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"Demon, kill them!"

After a loud cold scream, the demon defying board appeared out of nowhere.

Then, the silhouette of a demon flashed across the sky and held down the entire place!

"Peak of the original level?"

Ji Qian Bai and everyone's expression changed drastically. They didn't think there would be an original leveled cultivator by Ling Xian's side!

However, despite their shock, they didn't have any fear. After all, the Shang Qing Sect was one of the major powerhouses in Yuezhou with unimaginable amount of capabilities. Why would they fear an original leveled cultivator?

"Aye, so we have to do it this way."

Staring at the eight original leveled cultivators, the demon sighed a long sigh. Very quickly however, his expression turned determined.

He knew that if he retreats now, Ling Xian will end his life with the monument. Therefore, he decided to use everything he's got to pave out a path!

"Aren't you all high above me? Weren't you going to end me with one move?"

Ling Xian was boiling in anger as he glanced around coldly. "I sure want to see what you will do to stop me."

"Don't think that we can't do anything just because you have a protector."

Ji Qian Bai had a look of disdain. "So what you have someone who's at the peak of the original level. In front of the Shang Qing Sect, you are nothing."

Everyone else all had the same opinion and their faces carried much arrogance. It was obvious that they didn't think much of these two.

Now, it wasn't just Ling Xian who was furious. The demon was as well.

"If that's the case let us fight. Demon, make your move!"

Ling Xian's eyes turned cold. Since the situation has taken such a turn, there really was no more need to say anything else.

Only one word remains, fight!

Fight for survival!


After acquiring Ling Xian's direct order, the demon made his move immediately. He was very aware of how difficult this fight was going to be. Therefore, if he doesn't give it his all, he might die here.

Thus, the first move he made was enough to create a sea of blood and reveal his extraordinary prowess!

At the same time, Ling Xian dashed towards the exit in a flash. His intention was not to wipe them out, but to escape.

There were eight original leveled cultivators here – no matter how powerful the demon was, it was going to be difficult to kill them all. Therefore, he had to run away to pave out a path before he does anything more.

Sadly, Ji Qian Bai and them refused to let him leave.

"You are seeking death!"

Ji Qian Bai screamed. Terrifying Qi roared out of him and it went head to head against the demon!

At the same time, the cultivation leader appeared before Ling Xian within a second. His Qi was pulsing out of him.

However, it was the demon who defended against this attack.

"Haha, though I am a demon who does not care about right doings – I, at the very least, care about the promises I make. Since I have agreed to his conditions, then nobody, not even the Gods, should hurt him before me!"

The demon laughed out loud. After every move he made, a sea of blood appeared and trapped the cultivation leader.


The cultivation leader's heart dropped as he sensed the strength of the demon. They didn't dare to be reckless so he quickly used a defensive attack to fight against the sea of blood.

At this, Ling Xian's heart warmed. He knew very well that if the demon didn't make a move just now, he would've died right there. If that happens, then the threat he made against the demon would be resolved. The demon however, chose to comply with his promise.

Compared to Ji Qian Bai and them, who repaid kindness with ingratitude, the demon was basically a saint!

Therefore, Ling Xian made up his mind. He laughed. "Demon, because of what you just said, I am giving you this monument!"

Then, he tossed the Demon Defending Monument into the demon's hands!

This slightly changed the demon's expression. A gush of warmth that hasn't hit in centuries, flushed to his heart. He even felt like tearing up.

"Haha, Ling Xian, I accept you as my brother!"

Laughing, the demon exploded with an even stronger wave of Qi. As he fought off Ji Qian Bai, he tossed back the monument.

"You trust me, and I trust you. I don't want this anymore!"

"Hahaha, alright! Then today, we will fight shoulder to shoulder and go on a rampage!" Ling Xian laughed with his chest held up high. His voice echoed throughout the air!

At those words, the demon burst out laughing. He answered Ling Xian's enthusiasm with his even more aggressive attacks!


Loud rumbles rang one after another. The demon continued to attack aggressively and forced Ji Qian Bai and the cultivation leader to stumble back!

"Leaders of the three paths, the cultivation leader and I are going to stop this demon, you have to help us kill Xian Ling!"

Ji Qian Bai's expression was cold as he raised an arm to stop a punch from the demon. He reproached, "You dare to provoke the Shang Qing Sect, you are dead for sure!"

"That depends on how capable you are!" The demon dragged out a smile. He increased his offensive attacks by another 30%!

However, Ji Qian Bai and them were not weak either. The five of them teamed up and threw a punch towards the demon together! Just as they began this fight, the leaders of the three paths all appeared before Ling Xian and stopped him from leaving.

Though the demon was very powerful and attention grabbing, the main focus of this fight was Ling Xian after all. The moment he dies, the need for this battle would disappear.

At this, the demon's eyes flashed with worry. For him to stop five original leveled cultivators was already pushing it – he had no ability to take care of Ling Xian right now.

Therefore, he encouraged Ling Xian in his own way, "Ling Xian, I was once a fifth level cultivator. You have to earn your right to fight with me shoulder to shoulder!"

"Haha, just take care of yourself and don't get killed by this shameless bunch. I don't want to clean up after you!"

Ling Xian continued to laugh. "Demon, you are very powerful but I, Ling Xian, am not weak. They are merely three original leveled cultivators at the beginning stage, I will kill them to show you!"
After speaking those words, he revealed his real self!

A wave of Qi that belonged to the undefeatable realm howled and suppressed everyone at the scene!

At once, the heavenly sword Zi Yao materialized before their eyes. Light reflected off the sword's blade and lit up the entire universe!

Immediately, other than the demon, everyone's expression changed and they focused their gazes on Ling Xian.

"Dammit, that was just a clone. His real self is at the undefeatable realm of the completion level already!"

"Purple Immortal Gold? He has a sword like that?"

"The undefeatable realm of the completion level isn't much far behind the original level. That with the purple immortal gold… this is no good!"

The group of heroes all exclaimed. The three paths' leaders all lost their composure!

Because out of all the upper management of the Shang Qing Sect, they had the lowest level of cultivation. Those in the undefeatable realm of the completion level weren't much weaker than them. Plus, he had an undefeatable sword – why wouldn't they feel threatened?

"Haha, you have realized it too late. Without some foundation, why would I dare to fight you?" Ling Xian guffawed into the air. His black hair danced in the wind as he showered himself in excitement.

The moment his sword appeared, undefeatable power exploded and headed towards the three paths leaders!


After an earthquake like shake, the entire space crumbled. The three paths' leaders all stumbled back a few steps, looking very ugly.

Though they weren't hurt, to be forced to step back by someone in the completion level was giant humiliation!

This scene fazed even Ji Qian Bai and the cultivation leader.

Logically speaking, the Ling Xian right now should have the same cultivation level as those at the beginning stage of the original level. But to repress three original leveled cultivators was never seen before and unbelievable!

"Haha, you are not enough to stop me!"

Ling Xian laughed into the sky. His enthusiasm was burning up like a raging bull!

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