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At the bottom of the Volcano of Demons, Hang Yan Jun Zhu sighed a long sigh and his face was full of hopelessness.

Ling Xian, however, didn't think too much of it. He never expected to use his heavenly sword, Zi Yao, to crack open the chains. Why would he feel hopeless?

"It is no wonder they call it the legendary Dark Immortal Gold. It truly is powerful. It appears that I will have to make a key for it."

Ling Xian complimented. He then manipulated his own Qi to check out the two chains.

He has already found a way to break the arrays and he already knows that he can create something to get rid of all those arrays.

However, that alone wasn't enough. He also needed to find a material that is similar to the chains, then use that material to make the key. That was the only way he could break open the chains.

Therefore, Ling Xian calmed down and investigated into just how many different materials were fused into those chains and what the special properties for each of those materials were.

The Dark Immortal Gold didn't need much more explanation – that was the main material of this treasure. But other than that, he caught sight of 18 other heavenly materials and none of them were considered ordinary.

This made Ling Xian frown and he felt somewhat troubled.

Because his knowledge with crafts isn't as profound, to have been able to identify those materials was already an achievement. He had no clue as to how to find out the special properties within these materials.

Thus, he sighed helplessly and he stood there cluelessly.

After all, this kind of knowledge were things that can only be acquired with experience. Craftsmanship wasn't like arrays – reading alone doesn't help.

Seeing that he was sighing and shaking his head, Hong Yan Ju Zhu's desperate looking face grew more and more tense. He exhaled deeply. "Oh well, I expected this to happen."

"It looks like I have won."

Hong Yan Ju Zhu forced a chuckle. "You should just listen well and stay put. Just chat with me for the next 100 years."

"I can't do that. My time is precious. I cannot just stay and keep you company." Ling Xian softly smiled.

Hong Yan Jun Zhu smiled as well. "That's not really up to you now, is it? Unless you want to break your promise?"

"Who said I'm breaking my promise? What I meant is that the winner of this bet will for sure be me." Ling Xian softly smiled. He had an unusually confident vibe.

It was true that he didn't have a clue what the materials for these two chains were composed of. But that didn't mean he had no way to find out. Don't forget, he had the Pioneer of Crafts inside the Painting of the Nine Immortals.

With Duan Shan He, he didn't believe there is a craftsmanship problem that can stop him.

"I really do wonder where your confidence comes from."

Hong Yan Ju Zhu laughed. "But I am saying this now – you will for sure lose this bet. If you have abilities, then slap me in the face with facts."

"You said it. Don't hate me when I slap you."

Mocking, Ling Xian no longer paid attention to Hong Yan Jun Zhu. Instead, he silently called out to Duan Shan He.

"Haha, what you are seeking me for?" The Immortal of Crafts brightly laughed inside.

Ling Xian had his thinking face on as he silently sent the message, "I found myself in some trouble and I need your help."

"Speak of it. As long as it is related to crafts, no problems can stop me." The Immortal of Crafts answered crisply and was rather arrogant.

However, regarding what he was saying, nobody in the entire Taoism community would dare to question or doubt him.

"Since you said so, I will no longer worry." Ling Xian silently smiled. Then, he spoke to him about all 19 of the materials he saw in the chains and what his intentions were.

The Immortal of Crafts was a pioneer after all. After Ling Xian spoke of his problems, he didn't even pause before instantly giving out the answer of the common factor in those materials and how to solve the problem.

As much as Ling Xian was ecstatic, he was also very surprised.

"You truly are the Pioneer of Crafts."

Silently exclaiming, Ling Xian suddenly realized that though he stands out when compared to people his age, compared to the older generation, he was lacking.

"Remember, do not be arrogant. Do not go easy on yourself."

Ling Xian warned himself silently. Then, he opened his eyes and smiled, "Hong Yan Ju Zhu, I am here to slap you in the face. Be mentally prepared."

"Haha, if you can break the chains, then I don't mind if you slap me in the face." Hong Yan Jun Zhu erupted in laughter, "But don't slap your own face"

"The winner and the loser will soon be revealed. Just you wait."

Chuckling, Ling Xian extended his right hand. The Flame of Purity immediate flared up.

Hong Yan Jun Zhu raised an eyebrow, "You sure have a lot of treasures. You even have the Godly Fire, the Flame of Purity."

"Be quiet now, I am going to start crafting," Ling Xian said.

Then, he began to focus and tossed three different materials into the Godly Fire.

These three materials were the answers the Immortal of Crafts gave. None of them were rare materials, which was why he was able to place them in his own storage pouch. This saved him many troubles.

After he found out how to solve the problem, the crafting process was very easy. After all, he was a sixth realm alchemist. Creating a key was really no trouble.

The only thing that required attention was how to make sure this key can break all the arrays. Not just one, but break the hundreds of arrays.

This really did require much attention to detail. Though it wasn't difficult for him since he made sure to remember all the key points.

Therefore, after around 30 minutes, a black and strangely shaped key was created on top of his palm.

"It's done."

Looking at the key on his palm, Ling Xian revealed a satisfied smile.

But Hong Yan Jun Zhu lost composure and shook his head, "This is the key you made? Ignoring its abilities, its looks alone is very pitiful."

"You shouldn't judge a book by its cover."

Ling Xian grinned. "Using you as an example – your hair is a mess and your clothes is all ragged. You basically look like a beggar. Who would think that you are a profound powerhouse?"

Hong Yan Jun Zhu paused, "Fine, I cannot win an argument against you. But, do you really think that this thing can release the chains that have trapped me for thousands of years?"

"Of course. Or else why would I spend so much time making it?" Ling Xian continued to smile and exude confidence.

"If I am not wrong, you merely added three materials into that key. Though it's not exactly simple, it is no way valuable."

Hong Yan Jun Zhu shook his head. "You think you can open the chains made out of Dark Immortal Gold with something like that? Don't you think you are dreaming too big?"

"How about this, let's add some wager to our bet. If I crack open your chains, I get possession of the chains. If I can't, then I will stay and chat with you for 300 years."

Ling Xian stared directly at Hong Yan Jun Zhu. "What do you say?"

"Okay, I accept." Hong Yan Jun Zhu nodded and taunted, "I can't wait for when you start telling me stories."

"I can't wait for your eyes to widen."

Ling Xian softly grinned. He may not have confidence in himself, but why wouldn't he have confidence in Duan Shan He?

He was the Pioneer of Crafts!

Even though these chains were made out of Dark Immortal Gold and 18 other heavenly materials, they were nothing to the Immortal of Crafts.

Thus, Ling Xian marched forward confidently and stabbed the key into the keyhole on the chains.

Instantly, an infinite amount of heavenly light shot through the cloud and the entire volcano began to shake unstoppably.


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