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Inside the palace, the light upon a stone door began to shine brightly. Similar to the giant Sun in the sky, it was so dazzling nobody could open their eyes.

Then, this door, before Ling Xian's heated gaze, shifted to the side and revealed the room inside.

The stone room was very much spacious. Only four human statues were erect there. They were hefty like mountains, and were exuding with age.

On the palm of each and every statue, was a treasure. They included a red ruler, a palm sized black cauldron, a small green flag, and a white jade box.

These four items were all extraordinary. The first three in particular, were throbbing with intense ripples that seemed to be powerful enough to destroy heaven and flatten the earth. From just one glance, one could tell that they were definitely extremely powerful treasures!

Therefore, when Ji Qian Bai and everyone stomped in, their attention were straight away snatched by those three treasures. All of their eyes were as hot as ever and were full of greed.

However, Ling Xian was not at all attracted by those three treasures. His gaze has been glued on the white jade box since the beginning.

Though he has never seen that "fortune" in person before, he's heard all about that treasure's appearance. There was no way it would be one of the other three. That white jade box may appear ordinary right now, but he could sense that there was something unusual about it on the inside.

"That is it. I know for certain!"

Ling Xian screamed silently to himself. His eyes were flaring up and he so very much wanted to dash up there and take it for himself.

However, he also knows that at times like this, he had to remain calm. If Ji Qian Bai and them see what he is doing, then nothing good will happen.

Therefore, he did his best to keep himself at his calmest state and smiled, "Supreme Headmaster and leaders, I have opened up the stone door. I have the right to pick one now, right?"


Hearing this, Ji Qian Bai and them all frowned. Everyone else reacted the same one.

Anyone with eyes could tell that none of these four treasures were ordinary. Only the white jade box was lacking a little bit in comparison. But even so, if it was found with these other three treasures, then it definitely wasn't anything simple!

After all, there were only four treasures inside this room. That wasn't even enough to split amongst themselves, why would they want to give any away to Ling Xian? Plus, he had the right to choose first!

But they have agreed to his request and they couldn't bring themselves to change their words. Therefore, Ji Qian Bai and them were hesitating.

Seeing this, Ling Xian frowned for a second before putting on another smile, "I rest assure that given everyone's reputation here, you wouldn't break a promise. So I will pick first."

Then, he silently manipulated the Golden Dan to set up defense against Ji Qian Bai and them. At the same time, he walked forward in giant steps and headed straight for the fourth statue.

That white jade box.

Seeing this, Ji Qian Bai and everyone frowned; not happy with this. But because they had agreed to him before, they couldn't really say no now. Thus, they all just sighed and let him go.

Sensing that nobody was making a move, Ling Xian sighed in relief and stopped worrying. He now knows that the great fortune that has the ability to change the fortune was now his.

His gaze was hot as he excitedly placed that white jade box in his hands.

However, the moment he touched the object, an accident happened.

The white jade box opened automatically and a thumb sized key soared out of it and exuded an infinite amount of bright light!

Even the light emitted by the other three treasures were over-shone by this one. At once, the key appeared to be the only thing in the entire universe. Everything, when compared to this one, was merely an accessory!

"Damn it!"

The moment the key flew up to midair, Ling Xian's expression drastically changed and his heart fell into abyss.

He now knows that the situation has changed. If this white jade box didn't open up, he could have smuggled out this treasure and call it his own.

But now, it was too late. Because he knows that Ji Qian Bai and them have all heard about this treasure!

Just as he expected. The moment this key bared itself, the people all fell into a state of shock.

"Is this… the legendary Soaring Key?"

Ji Qian Bai's eyes widened and his voice shook.

Everyone else reacted the same way. Their eyes were full of disbelief and they all held their breath without realizing!

"My god, it is one of the three keys, the Soaring Key. Legend has it that it could open the door to the immortal world!"

"Am I hallucinating? The legendary Soaring Key is right before my eyes?"

"As long as I can get this key, we can get ourselves to the immortal world and be undefeatable and immortal!"

All these figures have gone insane. Their usual composure and calmness were all out the window, as they found themselves uncontrollably happy!

This was all because this Soaring Key was far too important!

To be able to open the door to the immortal world… this one ability alone was enough to drive everyone crazy!

Remember that no immortal has been born for more than 3,000 years. This was all because something fundamental changed in the world so nobody could breakthrough the barrier between the two worlds.

This was why opening the door to the immortal world became all the cultivator's last hope. The Soaring Key was the treasure that could aid that!

Because of this, why wouldn't Ji Qian Bai and them go insane? Not just them would behave this way, most powerhouse in the Taoism community would!

They were now all red-eyed as they shouted amongst each other. As much as Ling Xian was ecstatic at finding this treasure, his heart dropped deeply.

He was happy because that key really could open the door to the immortal community like its legend said. His heart was in abyss because he wasn't sure what he can do now.

Nobody can resist the temptation of the Soaring Key. A promise? Even if they had vowed to Heavens, they wouldn't be able to stop their greed.

Plus, Ling Xian got a little too excited and forgot to ask them to vow to Heavens. Without that bind, a word-of-mouth promise meant nothing.

Even if all their reputation goes down the drain, they wouldn't allow him to take the Soaring Key!

Because that would be the same as giving up becoming an immortal. Who in the entire world could resist this temptation?

"Dammit, why would it fly out!"

Ling Xian cursed. He didn't think that something that was already set in stone would end up in a turmoil and force him to a cliff.

He could fight until he dies, or he could give up.

The former means he will likely lose his life, the latter meant he will live the rest of his life in regret because he would've lots his chance to soar in the sky!

"Since I am already here, then no matter what, I cannot give up." Ling Xian gritted his teeth and made up his mind.


He will have to fight this one and he will not regret it if he dies from it!

At once, Ling Xian hopped over and grabbed the Soaring Key. Then, he dashed his way out of the ruins' palace!

Pity though, he was only able to grab the key because Ji Qian Bai and them were drowning in excitement. Now that he moved, they found themselves again.

How could they let him go just like that?

"Xian Ling, where do you think you are going? Give up the Soaring Key!"

Ji Qian Bai screamed. Original leveled Qi poured out of him and stopped Ling Xian from moving further.

At the same time, the Leaders of the Paths all spread up into a line and blocked the entrance.

Ling Xian's facial expression darkened.

His heart fell to the bottom of the abyss.

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