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"In Shang Qing Sect's current state, nobody can stop me. If you don't want to die, then get the hell out of my way."

He dropped that one arrogant and extremely chilling statement!

Everyone there was furious. Furious because of Ling Xian's demeaning statement. Very quickly however, their fury turned into helplessness.

Because Ling Xian was right.

Ji Qian Bai and the cultivation leader had been stopped by the demon. The two fifth level powerhouses had also been blocked by the Array of Astonished Gods. Under this condition, Ling Xian was truly undefeatable!

This was something everyone could see.

Over a hundred completion leveled cultivators were fighting against him, yet they were beaten all over the place by him and were pretty shaken up. The Leader of Crafts even dominatingly attacked him but was pushed back by Ling Xian within a few moves. Just how overbearing was he?

Just how powerful was he?!

It could be said that currently, in the Shang Qing Sect, nobody could stop him. At the very least, the completion leveled cultivators before everyone's eyes cannot stop him. The Leaders of Crafts and Arrays cannot neither!

The Ling Xian right now, represented undefeatable! His existence meant he could not be stopped!


The Leader of Crafts was full of humiliation as he stared deadly at Ling Xian. Flames were almost pouring out of his eyes. As an original leveled powerhouse and as the leader of crafts, he has always been acting above everyone else. When has others ever dared to teach him a lesson?

Yet now, he was pushed back by Ling Xian's two fists. Just how huge of a humiliation was this? He was going insane from anger!

Everyone else reacted the same way. Thinking about how so many people haven't been able to stop Ling Xian and was instead beaten by him so badly – they all felt very humiliated.

Sadly, they can only swallow this humiliation.

Because Ling Xian, in his current state, was far too powerful and was basically undefeatable. Even the Leaders of Arrays and Crafts had to hide from him, let alone these completion leveled cultivators?

Therefore, they all slowly retreated backwards. Their actions spoke their intention.


They will no longer try and stop him!

"Very good."

The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up. He snapped back his neck and howled loudly, shaking up all nine levels of heaven and all 10 levels of hell!

"Listen to me carefully. Before, my name was Xian Ling. From now on, my name is Ling Xian. I am no longer a pupil of the Shang Qing Sect!"

At those words, everyone was a little stunned. They didn't think this extremely terrifying young man would be the prominent Master Xian.

Especially Leng Feng, who was amongst the crowd – his expression was sluggish and full of bitterness.

He originally had some hope regarding catching up to Ling Xian. But now, his heart was full of hopelessness.

"Alone, I have defeated most of you. Even the Leaders of Crafts and Arrays have had to retreat. How do I catch up to someone so heaven-defying?"

Leng Feng was extremely bitter. The way he was looking at Ling Xian was extremely complicated.

Everyone else was the same. They were angry, shocked, jealous, but more than that, they admired him.

They admired him as much as they admired a real immortal.

"I have established my name here. Next, it is time for me to leave."

The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up. He marched forward in giant leaps and with his head held up high. Undefeatable Qi rolled out of him. Like a walking God, every step he took cracked open the earth.

And every step her took forward, everyone else stepped backwards. Their faces were full of fear.

Even the Masters of Array and Crafts reacted in the same way. It was obvious that everyone was stunned by him and nobody dared to try and stop him!

This brightened Ling Xian's smile. The long-browed elder however, felt his lungs explode.

"You are a useless bunch!"

The long-browed elder was infuriated. He pushed back Hong Chen Jun Zhu and heckled, "Xian Ling, you really think you can enter and leave the Shang Qing Sect at will?"

"Or else?"

The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up and he smiled sarcastically, "You really think you can spare the energy to fight against me?"

"You are seeking death!"

The long-browed elder's hair stood up on their ends from fury. He raised his palm and terrifying energy crumbled the space!

However, Ling Xian remained fearless. He walked on with his chest held high. He did not retreat even half a step.

Because he knew that Hong Chen Jun Zhu wouldn't just do nothing.

