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Ling Xian concealed his name to enter the Shang Qing Sect and all he wanted was to acquire that fortune.

When he learned that the ruin had appeared before he could get there, he had lost all hope of ever seeing that treasure. But now, he was making an U-Turn and his sky was once again bright. Why wouldn't he be ecstatic?

He could even be described as crazy euphoric!

All the upper management have agreed that he can choose a treasure, which meant the treasure will for sure be his. Of course, the prerequisite is that he has to open this stone room.

Ling Xian however, was confident about this. Ignoring the Immortals inside the Painting of Nine Immortals, his own talent with arrays and crafts were enough to boost his confidence.

At this, Ling Xian was nothing but happy. And he no longer worried.

"I truly am making a comeback."

Ling Xian silently smiled. He didn't think that his hopeless situation would suddenly change in such a manner. Not only was he presented with an opportunity, it was basically for certain that he would get the fortune.

He was very satisfied at this and he smiled. "Since you all have agreed, then let me break this obstacle."

"Do start. We have lifted all the small arrays but we cannot overcome the final obstacle." Ji Qian Bai's gaze was heating up, "I am really looking forward to seeing what kind of valuable treasure is inside this stone room."

Ling Xian mockingly thought that the item in there was going to make you laugh so much your lips won't even be able to close again. Sadly, I have reserved the most valuable treasure. All those other treasures inside this ruin combined cannot match this one treasure."

As he thought about it, he marched forward and slowly approached the array.

There was a layer of thin light and inside that layer was a heavy stone door. On top were complicated carvings that mimicked difficult questions that were waiting to be solved.

"Let me begin. As long as I can open the stone door, then I can get myself that treasure."

Ling Xian was full of passion. Without hesitation, he walked through the layer of light.

One has to admit that this bright screen was very miraculous. The moment he touched the layer, he felt a strange wave of energy that washed all over him to determine if he came in as one person or in groups.

After it decided that it was in fact, one person, the mysterious energy disappeared and let him go.

Then, Ling Xian scanned the carvings on the stone door and found that not only were there various arrays set on the door, there were many questions regarding crafts that had to be solved before the door can be opened.

He also discovered that he had to simultaneously solve two questions at once – one about arrays, one about crafts. If he doesn't do so, the solved problems would repair themselves and transform into a different puzzle – meaning that all the efforts were futile.

It was for this reason why the leaders of arrays and crafts would be so lost and why Ji Qian Bai and them agreed to Ling Xian's request.

Because other than him, a multi-talented master, nobody in the Shang Qing Sect can open up this stone door.

"It seems like God is on my side. I am going to claim that treasure."

The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up. Then, he began to concentrate on solving the puzzles on the stone door.

Later however, he began to frown. Because all the problems on the door were extremely difficult. Even arrays, his most confident part, troubled him.

Luckily, he had broken through to the grandmaster realm by coincidence. Or else he would've had to ask Feng Qing Ming for help.

As for the portion with crafts, he completely gave up. It wasn't that he wasn't able to solve them, it was that it would take too long.

If it takes too long, then the problems he just solved for arrays would transform and reappear, creating even more trouble for him. Therefore, he called out to Duan Shan He.

The Immortal of Crafts naturally wasn't going to reject Ling Xian's request.

"Since the Immortal has agreed, then let me begin solving the problems." Ling Xian softly smiled. Then, using his finger as a pencil, he drew a few dashes on one of the puzzles.

Instantly, the left side of the door began to emit soft light, indicating that he had solved one difficult problem.

Next, he shifted his gaze towards the crafts problem and announced out loud the problem to Duan Shan He. After a breath of time, the Immortal provided Ling Xian with an answer and Ling Xian wrote down the answer on the door.

Just like before, the right side of the door also emitted a soft layer of light that indicated that he had completed a difficult problem.

The two light balanced each other, but neither disappeared. This indicated to him that if he can solve one harder problem for each, he will be able to open this door.

This made Ling Xian smile.

Ji Qian Bai and the others also smiled and they no longer worried.

"Haha, it seems like Xian Ling will be able to open up this door."

"I made the right choice after all. He is talented with arrays and crafts – the result is showing."

"Yeah, if we think about it, he is actually talented in alchemy and cultivation as well… thinking about that makes me feel like I have aged centuries."

"Same with me. I truly feel like I am comparable to a pig."

Everyone sighed sadly and exclaimed Ling Xian's abilities.

The Leader of Arrays in particular, was showing much astonishment on his face and his voice quaked, "If I am not wrong, his array abilities have surpassed the master level."

At those words, the entire place silenced. Then, loud cheers erupted.

"What! Are you sure? Just how old is Xian Ling? It is already extraordinary that he is of the master level. There is no way he is of the grandmaster level."

"As a master himself, there is no way he is wrong. But this is far too unbelievable. Just how old is he?"

"If I am not wrong, since the history of time, the youngest person to reach the grandmaster realm is 73 years old. In other words, Xian Ling is the youngest grandmaster of array and he has made a new record for the arrays community!"

Everyone exclaimed loudly. Even with their strong mentality, they couldn't help but to be surprised at this.

Because this entire ordeal was far too surprising!

It was already so difficult to be of the master level. Given Ling Xian's age, his achievement was far too unbelievable and far too heaven defying!

What a monster!

Everyone was thinking the same thing. The way they were looking at him was like they were looking at a monster.

Feeling their shocked gazes, Ling Xian merely smiled. He continued to focus on solving the puzzles.

As everyone was expressing their admiration for him, he had solved another 10 problems – 5 of each profession. The doors were still balanced.

One has to admit that this speed was impressive. Even if the Leaders of the Path of Array and Crafts were doing this together, they still wouldn't be able to match up to his speed.

What could he do? He was the grandmaster of arrays after all and he had the help of Duan Shan He, the Immortal of Crafts.

"There are six puzzles left. Three of each."

Looking at the shining door, Ling Xian's eyes lit up as well. His problem solving speed increased.

Six remained!

As long as he solves these, he will be able to get his hands on that invaluable fortune!

Ling Xian's eyes were heated as he crazily worked through the arrays. Within an extremely short period of time, he solved the remaining six problems!

Then, the entire stone wall lit up. The bright light mimicked the Sun, blinding and dazzling.

Everyone's eyes all exploded with light and heat. As if they had just seen a rare treasure, they so much wanted to dash in and snatch it up.

Reality was just that. This was the last stone room, which meant the most expensive treasure was here. Why wouldn't everyone's gaze be heating up?

Ling Xian, in particular, was full of excitement. Because only he knows that there is an incomparable treasure inside the stone room!

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