know about the Soaring Key. Because that was something only the upper management of the Shang Qing Sect knew about. And if Ji Qian Bai and them want to take this treasure themselves, then they wouldn't share the news.

Remember that it was the Soaring Key that could make everyone in the world crazy!

If that news was leaked, then even with the Shang Qing Sect's insane capabilities, they wouldn't be able to keep the key for themselves.

This was why Ling Xian was so confused. He asked, "How did you find out about that? How did you find me?"

"You still don't know?"

The middle-aged leader of the group chuckled. The man behind him laughed as well. But no matter from what angle, their smiles were all sarcastic and unkind.

"You idiot! The news of you getting the Soaring Key is spread all around. Nobody in Yuezhou is unaware of that piece of news!"

"What a pity. The cultivators from Yuezhou are all after him but he doesn't even know it! How funny."

"This idiot is probably over his head from excitement. But honestly, we are truly lucky. The elder only told us an approximate area and we somehow caught him!"

The three of them all spoke. Other than sarcasm in their voices, they were all exclaiming their good luck.

Listening to those three made Ling Xian realize what was happening. His face darkened.

Piecing together what they had described, he now realized that the news of him getting the Soaring Key has spread throughout Yuezhou. This treasure represented the only source of hope for anyone to enter immortality. It was something nobody could decline.

This meant an unstoppable wave of drama was unfolding and he was in a crisis like never before!

Therefore, why wouldn't Ling Xian's face darken? However, he knew that there was no way out of this now. It was important for him to think of a strategy to fight them.

He felt too lazy to talk to these people now so he waved his hand, "I am in a bad mood. You all better disappear quickly or else I will not be kind."

"What are you talking about, young man?"

The middle-aged man's eyes glazed over, "Do you know who you are talking to?"

"I am talking to you." Ling Xian snapped at him. He was merely a completion leveled cultivator and Ling Xian thought nothing of him.

"How dare you!"

"He is Elder Meng from the Tai Yue House. You sure do not want to live anymore!"

The two of them shouted and they had the looks of subordinates.

After hearing their words, the middle-aged man turned even more arrogant, "You heard them. Hurry up and hand over the Soaring Key. I might be generous and spare you son of a b!tch's life!"


Ling Xian smiled and snuck a glare at him, "You know I have the Soaring Key; do you know how I got it?"

"How you got it?"

The middle-aged man was a little stunned. He only knew that Ling Xian acquired the Soaring Key but didn't know how he got his hands on it.

At this, Ling Xian frowned and was a little more confused. Logically speaking, if they knew about the Soaring Key, they would know about the bloody battles he had.

But the expression on this man's face was not fake. So why wouldn't Ling Xian be confused?
"Since you don't know, then I will tell you how right now." Ling Xian said, then, he added, "Plus, I need to ask you something."

After he spoke those words, he stepped out and his white robe danced in the wind!


Wind began to blow harshly inside the forest and lightning jolted across the sky. Ling Xian stepped out with an immense amount of vigor. The moment he arrived before the man, the man was slammed backward by the wind.

There was no suspense because the answer was loud and clear. The reason why the man couldn't even resist was that the gap between them was far too huge.

"Elder Meng!"

The two young men shouted in shock.

The man named Elder Meng was even more astonished. He was puking blood as he pointed his finger at Ling Xian, shaking. Yet he couldn't speak a single word.

Not even in his dreams did he think that the man before him would be so dominating that he had no way of resisting.

"Now you know my capabilities."

In a flash, Ling Xian arrived before Elder Meng and he mocked, "To tell you the truth, I got my hands on the legendary Soaring Key while on the land of the Shang Qing Sect."


Elder Meng revealed his awe and a turmoil was created inside his heart.

After what just happened, he now knew how powerful Ling Xian was. At the very least, Ling Xian surpassed him by several levels. However, he didn't think Ling Xian would have the ability to take treasures off the Shang Qing Sect's land!

That Sect is the true giant in Yuezhou. Their capabilities are unimaginable powerful!

Yet Ling Xian was able to acquire the Soaring Key out of the hands of this giant. How unbelievable was this?

That was heaven-defying!

"It looks like you actually didn't know."

Seeing the man's frenzied expression, Ling Xian frowned and was even more confused.

Logically speaking, if they knew about the Soaring Key, they would know about what happened inside the Shang Qing Sect. yet these people were unaware of the battles he fought or how he escaped.

Everything about this seemed strange.

Therefore, Ling Xian's gaze turned cold, "Elder Meng, right? Tell me everything you know from beginning to end. Or else you will have to pay."

"I will tell you. I will tell you."

Elder Meng shuddered. After he learned that Ling Xian stole from the Shang Qing Sect, he no longer had any thoughts of going against him. The arrogance on his face turned into fear as well.

"So, this is what happened."

Elder Meng carefully thought about how he should tell the story and began to reiterate what happened from beginning to end the way he knew of it.

This made Ling Xian's face darken. At the end of it, his expression was so cloudy, water could be squeezed out of it.

Around 10 days ago, the news of him getting the Soaring Key appeared. At first, the spread of the news was minimal in area. But after a few days, the news grew wings and flew all around Yuezhou.

What could they do? This entire thing involved immortality and thus easily gained traction.

Then, the entire Yuezhou boiled. It didn't matter who, the nomads, or the forces, everyone was on the search for Ling Xian.

In other words, he was now the target of everyone living in Yuezhou and he was now truly in a life or death crisis.

Ignoring those nomads and talk about the powerful forces only – one force alone could make someone extremely hopeless!

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