As predicted, the moment the shadow of the palm howled towards him, Hong Chen Jun Zhu revealed his own Qi to fight against the attacker's. then, he swung his leg in the air, forcing the long-browed elder to take him seriously.

"Also, you better remember that my name is Ling Xian."

Ling Xian walked on slowly. His undefeatable energy suppressed much of the group. He then uttered out a statement slowly. Though the volume was low, the statement was thunderous and echoed in everyone's head.

"The Shang Qing Sect is just so-so."

At those words, everyone's eyes widened. There was disbelief, anger, and humiliation.

Remember that the Shang Qing Sect has existed for tens and thousands of years and has been above all others gloriously. In the entire Yuezhou, who has the ability to slaughter everyone while on the Shang Qint Sect's land? Who dares to call the Shang Qing Sect "so-so"?

Even the other controlling forces of Yuezhou wouldn't dare to behave so irrationally, let alone an individual.

Yet before everyone's eyes, Ling Xian had said it. He had said it so casually. Why wouldn't everyone be furious?

However, they had no way of arguing. Even the fifth leveled powerhouse wouldn't dare to argue. Ji Qian Bai and everyone else was being suppressed right now and Ling Xian, with his undefeatable battling capabilities that were wiping out so many others, truly had the right to speak so.

Currently, in the entire Shang Qing Sect, truly nobody could defeat him!

"Haha, you ungrateful Shang Qing Sect… you are full of shameless descendants and full of useless pupils!" Ling Xian laughed brightly, his voice echoed.

"The entire Sect cannot stop someone as small as me, a completion leveled cultivator. You are all truly trash."

At those words, everyone almost puked out blood from anger.

What the f!ck! Are there completion leveled cultivators as insane as you?

Everyone cursed silently. The two fifth levelled powerhouses were so mad, their lungs were about to explode.

Not only did Ling Xian steal away the few important treasures from the ruins, he also killed so many powerhouses. More than that, he was now standing here, humiliating everyone. Why wouldn't they feel angry?

However, they had nothing to say against him!

At this, Ling Xian chuckled, "Hong Chen Jun Zhu, Demon, I am going to leave first, you all take care!"

Then, he no longer hesitated. Swinging his sword around, the ray reflected off his sword paved open a path. Then, in a flash, he began to run at an insane speed.

Everyone here wanted to chase after him. But after remembering his very capable abilities, they stopped themselves.

The two fifth leveled cultivators were stomping their feet from anger, but they all felt like there was nothing they could do.

They were tightly tied down by Hong Chen Jun Zhu and the Array of the Astonished Gods. If it wasn't for the fact that the Array of the Astonished Gods was still thinking of the Shang Qing Sect, they would have exploded from this battle already.

Therefore, how could they spare the energy to fight Ling Xian?

Therefore, an eerie scenery was happening on this battle ground.

The battle above was heated and very aggressive. But the fight below was quiet and peaceful. There wasn't even the slightest killer's intent.

Whether it was the completion leveled cultivator or the two leaders of the Path and Array – they all silently stood where they were. They didn't speak and they didn't make a move.

Their behavior made it seem like they were letting Ling Xian go. However, everyone knew that it wasn't because they wanted him to leave, it was that they didn't dare to do anything about it!

Everyone saw Ling Xian's courage and his capabilities. Everyone was fearful!

Under the circumstance that Ji Qian Bai was being blocked by the Demon and that their two powerhouses were also being stopped, Ling Xian was truly undefeatable right now. In the entire Shang Qing Sect, nobody could defeat him!

Since there was nobody in his way, Ling Xian dashed across the sky like an arrow. Within a short period of time, he arrived before the gold door.

Just then, the heavenly sword Zi Yao exploded with bright light and knocked down the door!

Immediately, the golden door was smashed open by his sword.

"Shang Qing Sect, there are many days ahead of us. We will meet again."

Ling Xian smiled a meaningful grin. Then, in front of everyone's embarrassed and humiliated gaze, he marched across the golden door.

He left at ease.

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