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Inside his private room, Ling Xian was looking extremely exhausted and there was no more life in his eyes. As if he had been engulfed by a dark cloud, he was filled with desperation.

In the past 10 days, he had done 200 missions. For the rest of his time, he had been thinking about that fortune. However, no matter how much he thought about it, he couldn't find any inspiration.

This made him step closer and closer to desperation. Powerlessness was full in his heart.

To him, powerlessness and hopelessness are rare emotions. Since he began his cultivation journey, he has encountered countless enemies and overcame many obstacles. But he has never felt hopeless.

With what was happening now, however, he was truly at a loss.

"It looks like I have to give up."

Smiling bitterly, Ling Xian's heart was full of unwillingness. But so what he was unwilling to give up? Declaring war against the Shang Qing Sect meant he will not return alive.

He was not about to joke around with his life. But other than that method, there was no other way to combat this.

"For this fortune, I have given up too much. But at the end of the day, it was all for nothing."

Ling Xian's fists tightened but he quickly relaxed them. His once starry eyes were now without light.

But after he remembered how many heaven-defying achievements he has made, some life returned to his eyes.

"No, I cannot give up now. There has to be a way. I even broke the seals inside of me and I have done so much heaven-defying tasks since I began cultivating. Why is it that this time, I have to cave down to fate? Why can't I defy it again?"

Ling Xian's expression turned determined and he mumbled, "I do not believe that God is unwilling to take care of me. If he is unwilling, I will walk against the current! I am on the Path of Endeavors after all!"

As his voice trailed off, a terrifying gush of Qi poured out of him. If this place wasn't protected by arrays, the room would've crumbled.

The moment this Qi rushed out the door, a praising laughter arose from outside the door.

"You are a multi-talented Heaven's Favorite. Within a short 10 years, you arrived at the intermediate stage of the completion level."


Ling Xian frowned slightly and saw a grey-haired elder push open the door and enter. He was a little startled. At Ling Xian's reaction, the elderly smiled. "What? You are surprised to see me?"

"Yes. I did not expect you, the Leader of the Path of Arrays, to pay me a visit." Ling Xian nodded. This man was the leader of the Path of Arrays. Other than the Elders and the Saint, he had the highest title.

The Leader of Arrays grinned. "Then guess, why am I here for you?"

"I cannot guess." Ling Xian shook his head. He was in no mood to play games.

"Why do I sense that your mood is low?"

The Leader of Arrays raised an eyebrow and asked in a gentle voice, "What is troubling you? I have some power in the Shang Qing Sect. I will help you solve your problems."

"Thank you for your kindness."

Ling Xian softly smiled, thinking that this was not something he can help with. Nobody in the Shang Qing Sect can help him now.

Hearing this decline, the Leader frowned deeper but didn't say anything.

"For you to personally visit me, something must be up." Ling Xian smiled and changed the subject.

"That's right." The leader nodded, then said something that made Ling Xian's heart thump, "I bet you have heard about the ancient ruins."

After those words were spoken, Ling Xian's eyes exploded with light. His instinct was telling him that an opportunity was presenting itself.

To ensure the leader doesn't get suspicious, Ling Xian concealed his excitement and said, "I have heard that the ancient ruins is causing much chaos inside the Shang Qing Sect. I bet everyone knows by now."

"That's right." The Leader stroke his beard and once again made a statement that excited Ling Xian.

"Today, I want to invite you to the search team."

Hearing this, Ling Xian's heart thumped violently. He understood that he was one step away from his helpless situation!

Though the Leader only made a short statement, to Ling Xian, that was a ray of hope that lit up his dark future!

Therefore, why wouldn't he be excited? However, he knew very well that he cannot react too aggressively. After all, there was much more he had to confirm.

Therefore, he only allowed himself to be excited for one second before his calmness restored, "Inviting me? There are many talents inside the Shang Qing Sect. I do not believe there are areas you need me for."

"There truly are many talents inside the Shang Qing Sect, but you are the only one who's talented in both arrays and crafts."

Seeing Ling Xian's solemn expression and his lack of excitement towards the invitation, the praise in the leader's gaze intensified.

"Arrays and crafts?"

Ling Xian frowned, "Please be straight with me."

"The fact is that for the past few days, we have been searching high and low inside the ruin. As you know, all ancient ruins are filled with traps."

The Leader explained, "If we aren't careful, we would lose our lives and the ruin would be automatically destroyed. These days, most of the traps have been demolished by us. But there is one remaining that have left us clueless."

"This is a weird trap. It has a natural layer of seal that only allows one person to enter at a time. Even if just one additional person tries to enter, it rejects them. It is also an array set up with mysterious crafts. In other words, we need to find someone who's talented in arrays, crafts, and has high cultivation, to break it."

The Leader softly smiled. "In the entire Shang Qing Sect, only you meet all the criteria. It just so happened that you returned to us. Thus, the Supreme Headmaster has sent me to invite you to help us break that one last array."

"What an interesting trap. It requires a multi-talented cultivator. It sure is picky." Ling Xian's eyes brightened and his confidence grew.

Though he wasn't sure what is going on with the ruin, he knew that in every ruin, there are many unusual set-ups. Therefore, to have a trap that requires a multi-talent wasn't completely illogical.

However, he had one more question, "Since it allows one person to enter at a time, why not let the Leader of Crafts enter first, then you enter?"

"I want to. We all want to."

The Leader bitterly chuckled, "Sadly, we all have tried. No matter which part of the trap we solve first, the moment the first person exits the area, the array repairs itself. In other words, the different parts of the array has to be solved simultaneously."

"I see."

Ling Xian's eyes continued to glisten. To have to be multi-talented… to have to solve the array solo… everything about this was personally made for him!

In the entire Shang Qing Sect… in the entire Yuezhou… it was extremely difficult to find a multi-talented master!

In other words, an opportunity has presented itself. Ignoring whether or not he will be able to steal the fortune before those original powerhouses, at the very least, he had just gained the right to enter the ruin!

Yes, to enter it righteously!

This was giving him a ray of hope when he was completely desperate! This was enough to make him feel joy! Don't forget, just now, he was full of hopelessness. So for him to see a spot of light now, why wouldn't he be ecstatic?

"How about it? Are you willing to lend a helping arm?" The Leader of Array softly smiled, his old eyes shone with anticipation.

"As a pupil of the Shang Qing Sect, I naturally will not decline." The corner of Ling Xian's lips curled up and his face flashed with brightness.

If he doesn't accept this great opportunity that was right in front of him, he would really be an idiot!


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